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Review: Every Little Kiss (Sequoia Lake #2) by Marina Adair

Jul 18, 2017

There’s nothing that single mom Liv Preston won’t do if it means making her six-year-old son smile again. After a heartbreaking two years, her little family is due for some fun in the sun. She just didn’t expect to find it in the big, rugged, Search and Rescue hero next door—who shows her just how exciting, and sexy, life’s adventures can be.

As head of Reno’s K-9 search division, Ford Jamison knows what it takes to make life-and-death decisions on the fly. He doesn’t hesitate, doesn’t do regrets, and has never doubted his instincts—until he makes a promise that turns his world upside down. Desperate for redemption, he returns to Sequoia Lake, only to find himself face-to-face with his past…and the one woman he can’t have. Not when his secret would destroy her—and everything she holds dear.

For Liv, finding love once was a gift. Finding it twice seems impossible, until the moment Ford’s lips meet hers. Love doesn’t always come easy, but when it’s right, it’s worth fighting for…

3.5-4 STARS

In Every Little Kiss, the second book in Marina Adair’s Sequoia Lake Series, Liv Preston is trying to make a better life for her and her six-year old son after losing her husband two years prior. Moving to her late husband’s home town and working as a nurse at the local hospital, she’s working on finding some real happiness, learning to move on and trying to help her son heal from the traumatic experience he went through losing his father.

When she meets hot, sexy Ford Jamieson, the head of Reno’s K-9 Search and Rescue, life takes a turn into new territory for her; learning to open up her heart to the possibility of a new love in her life. This isn’t easy for her, but she’s working on getting there. Ford is back in Sequoia Lake after failing to take a major test for his job and is put on desk-duty for a while. He’s not in town for long, but he’s having a hard time fighting his attraction to Liv. And the more time they spend together, the harder it is for both of them to fight the chemistry between them. Ford doesn’t want to hurt her, but he’s hiding a very big secret from Liv and if he doesn’t come clean, it could threaten to break them apart before they even get a real chance to be together.

I appreciated that things weren’t rushed between Liv and Ford. Liv still had some wounds to heal and Ford had his own personal issues to deal with. I also loved how Ford treated Liv’s son, Paxton.

You can always count on Marina Adair to bring the sweet, heartwarming moments and of course the hot, sexy scenes too!

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Publisher: Montlake Romance
Pub Date: July 18, 2017

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