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Release Day Blitz: A Long Forgotten Time by Jennae Vale

May 31, 2017

The wait is over! The highly anticipated book seven in THE THISTLE & HIVE Series is 
now available! 

A Long Forgotten Time 
(The Thistle & Hive Series, Bk #7)
by Jennae Vale


Brenna MacRae finds herself an unwelcome guest in her own home. Ever since her father married Greer Matheson, her new stepmother has been trying to get rid of her. She’s now intent on marrying Brenna off to a man old enough to be her father. Unwilling to marry anyone, Brenna takes matters into her own hands and runs away with the intent of finding refuge with her brother and his wife. She doesn’t make it very far before being forced back to Castle Treun and the possibility of a life with a very dangerous man. 

Zeke Barrett didn’t plan on traveling back in time, especially if it meant possibly seeing the woman he once loved and lost, but he finds he has no choice if he wishes to ever see his sister, Sara again. He’s determined to bring her back home to San Francisco where she belongs. She’s the only family he has left and Zeke refuses to lose her to a time and place that has long been forgotten. He enlists the aid of the witch, Edna Campbell, who agrees to help him, but as usual, Edna has an ulterior motive. Instead of tracking down Sara, Zeke finds himself at Castle Treun where he becomes embroiled in the MacRae family drama and he gets more than he bargained for when he finds he can hardly stand by and watch as Brenna MacRae is used as a pawn in a game between her father and Nevil Munro, the man she is to marry. 

Zeke must get Brenna safely into her brother’s care, but first he’ll have to deal with her family and the evil Laird Munro. Once he does, he’ll still have to confront his feelings about the woman who broke his heart and the woman, who despite all her protests, is the only one who can heal it. 

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It took a moment or two for Zeke to realize he’d actually done it.  He’d time traveled.  His elation on knowing this was tempered by the fact that he had no idea where he was or what year it was.  He hoped Edna was as good at this time travel stuff as he’d heard, but so far there was no way for him to know.
“There ye are, sir,” a man’s voice came from behind him.  Zeke spun around to see an older gentleman standing next to a wagon.  He was holding the reins to a magnificent black horse with a long flowing mane.  “Me name’s Wallace.  Edna sent me to make sure ye arrived safely.  She asked that I provide ye with this horse.  His name is Olwydd.  ’Tis a Welsh name that means tracker.”  He approached Zeke, holding the reins out for him to take.
“Thank you,” Zeke said.  “I was wondering if I had arrived in the right place, but now that I’ve seen you, I guess I have.”  He looked the horse over and thought the name appropriate considering that he was here to find his sister.  “Do you know which way I should go?”
“Dinnae worry yerself with that.  Olwydd kens the way.  Edna has seen to it.” He bobbed his head and turned to head back to his wagon.
Zeke was definitely feeling out of his element.  It was a mixture of excitement about this journey and anxiety for the unknown.  “So, the horse is going to lead me to my sister,” he called to Wallace.
“I’ve no idea where yer headed, sir.  I only do what Edna asks of me and she didnae grant me that information.  She did, however, ask me to supply ye with some things ye may need.  They are in the bags, there.”  He pointed to two leather bags slung across the saddle.  “Now, ’tis time for me to be on me way.”
“Thanks, Wallace.  I appreciate the help.” He had one more question before he was on his own, “How will I get in touch with Edna?”
Wallace tipped his cap and climbed aboard his wagon, waving to Zeke as he disappeared over the bridge.
“Okay. I guess that was another question he didn’t have an answer for.”  Zeke rubbed the tension from the back of his neck.  He had very little to go on here and he had to trust that somehow he’d find a way to communicate with Edna.  “Well, Olwydd, I sure hope you know where you’re going.”
The horse nickered and gazed at him with liquid brown eyes.  Zeke glanced around and seeing no other option, mounted Olwydd and allowed him to lead the way. 

About The Author

Jennae Vale is a best selling author of romance with a touch of magic.  As a history buff from an early age, Jennae often found herself day-dreaming in history class - wondering what it would be like to live in the places and time periods she was learning about.  Writing time travel romance has given her an opportunity to take those daydreams and turn them into stories to share with readers everywhere.

Originally from the Boston area, Jennae now lives in the San Francisco Bay area, where some of her characters also reside.  When Jennae isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with her family and her pets, and daydreaming, of course.

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