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Early Review: Dark Alpha's Lover by Donna Grant

Apr 3, 2017

There is no escaping a Reaper. I am an elite assassin, part of a brotherhood that only answers to Death. And when Death says your time is up, I am coming for you…

I answer to no one but Death. I am impenetrable, impervious, immortal. I exist to do Death’s bidding and no one–not Reaper nor human nor Fae–can stand in my way. Except for the bewitching half-Fae, Catriona. She swears the magic in her family passed her by, but I know better. This woman is strong. This woman is powerful. And when her abilities surge forth, no one will be able to stop the Dark Fae from coming for her. Except for me. I want to keep her close. I want to keep her safe. I want lose myself to her, again and again…


Dark Alpha's Lover by Donna Grant is an interesting foray into the workings of reapers and death. I have not read the previous books in the series, but Grant does a wonderful job of bringing the reader up to date without weighing the story down. If you love a good fantasy with elements of the Fae, then you will enjoy this story. I wish Catriona had been a bit more. She felt a bit inconsistent to me, at times out of character. I flipflopped when it came to loving Fintan and Cat as a couple, something was missing. This was a good story and I am looking forward to reading more in the series.

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Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Pub Date: April 18, 2017

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