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Early Review: Alien Education by Gini Koch

Apr 13, 2017

It’s a typical day of bureaucracy and stress for President and First Lady Jeff and Kitty Katt-Martini, in part because Kitty’s been tapped to represent Earth in the Galactic Council. Kitty feels that’s a bad idea, and she might be right.

When her first official TV morning show goes awry, it’s only the quick thinking of the actor determined to make the “Code Name: First Lady” movie a reality that saves the day. It also forces Kitty to work with Hollywood.

Meanwhile, the Embassy Daycare kids are all about to enter “real school”—and none of them want to go. They may have grounds to be concerned because many of the other students and their familes seem shady, and everyone seems to have an evil agenda. 

Dealing with the assimilation of the aliens who have come to Earth, while fending off advances from a variety of Hollywood types, seems like Kitty’s biggest challenge. But then she and Jeff discover that Stephanie Valentino—Jeff’s niece and the true Heir Apparent to the original Mastermind—is back.

Can Jeff and Kitty thwart the most insidious attacks yet, while keeping tenuous peace on Earth and goodwill toward all sentient species going? And can they also find time to be part of the most truly terrifying organization they’ve ever encountered—the school’s parent-teacher association?



Forget all those hypotheses about extraterrestrial visitations, read Alien Education!  AE runs the gamut of bizarre things that could traverse space and travel to Earth!  Koch rocks, with her ability to weave a fresh new spin in each new installment of the Kitty series.  The integrity of the characters and the story continue to grow and evolve.  I fall in love with Kitty and Jeff with each new story.  Kitty plays an array of  mad tunes while she meets new challenges and obstacles.  Leave it to Gini to walk us down memory lane with her eclectic music selections throughout.  This time around Kitty is fighting to keep her growing family safe and away from "Kittybot" and friends, and hybrid kids just to name a few!  Kitty has her hands full! Oh, and did I forget to mention zombies?!?! Things like appearing on a dreaded morning show to a typical school bake sale have the potential to create all kinds of drama.  Alien Education has it all, kick ass action, laughs, and sexy.  I can't wait for more! We need to learn the identity of the Shadow!!!



Publisher: DAW Berkley 
Pub Date: May 2, 2017

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