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It's Here! Birds of Prey: The Complete Series (DVD)

Mar 4, 2017

Birds of Prey: The Complete Series (DVD)

From the creators of Smallville, the Batman myth takes an unexpected turn in this action-adventure series about a trio of beautiful and relentless heroines determined to carry on Batman's fight for justice against the ruthless criminals of New Gotham City. Years have passed since Batman commanded the streets of New Gotham, leaving the high-tech crimefighting to the stunning Birds of Prey: Barbara Gordon (Dina Meyer - Saw films, Starship Troopers), formerly known as Batgirl and the daughter of Commissioner Gordon; Helena (Ashley Scott - Jericho, Dark Angel), or the Huntress, the secret offspring of Batman and Catwoman; and Dinah (Rachel Skarsten - Virginia's Run), an innocent teen with developing metahuman powers.

Needless to say I won't be doing much this weekend!  
Get to catch a glimpse of  Harley Quinn too!
Review to come!


  1. OOoh the memories!!! I LOOOOOVED this show! I was soooo devastated that it only lasted one season! I remember too that there was confusion whether or not it was one season or if there would be more because I remember sources calling the last episode season finale and series finale. was really good for its time! Granted comic book shows now are pretty badass but for being made in 2002-2003 this one wasn't half bad! :D

    1. Jessica, I never had the pleasure of watching it. I'm loving all the backstories! Who doesn't love a good comic book show, right!?! I think a remake of the show would be very interesting.


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