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Early Review: Veiled In Blue by Lynne Connolly

Oct 8, 2016

It is up to the Emperors of London to protect the throne—without risking their hearts…

Governess Eve Merton would have fallen into serious trouble on her walk home if a handsome stranger had not stopped to help her. But when Mr. Vernon gives her a lift on his horse, he makes no secret of his attraction. As a well brought-up young lady, Eve does her best not to notice, but when he sets about courting her, she knows she's in trouble. For she has a secret: she is the daughter of a deposed king, which means not only is she without a dowry, but also that her life is in danger…

Little does Eve know that Mr. Vernon has secrets of his own. In truth, his name is Julius, Lord Winterton, and he's well aware that Eve is the offspring of the Old Pretender. In order to save his sister, he must convince Eve to wed—though he wants nothing to do with love. But as the two grow closer and an attempt is made on Eve's life, Julius may realize that fighting his heart's true desire is a battle most pleasurably surrendered…


Lynne Connolly delivers in Veiled in Blue.  Romance explodes on the scene as the characters are surrounded by mystery and danger.  Julius is the perfect hero in this nonstop romance.  Connolly's characters are well developed and believable. I can't wait to read more books in the series. 

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Publisher: Kensington Books, Lyrical Press
Pub Date: October 11, 2016

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