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Alphas Origins by Ilona Andrews

Sep 18, 2016

From Ilona Andrews—#1 New York Times bestselling author of Magic Shifts and the Kate Daniels novels—comes a stark, seductive tale of a world torn asunder by supernatural gifts and irresistible passions...

Karina Tucker is driving a van of children home from a field trip when an unplanned detour to a seemingly ordinary rest stop changes her life. There, she witnesses a world beyond humanity’s sight, of frightful powers and chaos, where she is in death’s grip... before an irresistibly dangerous male saves her—only to take her captive.

For she is a rare commodity in the shadowy realm she’s entered.
Karina soon finds herself caught in a violent civil war where those with inhuman powers strive to destroy each other without mercy. And it becomes all too clear that she must make a choice: submit and become a pawn, or take hold of her own destiny and fight for survival against impossible odds.

Alphas: Origins originally appeared in Angels of Darkness.



Alpha Origins opens a gateway into another interesting Ilona Andrews world. Karina's character is unique and unlike previous characters in Andrews writings.  There is a quite strength about her that has yet to reveal itself in its entirely.  Lucas is a mystery as are all the gripping men in the story. The connection between Karina and Lucas promises to be stormy and sexy. 
 I look forward to reading more.   

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  1. I felt much the same way about this book. I'd like to see more from this world.

    Amanda P
    Where the NightKind Roam


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