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New Shows for Fall 2014

May 21, 2014

Can't wait for all these new shows coming this fall.
Check them out!

GothamFox has joined the superhero bandwagon with their Batman prequel named after the Bruce Wayne's gothic metropolis home.  Wayne is still a kid, and it's up to a young Commissioner Gordon to combat the city's emerging villains. Action-packed!!! (Fox, Monday) 

Gracepoint: 10 episode catch-a-killer event series based on the beloved British mysteryBroadchurch. (Fox, Thursday)

Bad Judge 
NBC's new comedy starring Kate Walsh, an actress we'd watch in just about anything. It looks hilarious and right up my alley.   (NBC, Thursday)

Flash:  New on the CW- More superhero yumminess!!!

Constantine: Loved the movie! Was left with this insane feeling of wanting more! I can't wait to see if this show lives up to the movie.

iZombie:  Bad ass female heroine kicks ass in this new CW show!  I can't wait to see more and view trailers for this one.  Zombies and a kickass chick, who can resist?

What shows are you looking forward to?  

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