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Guest Post and Giveaway: Westbound Awakening by Hildie McQueen

Oct 6, 2013

Welcome Hilde McQueen!
Tell us what are the Top 10 Perks of being a Western Historical Author! 

Thank you for having me!! Let's see, Top 10.....

10.  Writing about handsome alpha males who tamed the west and tame their women.
9. I can listen to country music while writing.
8. Every time I hit a writing block, I can go for a drive in the country and get re-inspired.
7. Visiting the western frontier through stories is amazing.
6.  I can visit rodeos and old western towns and write it off as research.
5.  I look good in a cowboy hat.
4. I have a good reason to peruse for hunky cowboy muse pictures on Pinterest.
3.  During research, I have learned so much about American history.
2.  The heroines are expected to be spunky.  Women in the west were strong.
1.  My heroes are the American cowboy, nothing is sexier!

Which is your favorite perk?  One commenter will win a prize pack from Hildie!

Tell us your favorite perk in the comments below, remember to add "Westbound Awakening" to your Goodreads list and enter the giveaway!! 

Westbound Awakening 
By Hildie McQueen

Captain John McClain finds himself on the wrong end of a shotgun when attempting to find his child. Heading west to find the mother of his son and the outlaw who shot him, John is forced to escort an enticing woman whose lifestyle goes against every one of his moral standards, yet she calls to every part of him.

Heading west to meet the dying father she never knew, and possibly starting a new life, Mae Hawkins didn’t expect the added complication of traveling with the one man she always loved.

When they're joined along the road by a minister and his wife, things get beyond complicated for John and Mae who awaken to the lesson that sometimes differences are more imagined than real in this unforgettable journey.

Available for purchase at

About the Author

Hildie McQueen loves storytelling and unusual settings, pair that with humor and you've got an idea of what her writing is like.

She makes sure action, intrigue, and sizzling romance add up to a story, her readers won’t soon forget. Her favorite past-times are traveling, shopping and reading. She resides in beautiful small town Georgia with her super-hero husband Kurt and two unruly Chihuahuas.

You can stalk, I mean find Hildie here: 


Coach wristlet (Stagecoach days and all) and an e-copy of Westbound Awakening

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