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ARC: His Seduction (MacGruders #5) by Diana Cosby

Aug 25, 2013

His Seduction (MacGruders, #5)
Book 5

An Impulsive Act…

Lady Rois Drummond is fiercely devoted to her widowed father, the respected Scottish Earl of Brom. So when she believes he is about to be exposed as a traitor to England, she must think quickly. Desperate, Rois makes a shocking claim against the suspected accuser, Sir Griffin Westcott. But her impetuous lie leaves her in an outrageous circumstance: hastily married to the enemy! Yet Griffin is far from the man Rois thinks he is—and much closer to the man of her dreams…

An Irresistible Outcome…

Griffin may be an Englishman, but in truth he leads a clandestine life as a spy for Scotland. Refusing to endanger any woman, he has endured the loneliness of his mission. But Rois’s absurd charge has suddenly changed all that. Now, with his cover in jeopardy, Griffin must find a way to keep his secret while keeping his distance from his spirited and tempting new wife—a task that proves more difficult than he ever imagined…

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His Seduction by Diana Cosby travels back in time to Scotland! This great historical has the right blend of historical accuracy and romance to tantalize readers. Cosby writes scenes that are rich in history, balancing a story full of intrigue and the unknown. This book is the fifth in the MacGruders series, a series that happens to have a hint of the magic, magic meant to enchant readers to an already super read. Griffin is the strong bold main character we will all love, whose love for Rois grows by leaps and bounds. Rois makes you want to shake her at times, but becomes the perfect match for Griffen. I can't wait to read more in the MacGruders series.

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Publisher: Kensington Books
Pub Date: August 15, 2013

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