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Release Day Blitz: “City of the Fallen” By Diana Bocco

Jun 28, 2013

Five years ago, vampires came out of hiding and took over the world. It was meant to be a quick enslavement but it turned into a bloody battle that brought humanity to the brink of extinction.

Isabelle Bryant is one of the “lucky” survivors, now living in hiding, scavenging for food through deserted towns. 

And she’s tired of it. 

So she’s devised a plan: find the king of the vampires and drive a stake through his heart.

Except that wickedly sensual king Marcus is nothing like the monster she expected. And while landing on his bed was part of the plan all along, discovering that he might hold the key to humanity’s survival certainly wasn’t. The catch? Saving humanity also means ensuring vampire survival. It means giving up hope for a return to a human-ruled world. 

As sparks fly and hate becomes heat, Isabelle must pick a side -- before the darkness devours them all.


Then the king’s eyes turned to her and for a second she saw something there that took her breath away. 

A hint of humanity. 

Fear rushed through her body the instant she saw the light in his eyes. She couldn’t allow herself to think of any of them as anything other than monsters. The whole point of being here was to destroy them—and any hint of doubt, any second-guessing, would mean disaster. 

In the couple of seconds her eyes moved away towards the guard, the king rushed over to where she was. Moved so fast, in fact, that she never saw him leave the chair and make his way to her. 

The heat of his proximity made her body tighten. Nothing she had heard about being charmed had warned her about that. She had been expecting fogginess, something akin to being half-asleep, but all she could feel was her own body, pulsing in response to the immediacy. 

He was just inches away. 

“I can smell your blood from here,” he whispered, and reality tied up her stomach in two. 
Her feet were frozen to the ground, her heart hammering so hard she knew he could hear it. He leaned forward, inching closer to her neck. This is it, she told herself. But there were no teeth, no pain. Instead, he took a deep breath before moving back and into her eyes. 

And then he kissed her. The surprise lasted less than a second before desire exploded like a ravaging fire through her body. Hunger so desperate she felt like she was falling. His tongue pushed against her lips, demanding entrance. With a moan, she opened her lips and let him in. He groaned into her mouth and deepened the kiss, his tongue dancing with hers, probing, exploring. There was something different about him, something almost animal. A rough, intense taste of fire flowing from his body into hers. 

Something brushed against her lower lip and she realized his teeth were grazing her mouth. Firm enough that she could feel them, but without breaking the skin. Rather than scaring her, the realization of what he was doing sent her heart into a frenzy. She moaned and pushed against his body, melting into his mouth. Every inch of him was hard, pulsing, more alive than any man she had ever touched. 
Heat bolted down her body, coiling in her stomach before making her way down to her legs. 

Without warning, he broke the kiss. A soft moan escaped her throat and it took her a second or two to get her eyes into focus again. The room was spinning and so was her head, filled with some sort of intoxicating, pulsing sound she couldn’t describe. She was panting, her body shivering from the contact. Her eyes looked for his and she saw the fire exploding in them. His chest was rising up and down as rapidly as hers and suddenly it clicked. Everything she was feeling was very real. No charming, no mind tricks. Just pure raw desire. 


Before she could finish the question, he turned around and left the room. 

About the Author

Diana Bocco is a full-time writer and author. She's been a fan of all kinds of dark creatures since she was a kid. If it crawls in the night and tugs at your covers while you're sleeping, chances are she's written about it. It's probably no surprise that she's a big fan of old buildings, urban exploring and things that go bump in the night. 
In her other life, Diana also writes nonfiction: articles, books, and even quizzes for markets such as the Discovery Channel, Yahoo! and Marie Claire magazine.
Visit for more info on Diana's work. Or join Diana's mailing list and be the first one to know about new releases, signings, and giveaways: 

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