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ARC: 2 Novelettes by Jemma Chase: Waiting & Amazing

Mar 30, 2013

Come visit the far future, where derelict spaceships are Waiting in deep space for salvage...or maybe for rescue.

Then take a trip to an Amazing resort run by a mysterious benefactor who may or may not want to give his guests a vacation to die for.

I gave this book a 
Waiting and Amazing by Jemma Chase are two separate novelettes, that give only a hint of what could come if the story were a novella or a full length novel.  My favorite was Waiting, the "lost in space" read.  Although the main character is not lost in space, her ship has honed in on a signal.  Apparently she is trying to earn enough by way of salvaging in order to attain a very important item. I don't dare say more in fear of ruining this novellete for anyone else. This story had me asking all sorts of questions, it left me with a yearning to travel out further into space with this particular crew. I so wanted to know just what she was going to find on board the ghost ship.  Please expand on this short, Jemma. *wink*
  Now, on to Amazing.  Amazing was a maze in the making. How far would you go to attain a job?  What if you literally had to enter a maze and only those that survived would land the position?  Amazing is maze waiting to be solved.  Husband and wife become involved in one employer's brilliant idea of employee selection.  Amazing is a very bizarre read, also leaving readers with plethora of questions, as if lost in a maze, too.
Both these novelettes had the feel of a movie. Both left you feeling as though something was missing, leaving readers to their own imaginative conclusions.
I found them to be very interesting and I can see the author publishing
 these types of novelettes in serial form giving readers a chapter at a time.

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Publisher: Jemma Chase
Pub Date: Nov. 20, 2012

This Title was Accepted via the author. 

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  1. I told her she needed to do do a sequel to these shorts as well!


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