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Review: Moons Dreaming by Susan Sizemore and Maguerite Krause

Feb 21, 2013

Moons' Dreaming (Children of the Rock, #1)
New York Times bestselling author Susan Sizemore and co-writer Marguerite Krause weave a tale of intrigue and magic, love and sacrifice in the Children of the Rock fantasy duology.

In a world under three moons, in the courts and villages of three kingdoms, the fate of the Dreamers is at stake. Only Dreamers can bend the power of the gods and perform the magic that holds chaos at bay. But a recent plague has ravaged the population and damaged, perhaps irreparably, the very fabric of society. Most Shapers no longer believe in magic, and many Keepers no longer see any need for it.

Dreamers are always few in number, born of rare unions between ruling Shapers and peasant Keepers. Unfortunately, love between the rulers and the ruled has grown harder and harder to come by. Only King Sene of Sitrine grasps the importance of saving the Dreamers from extinction. Meanwhile, the death of one princess sends another princes, Vray of Rhenlan, into exile. The queen of Dherrica is murdered, and a few Keepers, among them Jordy the carter and Dael, captain of the royal guard of Rhenlan, begin to contemplate revolution. After all, if the world no longer needs Dreamers, does it really need Shapers, either? Prince Damon of Rhenlan also relishes the idea of a world where Dreamers and the gods they supposedly serve are relegated to their proper place: relics of ancient myth and superstition. Damon sees no use for tradition, or the laws and vows that hinder a man from obtaining all the wealth and power he desires.

The rare and tender love essential for the birth of Dreamers stirs between a few couples amid the conflict…but how can these small sparks be enough to overcome the dark threat of madness and war?

I gave this book a 
Moon's Dreaming was a great read. The characters and world are wonderful, they capture you.
The plot and fantasy are wonderful, but the story is very slow paced.

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