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Persephone Alcmedi Series by Linda Robertson: Review & Giveaway

Oct 4, 2012

           Today we have a Double Giveaway!
Linda Robertson's Persephone Alcmedi Series is super fab!


October brings incredible new books to amazing series.  
Today we have the pleasure of  reading Cinfully Wonderful Reviews'
 take on the Persephone Alcmedi series by Linda Robertson.  


I love finding new authors that I've not read before...I bought all 4 of Linda Robertson's "Circle" novels on just a hunch after reading her back page write ups. I must say I am excited to start the next in this series...I was so impressed at the way the first book flowed. There is sexual tension...but no sex. There is discovery of self, blooming talents and scary situations. Where a were loves a witch but isn't supposed to. Where a vampire is surprised by that same witch and admiration comes with sexual awareness of a beautiful young witch who now bears his mark but doesn't want to! What will happen next? And who will our young witch turn to for romance? Time will tell in this growing adventure...


I was hoping the 2nd in this series would be as good as the 1st...I was wrong, it was better! We are watching a character grow and come to terms with her witch gifts and vampire mark(stain) and her love/lust for her live in protector...a werewolf named Johnny. Also the love and care for her Nana and her foster daughter. As she dons the mantle of the famed Lustrata, a justice bringer to all "others" she is also nominated to become High Priestess to the local coven. Seeking to make sure that the Future High Priestess is not a social climbing snob such as her predecessor our heroine takes the exams only to see that the right person is chosen for the job. When the applicants start dying and part of the test include confronting themselves as well as Vampires...who will walk away with the prize? And who will become dead? I am really coming to love this author...she spins a tale so intense I can not put it down. And can not wait to pick up the next in this fast moving series.

Coming next month: Shattered Circle

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This giveaway was made possible by the generosity of 
Linda Robertson and Cindy McCune from Cinfully Wonderul Reviews.

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