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Guest Post: A Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton

Oct 14, 2012

Hello everyone, today we have Nette from 

with a very special guest post.

My Favorite Nightmare
The Nightmare Before Christmas (soundtrack)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
       I know.  It sounds crazy.  But I have a favorite nightmare.  Not in the way you’re thinking though…I’m talking about my favorite movie A Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton.   Why is this my favorite movie you ask? Well I’d love to tell you!
       My oldest son, who was 5 or 6 at the time asked to rent this movie from our local blockbuster.  I looked at the cover and was a little apprehensive but I gave it a go anyway.  It turned out to be his favorite movie EVER and mine as well.  It’s now become a yearly tradition to watch the movie on Halloween and Christmas! The cinematography was so eye-catching and the storyline absolutely genius that I was hooked. I can’t leave out the fact that my all-time favorite musician Fiona Apple performed Sally’s Song! Everyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE Fioana Apple…totally devoted fan right here!! *clears throat* back to the movie.   This movie became an instant family favorite for us because of its ability to translate between both Halloween and Christmas.   It’s a perfect blend of both!  Only Tim Burton can produce a dark and creepy musical and make it family friendly…am I right?! Totally!!  From the frankenstien-ish type characters to the dark, creepy feel of the land…it screams Halloween.   And the cleverness of making each holiday its own little land/town/portal…absolutely genius!!
The main characters in The Nightmare Before Ch...
The main characters in The Nightmare Before Christmas from left to right Doctor Finklestein, the Mayor, Sally, Jack, Barrel, Santa Claus, Zero, Lock, Shock and Oogie Boogie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
     Anyway, this is movie is my favorite nightmare because little did I know on that fateful day, renting this movie would somehow turn into a family tradition.   We seriously watch it throughout the holiday season, and I think we especially enjoy it after we’ve stuffed ourselves to the brim on Thanksgiving.   We watch it after we’ve returned from trick-or-treating, or on a lazy Sunday afternoon while escaping rainy days.   So there’s my nightmare for ya…not so scary after all was it?? :D

Happy Halloween! 

Thank you so much Nette!

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  1. I love Tim Burton and this is one of my favorites..great post!


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