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Dream Bound by Kate Douglas Giveaway!

Oct 12, 2012

Today, we are hanging out over at

Cinfully Wonderful Reviews

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Dream Bound by Kate Douglas 
Below is a sneak peak, but if you want more you will have to visit Cindy!
Mac Dugan has spent his entire adult life and millions of dollars creating the technology he needs to rescue his beloved Zianne--a creature of another world and another time.

Now, he has his team of brilliant telepaths, his amazing array of satellite receivers and a plan. But is Zianne still alive, and will she and her people ever escape their captors?

When a man's dreams are this big, anything is possible.

Read Chapter 1
Dream Catchers Book One
Dream Bound

Chapter 1

IF SHE’D HAD her human body—the one she loved with the violet eyes and long dark hair—Zianne would have wept. This one could only feel sorrow—not physically express it. She’d left Mac only moments ago—a few minutes for her and almost twenty years for him. It had been such a simple thing to make her nightly slip through time, passing from twentieth-century Earth and returning to the Gar’s craft in its stationary orbit behind the twenty-first-century moon.
How had they discovered her absence?
She’d been so careful. Her fellow Nyrians had covered for her, yet somehow the Gar—their captors—knew. The Nyrian elders had warned her as soon as she materialized within the ship. They’d explained that her soulstone was locked away; that the Gar waited, ready to entrap her, should she come to claim it.
Once they knew which one of their captives had been stealing away and visiting Earth, they intended to make an example of her. She would die a very public and painful death, her energy slowly, painfully leached away until nothing was left.
Until even her soulstone crumbled into dust.

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  Dream Bound by Kate Douglas 

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