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Review: Devilishly Sexy by Kathy Love

Aug 5, 2012

    He couldn't suppress the low growl of satisfaction as he thrust, plunging deep in one smooth stroke, fully, to the hilt.
"God, that feel so good," he groaned, his eyes rolling in their sockets with pure exaltation.
His rough words were answered with a low, desperate moan that filled him with more delight.
It had been far to long. No man should have to go so long without this. This moment of pure ecstasy. And he wasn't too humble to know he was damned good at it. Damned good.
He pulled out, positioning himself again, his fingers tightening around the thick girth in his hand, heavy and hot. A fine shaft, if there ever was one. He couldn't help taking a moment to admire it in his hand. Beautiful. An old, dear friend.
Then he sank it in again with unerring accuracy. Deep to the hilt. And that was all it took.
He remained totally still, allowing himself to feel that moment of total surrender. The shudder, a tiny, almost imperceptible quiver, then complete release.
He stared at the limp body pinned to the wall by his sheer, unrestrained strength. Eyes closed, head flung back, lips parted in a silent cry.
Now that was true beauty.
Finally he pulled out, and before the object of his determined onslaught could start to sag into a boneless, spent heap, he grasped his powerful shank for the very last stroke. The most satisfying of them all.
With a powerful sweep of his arms, he struck and a gush of warm stickiness covered his hands, his forearms. Even his chest and face. He didn't care.
He watched with a strange combination of pleasure and utter dispassion as his target's head disconnected from his body, flying through the air. It rolled across the cracked and oil-stained concrete and came to a wobbling stop under a parked car.

Cindy's Review:   
Yeah...I almost fell over laughing on that dirty little mind was in the gutter the whole time! This is the first 2 pages of Devilishly Sexy and it only gets better from there. Beautiful, sexy Liza McLane is the editor-in-chief for HOTS magazine...she loves what she does, just NOT who she does it for. DEMONS! In order to control her a demon has possession of her and keeps her from having a normal life.
In walks devilishly handsome Michael Archer who works in the mailroom at HOTS...well not really. Surprise, surprise~he's a demon slayer.
When the two of them come together, Liza will do anything to have a relationship with Michael. And Michael will tempt whatever fate has in store for him to be with Liza. What will happen when each discovers what the other does or has had done to them in Liza's case? Well you're just gonna have to read Kathy Love's Devilishly Sexy to find out...They say the Devil wears Prada~in this case "the Devil wears whatever the heck she wants"...
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A "Cinfully Wonderful" Review by Cindy McCune
Guest Reviewer and Collaborator

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  1. This looks like a fun read, part of your review is covered by the Iced widget when viewed on google chrome. Awesome review :)


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