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"Who's Who" !~ Lost Girl Recap of Original Skin

Jun 19, 2012

"Original Skin "
Season 2, Episode 9

Bo, Dyson, Kenzi, Hale, Trick, Ciara, and Lauren are drawn to the Dal. A Dark Fae hunter, who is tracking an escaped prisoner, traps all of them there. The prisoner contaminates the beer so he can move between bodies. The Nain Rouge appears to Bo when she is stuck in Limbo as a result. Bo is told that the Fae will come to an end and her destiny is to kill Trick. Bo returns from Limbo, and all of the people in the Dal switch bodies. The prisoner escapes in Lauren's body and attempts to kill the Ash. Dyson, in Kenzi's body, manages to stop him. Trick finds a way to return everyone back to their own bodies. Bo tells Trick that the Nain Rouge told her something terrible was coming and that she was called Isabeau in her vision.

My Take:
   Opening scene has Kenzi going all ga-ga over her new shoes, she is dancing on air. Bo's reading a book on the bed and isn't paying any attention to Kenzi.  Kenzi won't have Bo sitting at home and pinning over Dyson, she tell Bo that they have to go out.  After Kenzi sets out her plan of action for the night, Bo agrees.
     The girls arrive at the Da'l, dressed to the nines, the place happens to be empty, it appears that Bingo isn't anyone's forte. Trick is at the bar with Hale and Dyson, and Dyson is the last person she wants to see.
      Dyson and Hale comment on Kenzi and Bo's outfits, but then go to play pool.  Just when Bo thinks she's avoided having to deal with emotional carnage, Lauren walks into the room. Kenzi goes to get them a couple of pitchers of beer in order to give Bo amd Lauren some privacy.
      In the back room where Trick keeps the keg of beer, an odd looking dude walks in dressed in white, he then plunges and empties a syringe into the keg, making weird faces the whole time.
       Lauren tells Bo how great she looks and then Bo tells here how awkward she felt kissing her in front of Nadia's comatosed body. Lauren totally ignores the comment and tells her that she needs to speak to Trick. (What a bitch!) Lauren tells Trick that she can't find information on the Shaman that cursed Nadia, Trick tells her he's trying to find information, too.
     Bo brings a beer to Dyson as a peace offering, she wants them to be friends and not have the odd moments they do whenever they are in the same room.   Just when Dyson is going to say something,  in walks Ciara in a fit of jealousy.  Apparently things aren't all hunky-dory at home with these two.  Ciara complains that Bo is a subject that is taboo and she wants to know why, but no one will tell her.  Dyson  tells them that he doesn't want to talk about it and to drop the subject. The best part of the scene is when Ciara directly asks Bo what she did to Dyson.  (Could he be calling out Bo's name in his sleep?) When Bo is about to answer her, a baseball capped, duster wearing man walks into the Da'l, he greets everyone with a thick southern drawl.
     The kicker is that he tells them that he's tracking an escaped prisoner named Raynard, and that he believes that he's hiding in the Da'l, no one can leave.  He's a dark fae tracker named Wood and he shows them the kind of power he wields, to keep them in line, especially after Hale shows him his badge.
   Wood tells them that Raynard is crazy and has the ability to hijack one of their bodies.  Trick has issues with him keeping them all hostage, but Dyson agrees that Raynard has to be stopped.  They learn that Raynard stole the blood of a Gorgan and plans to use it.  Dyson picks up his scent in the back room, Raynard is slouched in a chair, but alive.
  They learn that Raynard has poisoned the keg with Gorgan blood, allowing him to take the body of anyone of them in the room.  They all learn that the esscence of the body Raynard takes goes somewhere in the ether or Limbo.
    It seems that Bo is the one that has had her body taken over by Raynard.  She finds herself in the amysticon with the creepy little girl with mad news.  Bo wants to know where she is and the Nain Rouge lets her know.
   Wood is explaining to everyone what they need to do in order to find out who is carrying Raynard.  Kenzi keeps forgetting that the wine is poisoned and has to spit it out.
  The Nain Rouge tells Bo that they call her "the harbinger of doom".  Bo finds out that the reason the child keeps showing up is that Bo is the doom awaiting the fae.  She keeps calling Bo, Ysabeau.  Bo wants to know why and the kid tells her that's her name.
   Back at the bar Bo is acting strange and Kenzi can tell right away that Bo is not herself.  When Kenzi tells Wood, Bo takes Kenzi and places her in a choke hold.   Bo who really is Raynard at this point threatens to finish Bo off.  Dyson tells him that he would killl him first.
   In Limbo, Bo is trying to get answers form the girl. She keeps letting Bo see her future of doom, but Bo doesn't believe the visions, visions of her killing Trick.  She tells Bo to follow the light in order to get back to reality, Bo chooses a door and walks through.
  Raynard, in the body of Bo,  is still choking Kenzi, but something makes him loose his grip on her and Kenzi escapes.  Wood grabs Raynard and throws him onto a table, he's just about to stab him, when Dyson stops him, telling him that body belongs to Bo.  All of a sudden a black smoke like cloud leaves Bo's body, but then she's sounds like Wood.  It seems like Wood is now in Bo's body and Bo is in Wood's.  Things are going crazy the smoke cloud is making the rounds with everyone in the bar except Trick, he didn't drink the beer.   By the looks of it every one has changed bodies and Raynard is still in one of them, but no one knows which one.  Trick suggests that everyone wear name tags. As it stands here is who is in who if you know what I mean.  Ciara is now Hale, Hale is now Ciara.     Bo is Wood and Wood is Bo. Dyson is now Kenzi and Kenzi is Dyson, but who has Lauren changed up with?
  Trick is handing out name tags and explaining that when Bo came back from the Limbo she sent out a ripple effect that made everyone switch. In the process of handing out name tags, we learn that Lauren is in fact Dyson and Kenzi is Raynard.  Both Kenzi and Lauren are fighting as to who really has Raynard inside them.   The group is being asked questions in order to find out who has Raynard.  Kenzi is super excited about having Dyson's body, she wants to know how to use his claws.  Trick has just learned that Bo was with the Nain Rouge and he wants to know what she said to her. She tells him that it's complicated.   Just then they hear Wood trying to choke the truth out of Lauren.  He's in Bo's body so he has her succubus powers.  When Kenzi , who now is in Dyson's body, realizes that Bo's body is hungry. Wood grabs Ciara, who is actually Hale, and takes her body's chi.   As everyone tries to stop Wood, Lauren is clapping her hands and has an evil grin on her face, we can only assume that Raynard has taken over her body, now. (The only way we can tell which body Raynard has taken is by the evil look they get.) Ciara's body falls away as Wood, in Bo's body, finishes taking her chi.  It might be Hale in Ciara's body, but the chi still belongs to Ciara .
   Bo in Wood's bod is speaking to Ciara who's in Hale's body and they are talking about the feelings Dyson has for Bo. (It is very confusing keeping track of who's who, the name tags are an added bonus for viewers.) Trick tells them that Raynard escaped in Lauren's body.  Trick needs Woods to tell them where Raynard would go.  Woods is tied up in Bo's body to keep him from sucking up chi.  Bo figures out where Lauren or more precisely Raynard is going, she thinks he's on his way to kill the Ashe.
     Trick is speaking to Wood about the dangers of a war if a dark fae is able to kill the Ashe.  Wood wants the bounty on Raynard's head regardless of who catches him. Only humans can leave the Da'l because of the spell Wood placed. Only Dyson, in Kenzi's body, can leave.  Kenzi and Hale start kissing and saying good bye, it looks very weird, yet we know it's Ciara and Dyson.
    Raynard, in Lauren's body, ends up at the lab and is in awe of all the tools he has at his disposal, he's havin' kitties.  Raynard calls to request an audience with the Ashe. He doesn't care if there is a war, he is going to kill him.
   Wood is still chained to the chair, but soon sets himself free with a hairpin and leaves the Da'l.
 Dyson, in Kenzi's body, enters the Ashe's compound to find bodies everywhere and a Raynard, in Lauren's body holding a syringe filled with Bella-dona to The Ashe's neck. (If the AShe couldn't stand Lauren before, imagine how he's going to feel every time he see her, now.)  He greets Kenzi telling her that she finally made it, but Dyson explains that he's Dyson. Raynard mentions that he's just speeding the process of the war along, because something else bigger is coming, he can feel it. Dyson then asks the Ashe if he's redecorated and he says he has but he's keep some things the same, like the floor.  Dyson kicks a blue disk in the floor with Kenzi's new set of heels.  Electricity comes out of a stain-glassed window to electrocute Raynand.
   Wood escapes and tells them that he's going to burn the Da'l to the ground to stop the light fae from learning that he let Raynard escape.  He begins to fight Kenzi and Bo, Ciara watches from the sidelines. Trick shows up and knocks Wood out.  He tells them that he has learned how to get rid of the Gorgan blood, just then Dyson shows up with Raynard.
    Trick makes the magic circle placing the bodies of Bo, Raynard, and Ciara laying down.  He then has everyone else, Wood, Lauren, Kenzi and Hale enter.  He begins the chant to release each person into the rightful body. In the next moment the black cloud is flying around and through those in the circle.  Everyone returns to their bodies and Bo gives Ciara the chi Wood stole.  Wood takes Raynard award bidding everyone goodbye as he leaves the Da'l.   Hale takes Lauren back to the Ashe, while Dyson and Ciara thank Bo.  Ciara thinks he should do more than say thanks, and then hugs Bo.   Dyson walks over to Kenzi and tells her that she is weak, needs glasses, but that she just may be the strongest person he knows.  They hug and Kenzi tells him that she learnt a few things about him. too.  She tells him that he's pretty empty inside, and that he's missing something huge inside of him.  Dyson turns to look over his shoulder and then places a finger over Kenzi's lips. (He still has feelings for Bo, but Kenzi knows the truth.) Dyson and Ciara leave and Bo says that she might have been jealous but that it's ok, now.
    Bo tells Trick about what the Rouge said and showed her.  She went on to tell him that she called her Ysabeau. Trick makes a fleeting comment, but doesn't say  more.  (Was it just me or did he pause and then look at her under his lashes.  Trick has more secrets.)
    The Ashe is telling his security detail that they will have to beef up security.  He then goes to a chest, unlocks it and opens it, taking out things until he reaches a small compartment at the bottom. There lies a decapitated head that is the mirror image of the Ashe except it has pointy ears. (Snap, it seems the Ashe has a twin.)

Note:  Entertaining episode, Kenzi played Dyson superbly, but the others were lacking in their renditions. It seems to me that Trick knows more about Bo than we thought. I don't understand Lauren's attitude with Bo, maybe she regrets taking Bo to see Nadia?  I really don't like Lauren, Nadia and her just don't gel for me.  The small admission Dyson makes to Kenzi is interesting, could it be that after being with Ciara his feelings for Bo started to resurface.  Otherwise why did he place his finger on Kenzi's lips, to keep quite, didn't the witch takes his desire for Bo? The fact that the Ashe has a decapitated head in a truck is beyond odd, but I guess we'll find out more later.  I enjoy this Ashe more than his predecessor.  Did you catch the action between Hale and Kenzi, even though it was Ciara and Dyson, I can't help but wonder if it's not a foreshadowing of what's to come. Well, I guess we'll all  soon find new things to ponder next week. 

Kenzi's Best Lines:

  • "You better not go all UFC on my BFF!"
  • "We can not deny the world a chance to witness my stems in these kicks."
  • "Dang, I look good in those boots."
  • "Nobody uses my besties body before buying her a drink."

Fae Definitions:
boraro - a tracker.  In mythology it is thought that baroros are the tree spirits of the Amazon.
Gorgan - a woman who could use her blood to get into the body of others. She can then experience everything they do. In mythology it refers to any of three sisters who had hair of living, venomous snakes, and a horrifying visage that turned those who beheld it to stone.
Limbo - a place in the ether, between planes; the amyisticon
Amisticon or Amysticon - in where the Nain Rouge resides.
Nain Rouge- is a Fae who observes supernatural events and may show itself to warn about great disasters.   "the harbinger of doom"

Music from this Episode:

  • Young Blood by Lynx -
    Song begins just after title screen in Trick's bar. Bo is talking to Lauren. It continues through Lauren's discussion with Trick and Bo toasting to friendship with Dyson.
  • Venetian Hautboy by Beatrice Antolini- In the Beginning when Bo and Kensi sitting on the bed.
  • Pop Culture by Creature
  • Love by Ronley Teper

Interesting Facts:
  • The Nain Rouge, French for "red dwarf" or "red gnome" The little girl in the series is always seen wearing red.
  • I should be writing Beau instead of Bo.

Lost Girl runs on the SyFy Channel 
every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
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