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~ Selkie Gone Wild ~ Lost Girl Recap

Jun 5, 2012

"Fae Gone Wild "
Season 2, Episode 7

A group of strippers break out a cop killer from the police station. Bo investigates when a Fae identifies one of them as her daughter. Bo and Kenzi to investigate a strip club and discover that all of the dancers there are Selkie, and are attempting to steal their pelts back from the owner of the club. Trick discovers that there is something happening with the Light and Dark Fae that is resulting in many deaths, but does not know why. Bo learns that Lauren's girlfriend Nadia has been in a coma for the past five years. Bo and Lauren discover what the Morrigan gave to Bo as the solution to save Nadia, but have no idea what it is.

My Take:
      The opening scene has Bo and Kenzi on the couch discussing the box the Morrigan gave Bo on the last episode. Kenzi is all for Bo unwrapping the box, but Bo has every reservation in the book.  After a playful discussion the box remains unwrapped.
     Bizarre doesn't even begin to describe the scene taking place at the police station.  After a suspect is chained down in the interrogation room, we have scantly clothed, mask wearing strippers entering the station and giving uniformed officers lap dances.
  When Dyson and Hale show up to have a chat with their suspect, they find their fellow officers in all manners of undress and their suspect gone.  Dyson and Hale go over the security camera print out and learn the woman in the photo helped their prison escape. Dyson and Hale agree that the incident has fae written all over it.
    Kenzi and Bo meet with a new client who happens to be the mother of the girl in the security tape photo, it appeared in the newspaper and the mother recognized her daughter.  She is fae and wants them to find her daughter, Sherri, bpefore the police do.  Donna keeps saying that they are simple tree folk and that her daughter is innocent. After Donna leaves and Kenzi gets on the phone with her Russian connections in order to find where Zephyr might have left his car, so they could find more clues.
Hale and Dyson find out where Zephyr was last seen and head out to find clues.
    Kenzi's contacts have come through and Bo is out  in search of Zephyr's car.  Once there she finds his van and the clothes and mask the strippers used to break Zephyr out of jail. Bo opens up the van and starts to look for clues, just then she hears a car pull up and she grabs what she can and leaves.  As she is leaving she comes across Zephyr's body hanging from the rafters, and to make matters worse Hale and Dyson walk in.
  Bo tells them that she found the body, but that she is working on a missing person's case.  They don't believe a word she says.
  Bo and Kenzi are meeting up at the Da'l to go over what Bo found in the van.  As the girls are discussing the contents in walks Dyson's new flavor, Ciara.  She greets them by name and asks Trick for his most expensive scotch to celebrate the closing of a huge business deal in Europe.  Trick gives Bo the 411 on Dyson's new gal pal.   Kenzi makes one of her famous comments in order to get Bo's mind off the fact that she's lost him to another.  Based on what Bo found in the van, it looks like the girls are on their way to the gentleman's club.
 Back at the station Hale notices that one of the officer seemed to know the girl in the photo rather well and his key card was used to gain entry into the station.
  The girls arrive at the strip joint and Kenzi and Bo are enthralled by the lady on the stage which happens to be Sherri, and the music choice is perfect for this scene.  Kensi is getting hot and bothered and Bo is her usual hussie succubus self.  Bo tells Kenzi that it seems that the ladies have some type of mojo that works on humans only.  Bo and Kenzi call Sherri over so she can give Bo a lap dance.  When Bo starts to ask her 
questions she gets spooked and wants to know if she's a cop.  Bo tells her that she's just looking for a job.  Sherri directs them to a man in a suit, Luis, and Bo lands a job behind the bar.
  Kenzi and Bo are back at the clubhouse and they are discussing the case.  Bo tells Kenzi that she plans on taking the job in order to find out more and help Sherri.
   Hale and Dyson soon learn that the officer did in fact know the girl in the photo from a gentleman' club called Naughty Ladies. He spills the beans and tells Hale everything he knows.  He thinks that Sherri took his key card.
   Trick is taking a call and seems to have a chart on the table full of pins marking spots.  Bo walks in and Trick hides the chart.  Bo wants to know if Trick knows why anyone would want the fillet a human and keep a hand.  He tells her that it's to make a candle called the Hand of Glory, it lets the person who made it break into what ever they want as long as it stays lit.
   Dyson has Lauren over at the station in order to learn more about why the killer would need to take the hand and skin off of Zephyr.   Lauren tells him it is the Hand of Glory and that it is very powerful..  After Dyson talks to her, Lauren asks for some time alone so she get away form her handlers.  Dyson tells her to take all the time she needs.  Lauren wastes no time in calling Bo.  She wants to know if Bo learned of anything that might help her get out of her predicament.  Bo tells her that she hasn't and wants to know if Lauren wants to tell her anything else. Lauren has nothing to tell Bo, but Bo is more than informed already unbeknownst to Lauren.
    Bo has begun her job as a bartender at the Gentleman's Club and is serving Sherri a drink and trying to find out more about the situation, so she's plying her with shots.  Sherri tells her that she is trying to get out of her current lifestyle and has plans.  As soon as Sherri gets called to the stage, Dyson and Hale walk in the bar and want to know what Bo is doing involved in their police investigation.  When he finds out that she knew Sherri all along, he is very upset with her.  Bo promises to keep him in the loop if he lets her stay on the case and find more information.  Dyson agrees and makes Bo promise to be careful.
  Bo walks into the back room of the gentleman's club looking for answers and finds a holographic safe and takes a picture, as she is leaving she is caught in the room by Luis.   After giving him a lame story as to why she's in the room, she takes his glass and she leaves the room.
  Bo meets with Dyson and Hale at the Da'l.  She gets Hale to work with the photo so they can see what she saw behind the picture.  He finally gets the picture into focus and they see the safe.  As they discuss the picture, Dyson tells them that the fingerprints came in and they find out Luis's real name, he happens to be dark fae.
    Donna visits Bo and Kenzi at the clubhouse and Bo tries to find out more about Sherri. Donna doesn't think that Sherri will ever forgive her.  Donna begins to tell the girls the story of how she gave up her pelt in order to be with a human.  She never told her daughter that she was a selkie, but Sherri learnt the truth when she was a teen when she found her pelt.
   Bo finds Sherri in the bar putting something into a bag.  She learns why Sherri helped break Zephyr out of the station and tells Bo of her dreams. It seems that Luis stole the skins of all the selkies in order to control them.  Bo tells her Donna sent her to help and that she was going to help her in anyway she could.
     Bo and Sherri are setting up the candle surrounded by the other selkie.  As Sherri tries to light the Hand, Luis walks in and demands to know what is going on and who broke into his club.  Then Dyson and Hale walk in, but before they can take Sherri into custody, Bo lights the Hand of Glory and freezes everyone.
   Bo and Sherri head to the vault to break in but they can't.  Bo tells Sherri to let the Hand try to open it and it does.   When the safe opens they grab the pelts stored inside, but then the Hand of Glory tries choking the life out of Sherri.  Bo puts a stop to it by pouring milk over the hand.  The selkies become estatic when Sherri shows up with their pelts.  Dyson tells Sherri that she will have to come into the station to answer for Zephyr's death.  Bo intervines and begs Dyson to help Sherri and hide the deed from The Ashe.   Dyson agrees, but they will have to restage Zephyr's death in order to keep Sherri out of danger.
  Trick is informed about another bizarre incident and calls to speak to Lauren.  Aparently something bad is happening and no ones knows about it except Trick.  (It could be the aftereffects of using his blood.)
    Donna and Sherri meet and Sherri tells her mother that she is forgiven, she then turns and thanks Bo.  Sherri turns away form Bo and her mother and  walks into the sea wearing her pelt.
    Snap!  Dyson is having sex with with Ciara and he's not letting her take calls.  She's making changes all around and is even redecorating the loft. (Is it me or is something off with Ciara?)  Dyson at one point looked pained while having sex with Ciara. (His wolf is not happy with what it smells, it seems like the man has no place for Bo, but the wolf  can not be fooled.) 
     Lauren is paying Trick a visit and they are discussing the events that Trick has been tracking.  Apparently they seems to be something making light and dark fae behave viciously and attack each other.  She promises to do some research in the matter.
  While Trick speaks to Lauren, Bo walks in carrying the box given to her by the Morrigan.  Bo places the box on the table and Lauren tells her the story of how Nadia came to be in a coma.  We learn the truth on how Lauren came to be owned by the Ashe. Bo tells Lauren that the answer to save Nadia is in the box.  They open the box and find an old nail, neither of them know what the nail means.

*Note:   Interesting events are happening in fae land, Trick is keeping tabs, so we know things aren't good.  The little girl from season 1 foretold of evil coming to find Bo, could it be evil has pulled into town? Dyson and Ciara's relationship has moved to the next level with Ciara moving in.  I'm beyond thrilled Dyson's wolf is taking issue with the hook up. I don't trust Ciara, there is something we don't know, could she be dark fae? Hopefully we find out what happens with the nail found in the box next week.  Very happy to hear that SyFy has ordered season 3.

Kenzi's Best Lines:
  • "Lap dances, implants, strippers, Oh My!"
  • "See, told ya, like Vegas for crotch." 
  • "Ladies start your vagaga's!"
  • "Who knew, I think I might actually dig chicks."
Fae Definitions:
  • Selkie -  is a seal shifter who sheds her pelt when she takes human form.
  • The Hand of Glory - is a candle -- a talisman for thieves. Whoever lights it can break into anything they want for as long as the candle stays lit. The only thing that extinguishes it is milk. 
Music Found on this episode:
  • Licky by Larry Tee ft Princess Superstar (First heard when Bo and Kensi are in the Strip Club)
  • Aegis by Johnny Hollow (When Lauren tells Bo about Nadia)
  • Timebomb by Pati Yang
  • Sweet Life (Lost Girls Mix) by Madison (Heard when the masked strippers start dancing in the police station.)
  • Ballad of Ngb (Instrumental Version) by Stateless (Bo and Kensi sitting in the Bar)
  • I Love Your Style by APM Music
  • Tempted By You by Bruton Music
  • Can We Go Wrong by Hesta Prynn
  • Sweet Rock N Roll by Vibrolux
  • Cage Of Love by West One Music (Bo, Dyson and Hale talking at the Bar of the strip club)
  • Bodytalk by Selected Sound
  • Throw Me to the Rats by The Tom Fun Orchestra
  • The Deep by Data Romance (Dyson and Kiara in Bed having Sex)
Interesting Facts:

Lost Girl runs on the SyFy Channel 
every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
Check in on GetGlue with me and other fans every week.

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