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Death Is Not His Thing ~ Lost Girl Recap ~

Jun 12, 2012

" Death Didn't Become Him "
Season 2, Episode 8

A friend of Trick's asks for his help when his deceased husband's body is stolen. Bo and Dyson investigate and discover that a Lich has taken the body and reanimated it. Bo and Lauren confront him, but he threatens to kill her unless she drains Lauren. Bo is shot by the Lich, who then prepares to eat Lauren. Bo comes back to life and takes the Chi from everyone save for Lauren. Bo speaks in a strange voice and declares that she can make everyone obey her, but then collapses and returns to normal. Before the Lich dies, he reveals Nadia has been cursed. Meanwhile, Hale and Kenzi deal with a teenage Fae who Hale has been placed in charge of looking after her on a night on the town.

My Take:  
    Opening scene has Lauren and a guard escorting a cadaver pouch into the fae facilities. After the guard leaves guess who's inside, alive and well?  It's Bo and she takes issue with the stinky feet funk inside the bag. Ewww. Lauren wants her to meet her comatosed girl pal, but Bo's not really digging the whole idea.  After Lauren lays on the "whys" of the matter, Bo agrees. Lauren and Bo look down upon Nadia, and Lauren tells her that she's always hoped there was a way to bring Nadia out of the coma.  Bo takes the nail out of her pocket and gives it to Lauren.  Lauren then bags it and wants to know if the Morrigan said anything else about the nail. Bo tells her that she doesn't have anymore information. (Why even sneak into the facility, seems a total waste of time, I thought for sure they were going to use the nail, not gush over how pretty Nadia was. Not to mention, they could have been caught.)
   Swing over to a dark and unlit scene, there's a man singing a jig and taking swigs out of a flask as he makes his way through a cementery.  He comes across a man dresses as a World War II general digging up a grave and he yells at him.  All of a sudden he's roped and dragged backwards by an Any Oakley looking woman.
  At the Da'l, Trick is seated next to a man and he's telling Bo and Dyson that the man's dead husband's grave was dug up and that the body is missing.  Trick tells Bo and Dyson that Donovan aka Donnie is his oldest friend and that he wants them to help find the body.  Trick gives them a photo of what he looks like.
   Hale is at the pool table and he's wheeling the ladies.  He's into one of his epic stories and the ladies seem to be buying it. Along comes Dyson and backs him up 100%.  (Bro-code?) Dyson tells Hale that he's landed a sweet security detail with The Glaive.  Hale is congratulating him, but Dyson tells him that he needs him to step up and take it because he needs to help out Trick.  Hale agrees and uses it as an opportunity to preen and strut his stuff in front of the ladies. Hale soon learns that the detail isn't for the Glaive per say, but for her daughter, Tori, and to make matters even better, she comes with instructions. (No Caffeine is one of the rules listed in the instructions. Are you kidding me?)
     Dyson and Bo are at the cemetery where Christoff's body was buried.  They're looking for clues, but find the body of the grounds keeper instead.  Dyson tells Bo that the kill was a hunting kill, and he describes why, as they look at the dead body.  He tells her that they only took the delicacies from the body, Dyson goes on to tell Bo that he thinks it's the Cheenoo, a type of fae that only eats human flesh.
   Back at the Da'l, Hale is keeping Tori entertained with the same lame story he was telling the ladies at the pool table.  Tori seems to be is all ears as Hale spins the tale, but just when you think she's going to say something nice, condescending attitude and nastiness spews out of her.  She really gives it to poor Hale, but Kenzi comes waltzing in to save the day, sporting a fohawk no-less.  Kenzi gives Hale the run down of her day, but then notices Tori.  When she asks who she is, Hale tells her that she is his latest security detail. Tori goes on to complain that Hale is her babysitter and wont let her have any fun.  Kenzi can't believe that Hale would do such a thing. Tori goes on to tell Kenzi that she's telapathic, and does need a cell phone.  She then shows them the tracking device her mother makes her wear on her wrist. Tori learns that Kenzi is a claimed human that is allowed to roam free and is amazed by the fact. Kenzi becomes Tori's champion and campaigns for her rights to party, to do differently would stunt Tori's growth. After Kenzi chants please repeatedly,  Hale gives in and allows Kenzi to show Tori a good time.
  Some where in town there's a creepy guy bringing a man back to life with his fae mojo. (He reminds me of  Hannibal Lecter but with more hair and fashionably handicapped.)  He's seated at a table with some interesting characters, some of which we've already met at the cemetery the night of the body-napping. Creepy guy introduces the man to everyone at the table and takes a few bites of delicacies on a platter. (Now, that I look at the place, I think it's Vex's club with a lighter decor.)  The man shouts that he wants to see his husband. (Bingo! We have found Christoff.) He makes a grab for the creepy one,  but Annie Oakley pulls a gun on him to protect the creepy guy. The creep takes Christoff's hand and calms him using his magic.  Christoff's demeanor changes completely, he begins to dance ballet in front of the group.
    Bo and Dyson go to see the Gary, apparently this is the Cheenoo he was speaking of.   He's speckled with blood from head to toe.  Gary tells Dyson that he better be careful or he'll take a bite out of him.  When Dyson tells him it's Bo he has to worry about, Gary puts on a show by eating his own finger.  Dyson wants to know what Gary knows about a grounds keeper. Gary starts to rant about his wares, Bo has enough of his crap and pulls a knife on him.   He tells them that bodies are brought in, he takes the best parts out  for his clients and keeps a little for himself. Bo uses her succubus powers on him, but it doesn't work.  Wouldn't you know, the threat of going to a human prison and fed a vegetarian diet loosens his tongue right up. He tells them that he butchers for a Lich, Dyson goes on to explain that a Lich is an ancient Egyptian royal fae family, that found a way to cheat death, that eat flesh in order live so they can accumulate knowledge.  Dyson tells Bo that they are very bad news. Gary gives them the address of the Lich, but doesn't want anyone to know where they got the number from.
   Back at the Da'l, Kenzi is showing Tori how to party, there are dancing and drinking up a storm.  When Hale reminds them that there are other fae in the bar that might like for them to tone it down.  Tori and Kenzi could care less, Tori reminds Hale that he has to call her mother every three hours or she freaks. He runs off to call but place Kenzi in charge of Tori.
     Back at the creepy guys place he keeps putting Christoff through the paces, telling him he can feel the movement, feel the artistry.  Before he finishes giving Christoff instructions, in comes Bo and Dyson into the room.   He quickly tells Christoff to go towel off, as he turns to Bo and Dyson. They tell him that he is new to town and that he hasn't signed in and it is mandatory.  He tells them that he is about to be leaving town and it won't be necessary.  He gazes at Bo and Dyson and tells Dyson that he is handsome, and then he looks at Bo and tells her that she is divine.  Bo notices an old portrait of a man in with an Egyptian attire and a scarab beetle necklace.
    At the Da'l, Hale is on the phone with the Gaive, telling her how bored Tori is.  She is mad that he has interrupted her while she was working.   He tells her that he is following her instructions to the letter and that Tori is safe.
    The Lich is telling Bo and Dyson that he finds it weird that a light fae cop and an undeclared succubus are out doing a retired kings bidding.  He tells Bo that he that he has always dreamed of knowing a succubus's secrets. (The Lich is having a severe bad hair day not to mention he does not know how to apply eyeliner.) The Lich becomes overly enthusiastic with his explanations to Bo and has gotten a little too close for comfort in the telling. Dyson steps in to keep Lich away from Bo.  (Oh, that Dyson plays his part well, always protecting Bo. *sigh*) Dyson tells him that he's taken the husband of a friend and they want him back.  The Lich doesn't care and when Bo calls to Chistoff, he ignores them. He invites them to come back for an exhibition and Bo agrees to return.
     Bo returns to the Da'l to explain the situation to Trick and Donnie, Christoff's husband.  Donnie is non to happy that his husband is being held against his will.  Trick tries to calm him down, but he doesn't want any part of it.  He tells them to stop talking and get Chirstoff back, and storms off. (Who the hellz made him the boss! Real stupid dialogue there.) Bo brings Trick up to speed, then Trick tells Bo that she has to look for a where the Lich might keep his vessel.  Bo tells him about the creepy portrait and they decide to  destroy it.
    Hale is on the phone putting a APB out on Kenzi and Tori, he's lost track of them. Dyson walks up behind him and hears parts of the conversation.  Hale tells him that she vanished, Dyson gives Hale the tracking receiver for the tracker Tori wears.
    Lauren is at the Da'l meeting up with Bo, it would seem that Dyson broke her out of the compound.  Bo wants Lauren to go with her to see the Lich, because he knows things and may be able to help Nadia.
   Bo and Lauren arrive at the Lich's address.  His minions are preparing the table for a feast.  He tells them that when he brings the bodies back to life, he can experience everything they do.  Lauren and Bo sit down to Christoff's performance on stage.
   Hale finds the girls at the clubhouse, he is super pissed that they left without him.  Tori is reading Kenzi's mind.  Kenzi tells him what they have been drinking, when all of a sudden Tori hurls all over his shirt.  Hale is majorly grossed out and tells Kenzi to get his shirt off.  When she does, she gets an eyeful of a superb, cut torso, she keeps staring at it and is speechless.
   The Lich continues to entertain Bo and Lauren with his talented horde of dead.   He knows all about Laurens life and situation. He seems to know more than he is saying, Bo tries to dig deeper, but he doesn't say more.
    Donnie is going through Trick's desk and takes out a dagger.  Trick finds him and tells him to give it back. (The Blood King's dagger, must be powerful???) Trick talks him out of doing anything rash and tells him to trust Bo.
  Bo pulls a knife on the Lich in order to get more information from him and take Christoff.  Bo cuts into the portrait thinking it would defeat the Lich, but she is mistaken.  The Lich takes her and Lauren captive and puts them on stage, his minions begin to chant feed, feed, feed.
  Kenzi is trying to sober Tori up and gives her coffee, and we all know that it was one of the rules, No Coffee!   Tori realizes it too late, stands up and begins to walk away and Hale is pulling out the instructions and rereading them.  Kenzi doesn't know what the big deal is, but Tori collapses to the floor in front of them both.
 The Lich tells Bo to feed off Lauren, but Bo refuses to do so. Lauren tells her to take just a little bit, but Bo refuses.  Bo tells him that she's rather die than kill again.  The Lich wants more than a little bit, he commands the Annie Oakley wannabe to shoot Bo in the stomach.
   Back at the clubhouse Kenzi is freaking out that she killed the Glaive's daughter, she knows that they will kill her and Hale knows it too. Kenzi hits Hale and he can't believe she did.  The begin to fight and Kenzi begins to cry, Hale doesn't like her crying and tells her to calm down.
   The Lich is telling Bo that she must feed, Lauren can't stop the bleeding.   Bo realizes that the Lich can't take her chi, because it is what she is.  He then tells the minions to put Lauren on the table to feast on her.  Bo starts to stand up and glow, all "blue eyed freak" like, with her arms out to the side she starts to suck in all the chi in the room. (Oh hellz, Succubus is in the haus!) The minions drop like flies including Lich.  Bo begins to quote some strange prophecy and breaks her bonds. She then collapses on the floor, Lauren goes to help her and she tells her what happened.  Bo then tries to save the minions, giving back their chi. The Annie Oakley look a like begs Bo to let her die.
   Kenzi and Hale are trying to create some type of escape plan, and it seems pointless.  Kenzi mentions Egypt and a light bulb goes off for Hale.  He remembers about the Lich, Kenzi wants to know what a Lich is and Hale tells her that it's their only hope.
  The Lich is dying and trying to grab human meat that is on the floor.  Bo stops him and asks him about the nail, he tells her that Nadia is cursed.  The nail is an African shaman's cursing nail and they have to find the piece of wood that has Nadia's name on it, then they have to extract the nail so the curse is lifted and Nadia wakes up.  Bo lets the Lich die, leaving with Lauren.
   Donnie and Christoff have united and Trick is telling Donnie that he only has hours, at most a day, until he dies again.   Donnie thanks Trick, just as Hale and Kenzi walk into the Da'l looking for the Lich.  Dyson wants to know what happend and Hale tells him.  Dyson punches Tori in the stomach and she begins to breath again.  It would seem she is allergic to coffee and has a second heart in her stomach, Dyson started her heart again.  Hale and Kenzi are thrilled.  Hale asks Tori not to tell anyone about what happen, Tori tells him not to worry, but she wants to buy Kenzi off of him.  He tells her that she's not for sale.  Tori thanks them and leaves, Kenzi thanks Hale.
    Lauren brings Bo back into the compound in another body bag.  Lauren can't believe she's spent years looking for a cure, when the whole time she was cursed.  Bo tells her not to worry, that they are one step closer to learning how to bring her back.  Lauren turns to her and begins to kiss her.  Hawt!

Notes:  Doesn't Bo have the keys to the vault in the compound with all the fae weapons and magical things? Last episode of season 1, Lauren give her the keys, did she ever give them back? Could the wood with Nadia's name be stored there?  Anyway, did you see Bo's bad ass succubus powers, she is a force to be reckoned with and Lauren will have to keep what she saw a secret from the Ashe.   The words Bo said while breaking her bonds speak of her being about to have the ultimate control of both light and dark fae, very interesting.  We didn't learn anymore about the odd behavior of the fae across town, nor did we see Ciara, which makes me happy.  

Kenzi's Best Lines:
  • "Hale, does the trust fund baby speak the truth?"
  • "Hale, Booby, I'v got this."
  • "It's not a drink, it's a hug."
*Fae Definitions:
  • Lich -  sometimes spelled liche.  A Lich is a type of undead creature. Often such a creature is the result of a transformation, as a powerful magician or king striving for eternal life uses spells or rituals to bind his intellect to his animated corpse and thereby achieve a form of immortality. Liches are depicted as being clearly cadaverous, their bodies desiccated or even completely skeletal. Liches are often depicted as holding power over hordes of lesser undead creatures, using them as soldiers and servants.  In this episode the Lich is from an ancient Egyptian Fae royal family. They found a way to cheat death, keep themselves alive to feed their insatiable hunger for knowledge. The Lich eats flesh to feed his body but he lives to feed his mind. He had the power to reanimate corpses and have them obey his wishes
  • Glaive -  is a European polearm weapon, consisting of a single-edged blade on the end of a pole. According to Hale, the Glaive is the Attorney General for all Fae kind.  She happens to be one of the Highest Ranking Light Fae elders.
  • Cheenoo - a fae that eats only human flesh, if it gets really hungry, it can eat it's own flesh, too.
Music Found on this episode:
  • Realpolitik by The Wilderness -
  • In the Bar at the Beginning
  • I Caught Holden Smiling by Ronley Teper- Tori, Hale and Kensi sitting at the bar
  • Air & Variations by Handel-In the Lich House
  • Boom by MC Magico & Alex Wilson -Kensi and Tori dancing on the Table
  • Romeo And Juliet Fantasy Oveture by Tchaikovsky-In the Lich House
  • Monster Donte by Misteur Valaire-Hale speaking on the Phone in the Bar
  • When I Get Home by Wildlife -As Dyson arrives and Hale is on the phone.
  • Crazy Baby by Raquel Reed- Kensi and Lori dancing
  • Jig From The Suite in E Minor For Harpsichord by Handel - In the Lich House
  • Passacaile From The Suite In G Minor by Handel -In the Lich House
  • Killing It by The Hundred In the Hands - In the Bar
  • Brother by July Talk -Near End of Episode in the Bar

Lost Girl runs on the SyFy Channel 
every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
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*  Definitions and Episode summary is taken from Wikipedia and Lost Girl Wikia

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