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ARC The Sheikh's Redemption by Olivia Gates

Jun 27, 2012

He would claim the throne. And her…

For Prince Haidar Aal Shalaan, taking the reins of a kingdom in chaos is a matter of honor. Not that his rivals to the throne would be defeated easily. And then there is Roxanne Gleeson, the one woman whose memory he cannot erase, the lover who once rejected him. Now she pretends a cold disdain for their once—and still—desperate passion. But he will not be denied either the throne of his motherland or Roxanne back in his bed. One is his birthright, the other his heart's desire. And together they are…his redemption.

I gave this book a 3
     The Sheikh's Redemption by Olivia Gates gives us that destination read we all crave.   Gates does not disappoint in this enjoyable read that transports us to sands of the Middle East.  Prince Haidar is smokin' hot and Roxanne can't forget him, theirs is a  passion that will not die.  Harlequin delivers once again, stories that are perfect for daily reads.  There is just enough action, romance, and angst to keep readers happy.  I am looking forward to both Rasid's and Jalal's stories.  Rasid is scarred and wrapped in a cloak of mystery, and  Jalal, Haidar's happy go lucky twin, has secrets of his own, their stories scream to be told.  Jalal's story will be available September 2012 titled The Sheikh's Claim.

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Publisher: Harlequin
Imprint:  Harlequin Desire
Pub Date: June 5, 2012

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