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Burn Out or Fae Away ~ Lost Girl Recap

May 22, 2012

"It Is Better To Burn Out Than Fae Away"
Season 2 Episode 6

    The Morrigan hires Bo to find an artist that has been painting murals of herself, Vex, and a vampire that Vex killed earlier in the series. Bo becomes involved in a power struggle between the Morrigan and Vex. Bo finds the artist, but things do not add up and discovers that one of the Morrigan's assistants was attempting to kill both the Morrigan and Vex. The plot is stopped when the assistant is confronted and kills herself. The Ash arrives at Bo's home and commands Lauren to return to him. When Bo returns, she and Lauren become intimate, and Kenzi is faced with a repeat of what happened when Dyson and Bo first slept together. The Morrigan gives Bo a means to free Lauren, but in doing so, Bo discovers that Lauren has a girlfriend. At the end of the episode, Lauren is seen talking to her girlfriend, who is encased in a pod-like capsule.

My Take: 
     Lauren is still staying with Bo and Kenzi at the clubhouse.  Kenzi is none too thrilled as Lauren goes on and on with her silly stories.   Lauren is the perfect house  guest, always cooking something for her host. When Lauren and Bo start become a little too playful, Kenzi has to take herself out of the room before she falls ill.
     In some dark alley there’s a guy painting a wall with graffiti, as he sprays the wall an old man rounds the corner and wants to know what he’s doing, he then whips out his scorpion tail.  The guy spray painting then whips out his own little friend, a shotgun.  He then proceeds to spray the little scorpion man’s brains all over the wall.  (Nice touch to the interesting graffiti, it looks like a picture of none other than, Vex killing the Madame butterfly lovin’ vamp)
     Back at the house Bo and Lauren are playing at getting cozy while watching a lion documentary.  They are right in the middle of Lauren placing her feet in Bo’s lap when Kenzi walks into the room and calls Bo into the kitchen.   Bo right away tells her that there is nothing going on, but Kenzi tells her that she;s not worried about her activities, it’s the fact that they are harboring a fugitive form the Ashe.
     The Morrigan arrives to her office to find a very unhappy Vex waiting for her. He wants to know why her Jason painted that particular picture on the side of his club. He tells her that he has to keep the humans happy if he’s to keep his liquor license and that scorpion man happened to be a good friend. He wants to know how Jason learned of the killing, there seems to be a leak in Morrigan’s empire and he wants to know who. The Morgan promises to look into it. As soon as Vex leaves, Morrigan has a fit and throws things off her desk. She’s furious with Jason for letting the cat out of the bag.
    Kenzi is sitting between Lauren and Bo as they watch a tv show as a knock sounds at the door. Bo goes to answer it and finds a young lady asking for a meeting on behave of her boss. (It’s Bianca, The Morrigan assistant.)
     We’re back at The Morrigan ‘s office and Bo is walking in with Bianca. The Morrigan is doing business and things don’t seem to be going in her favor.  Bianca steps in and changes the game. (Hmm, Bianca has some cool powers, she’s a seniatta, who can make a person change their minds.)  Morrigan tells Bianca she messed up her schedule and Bianca leaves the room distressed.  Bo wastes no time telling Morrigan what she thinks of her treatment of her employees. The Morrigan wants Bo to go find Jason, who is a human painter, because he is painting things he isn’t supposed to, secrets that cannot be exposed .The Morrigan tells Bo that she has fallen in love with Jason.
     Bo is at the Da’l with Kenzi and she is seeking Trick’s advice as to whether she should take The Morrigan case or not. Trick tells her to be careful of The Morrigan because she is a Leanan Sídhe who can seduce artist. Trick tells her that they usually drive the artist mad. He tells Bo to be careful of Jason, he thinks he may have lost it already.
     Bo and Kenzi go to see the wall that was painted by Jason, but find it painted over.  Kenzi recognizes the artist of the graffiti next to it and knows where they can find the artist.  Bo is hoping he might know where to find Jason.  They track him down and he tells them that he and Jason used to be tight but then Jason started to do crazy things and he hasn’t seen him since. 
      Back at the Da’l Kenzi thinks that Jason is trying to warn other artist about the Morrigan that’s why he’s painting fae secrets all across town. Bo and Keni are talking about the case when they get a call from Kenzi’s artist friend , it seems that he found Jason and Jason broke his nose.  He tells them where he last saw him.
      The girls are out walking through the alley looking for Jason.  They find him, but he pulls the shot gun on them.  They are saved by Vex as he tries to capture Jason for a word.  Bo stops him from taking Jason and Jason escapes.  Vex invites Bo and Kenzi for drinks after he tells them that they keep getting involved in dark fae business.  Over drinks Vex tells Bo that if she find Jason and brings him to her, he will pay her.
     Kenzi goes back home and finds Lauren, she tells Lauren that she better not hurt Bo again or she will take care of her.  Lauren calls Kenzi selfish  if she tries to keep Bo away from other humans.  Then there’s a knock on the door, and Lauren hides.  Kenzi answers the door and finds the Ashe’s goons at the door.  The Ashe wants to know where Lauren is, when she tells him that she doesn’t know he lifts her off the ground by her throat. When Lauren sees Kenzi being harmed, she comes out of hiding and promises to turn herself in the next day.  The Ashe threatens to pull plugs, making Lauren pale at the mention.
     Bo goes to see the Morrigan , just as she’s walking in Kenzi calls her and tells her about the encounter with the Ashe.  Bo tells her to calm down that she’s make sure things are taken care of.  Bo continues into the Morrigan’s office and confronts her.  She tells her that she’s not taking the case.  The Morrigan tells her that she doesn’t want to harm Vex and that she should walk away, but if she found Jason, she  could help Bo find what she needs to release Lauren from the Ashe’s clutches. 
     As Bo is walking out she finds Bianca at the elevator doors.  Bianca tells her that she enjoys working for the Morrigan and tells her the Morrigan’s real name. She thanks Bo for her search for Jason and says goodbye.  Bo tells her that the Morrigan has persuaded her to look for Jason after all.
    Back at the house Bo speaks to Lauren about how the Morrigan says that she will help her free Lauren.  Lauren looks bewildered and in shock.  She tells Bo that none of them know how things are going to turn out, but that she will return to the Ashe the next day.  Bo promises to help Lauren and that she will do everything she can to break the Ashe’s ties.   One second Lauren looks at Bo with what can only be called painful yearning and wham they are kissing each other. Bo guides Lauren to the bedroom without breaking lip contact.  Bo is the aggressor and pushes Lauren onto the bed to undress her. These two are not wasting time, clothes are coming off and skin is being exposed.  Bo takes off Lauren’s pants off in record time.  She then grabs Lauren’s legs and pulls her to the edge of the bed. (Why do I get the feeling these two have been down these waters before.)  Bo takes hold of Lauren by the neck and pulls her up for a kiss.  Lauren proceeds with a spread eagle to accommodate Bo.  Lauren is an Olympic cleavage diver and takes the plunge in Bo’s . After lots of stomach grazing and hot kisses down the valley, these two apparently finish because we find a naked Bo gazing at a sleeping Lauren. (A very hot sex scene, lots of peek a boo glimpses of breast, not to mention the music for the scene took it to a whole new level.)
     Bo wakes up to find Kenzi sleeping on the couch.  She smacks her ass to get her up, but Kenzi has a massive hangover and can’t seem to wake up.  Bo tells her that they are going to meet Hale at the Da’l. Kenzi finds Lauren in Bo’s robe looking for toothpaste.  (This scene is almost identical to when Kenzi finds Dyson the day after at the beginning of the season 1) Kenzi tells her where the toothpaste is but then gags behind Lauren’s back.
     Bo and Kenzi meet up with Hale at the Da’l and Kenzi is hanging over her plate of flapjacks, in a bad way.  Hale takes pity and uses his siren powers to ease her discomfort.  Bo wants to know how she can find some she has no idea how to find.  Hale tells her about the eye, Kenzi makes one of her famous remarks and Hale tells them that he’ll be right back.  The girls are playing pool when Hale comes back telling them that he’s talked to the Eye and he’s willing to meet up with them.  He tells them that he’s fae and that he’s sitting in the corner.
     When Bo and Kenzi reach his table they encounter a man with only one eye, a Cyclops.  Bo shows him the picture of Jason and he begins to look for Jason using his computer.  The Cyclop’s eye becomes huge as he scans the computer for Jason.  He finds Jason and Bo is about to take a photo of the information, when the Eye stops her and asks for payment.  Bo asks him what he wants.  Wouldn’t you know he wants a kiss from Kenzi!  Kenzi puckers up for a kiss with the perverted Cyclops. Even though it’s just a peck, Cyclops gets off big time, even sprouting poetry. 
     The girls leave the Da’l in search of Jason, instead of them finding him, he appears behind them wielding a shot gun,  He wants to know what they want with him, but when Bo tells him Evony is looking for him, he tells them that he can’t go yet, his work isn’t completed. Then he starts hearing voices and then falls to the ground in a fit of seizures. 
     Apparently he survives because Bo shows up at the Morrigan’s office with Jason in tow.  He sees the Morrigan and runs to her arms, kissing her and caressing her. The Morrigan tells Jason to go to his room, he’s reluctant to go but does.  The Morrigan faces Bo and tells her that she never loved Jason but needed him to find out what Vex was planning.  She then hands Bo a box and tell her that it’s a key that will help save Natia.  Bo wants to know who the hell Natia is, she needed the information to help Lauren not Natia.  The Morrigan tells her that it will help Lauren, she needs to help Natia before she can help Lauren.  Why?, Natia, Lauren’s girlfriend.  Bo just stands staring at her.
     Bo arrives home fit to be tied and finds a complaining Vex at her door.  After telling him what she thinks of the dark fae she shuts the door in his face.  Bo calls out for Lauren and finds Kenzi , Kenzi tells her that Lauren is gone.   Bo sees how upset she is and asks if she can get her anything.  Bo tells her she wishes the day was over.  Kenzi tells her that she thinks she discovered something in Jason’s painting.  According to the paintings the Morrigan wants to kill Jason, but Bo doesn’t think that’s true.  Bo thinks someone is trying to topple the Morrigan and has been cooking up this whole thing to make it look like Vex is behind the Jason’s craziness.  Bo figures out who is trying to compel Jason into doing what he doesn’t want to. 
    There’s a blond in leather and chains telling Bianca that she whips people but that she’s not into killing.  She goes on to tell her that Vex is her best client.  Bianca uses her powers to make her change her mind and kill Vex.
    Vex opens the door to the blond Dominatrix and she gets right to work on him, placing him in chains and whipping him into a lather.  As he cries out his pleasure she stops and takes out a sword and Vex begins to fight his bonds and yell at her, he sees where things are going and he’s helpless to save himself without the use of his hands.  Just in time, Bo and Kenzi come to Vex’s rescue.  Bo begins to fight the blond  while Kenzi tries to free Vex from his bonds.  Vex uses his powers to stop the blond and Bo steps up to her defense telling Vex that the Dominatrix is innocent. 
     Vex and Bo show up at the Morrigan’s office to confront the mastermind behind the set up.  The Morrigan assumes he is trying to pin things on her but Vex  quickly explains that it’s not her but Bianca.  Bianca takes the sword Vex placed on the desk and begins to tell the Morrigan that she stole everything from her.  That she uses and kills everyone’s dreams and she wanted her to suffer.  She then takes the sword and stabs herself and dies.  Morrigan and Vex don’t even blink at the act, in fact they make future plans as Bo checks Bianca for life.  Vex leaves and Morrigan calls in a cleanup crew, Bo can’t believe what she sees and tells the Morrigan that she’s sick.
       Bo and Kenzi are back at the clubhouse and Kenzi has Jason duct taped to a chair.  Apparently Kenzi has decided that Jason needs therapy in order to break the addiction he has to the Morrigan.  She plans to keep him that way until he gets over his need. 
      A while later Bo is sitting on her bed staring at the box the Morrigan gave her.  Kenzi walks in and sits down with her to talk about Lauren.  Bo tells Kenzi that according to the Morrigan, Lauren has a girlfriend.  Kenzi tells Bo that she should give Lauren a chance to explain.
     Swing over to the lab and we find Lauren talking to someone called “babe” that happens to be inside an egg like container with tubes hooked up to it.  She happens to be talking about Bo to her girlfriend, telling her all the things Bo is and how she cares for her.  She then kisses the container…

*Note:  Very interesting show, we got to see a Cyclops and learn what dark fae the Morrigan embodies.  Bo saves Vex’s life, but we don’t hear about him acknowledging the fact. Bo didn’t feed her succubus needs, not even once.  Kenzi is human, but is once again is referred to as something other than human, this time by the Cyclops.  He calls her a nymph, hmmmm… could it be that Kenzi has powers and she just hasn’t come into her own? We learn that Lauren has a girlfriend that apparently the Ashe uses to control her with.  Our sexy Dyson is a no show, and sadly we can’t get our wolfie fix.  What are your thoughts?  Looking forward to next week’s episode, see you here next week.

 Kenzi’s Best Lines:
  • “Oh, balls, I sort of know the massive A-hole who painted this.”
  • “You spy-banged her for the Ashe.”
  • “I feel like a wet dog moved into my mouth and had puppies.”
  • “Trick better have pancakes because Momma needs some serious carbs to soak up Senor Malbec.”
  • "I can’t he smells like old pants.”

Fae Definitions:
  • Seniatta: an Italian fae that can control a humans inner motivations.          
  • A Leanan sídhe : is a beautiful woman of the Aos Si (people of the barrow or the fairy folk) who takes a human lover. Lovers of the leannán sídhe are said to live brief, though highly inspired, lives. On the show she’s Fae seductress –an evil muse.

What we learned tonight:
  • The Morrigan’s real name is Evony Fleurette Marquise and she's a Leanan Sídhe

 Music on this found on this episode
  • Here's to the Days by Drakes Hotel
  • Wildness by Sonoton Music
  • Give it Away by Delhi 2 Dublin
  • Cold War by Tori Sparks
  • Tar Pond Tango by The Tom Fun Orchestra
  • Lose It by Austra ~ Heard when Bo and lauren have sex.(Love this song)
  • Special Shoes by Gypsophilia
  • Friends United by APM Music
  • Eastern Glen by Bruton Music
Lost Girl runs on the SyFy Channel 
every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
Check in on GetGlue with me and other fans every week.

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  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2012

    Liked the fact that the show took a break from Dyson to explore Bo's relationship with Lauren, but it's frustrating that the only way that the show can introduce a Doccubus relationship is to have it with major concessions. Dyson and Bo were never faced with these kinds of issues, so why Lauren and Bo?

    Our take:


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