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Review: The Dragon and the Crow by T.B. McKenzie

Apr 4, 2012

Book 1 
Magickless Series

A great power is rising in Arkadia; an uprising of dark magick led by a Witch who wants nothing less than chaos, terror and the King’s head on a stake. She believes in a prophecy — an ancient rhyme about a child unique within the lands; a child destined to bring back the stars and end the King’s rule forever; a child who cannot do magick at all.
I gave this book a 4
The Dragon and The Crow is  pure writing legerdemain!  T.B. McKenzie's interesting construction of a magical world and scrupulous attention to detail allows this book to be truly convincing. McKenzie has created a world that only the magically inclined inhabit. Prophesy, magic, and the struggle for power follow one boy's journey into a world he must belong to.  I can't wait for book 2 in the series. 

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Publisher: Dragonfall Press

Source Code:  A/P

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