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Review: Crashing Hearts by Emma Leigh Reed

Apr 4, 2012

Kira Nichols is raising her autistic son alone while dealing with the guilt she has lived with for years surrounding her husband's death. Grant Rutledge returns to his hometown to help take over the family business and to repair the spiked heel to his broken heart. When he runs into a beautiful, overprotective mother and her nonverbal son, sparks fly and his chance to be part of a loving family seems possible again. When Kira discovers a secret from Grant's past, she second guesses her heart. She must overcome her suspicions and haunting ghosts from the past in order to get what she wants - if it's not too late. To build the family Grant has always wanted, he has to learn to follow his heart.

I gave this book a 4
Wonderful and heart warming, Crashing Hearts by Emma Leigh Reed is a story of love and all the challenges that love will face.   The love that develops between Kira and Grant will resonate with many.  Reed allows us a glimpse of a mother that places the needs of her child above all.  Crashing Hearts by Emma Leigh Reed is a discovery of love and the road to happiness. 

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Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press LLC

Source Code:  A/P

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  1. Hey babe! Sorry i haven't been here in a while, busy!
    This book sounds great, like something i would really like.
    Great review.


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