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"(Dis)Members Only " ~ Lost Girl Recap

Apr 3, 2012

"(Dis)Members Only"
Season 1 Episode 12

     A friend from Kenzi's past asks for her help in finding out what happened to a missing relative. To do so, Bo and Dyson pose as a married couple to investigate a country club while Kenzi works as an employee there. They discover that a Dark Fae, called a Land Wight, is responsible for the many disappearances there. Dyson demands that Trick tells Bo what they know or he will. Dyson and Bo come to an understanding about their relationship. But Saskia returns and tries to kill Dyson, however Bo saves Dyson at the last moment.

My Take:
   Things get off to a wonderful start when Bo walks in to the Dal and embraces Dyson. It seems that Dyson has vacation time and is planning on going bear hunting.  Bo tells him that they should use his time off wisely and take a much needed weekend together.  Dyson is all smiles and agree that spending time with Bo is perfect.  While Bo and Dyson are playing kissie ~ kissie at the bar, Hale and Kenzi are rolling their eyes and making "gagging me" gestures behind the couples back.  As the couple continue with their PDA at the bar, Kenzi and Hale are making bets on how long the relationship will last this time. (Those two are trouble, I could see then hooking up, but only temporarily.)
  We then find ourselves watching, what seems to be a gardener playing around with a leaf on a tree. (Very strange...:/)  He's listening to his music and is in the zone when out of the blue he's smacked on the back of the head with a rock.  He goes down like a brick and is suddenly being wrapped up by a vine that's come from the forest. He screams, but there seems to be no one around to save him from the choking vine.
  We find Bo and Dyson sharing a bubble bath back at her place and looking at brochures for their weekend get away. (What is it about Dyson that is just, yummy?) They continue to laugh and try to figure out which of the places to stay at when Kenzi walks in and tells Bo that they have a client waiting to speak to her.  Kenzie tells her it's a friend from her past and she owes him a favor.  Dyson tell Kenzi that she has impeccable timing, Kenzi gives him one of her famous lines and exits the bathroom.

 Bo meets up with Kenzi's friend and finds out that his friend, Thumper is missing.  Bo makes funny with the guy's name and Kenzi's friend tells her that it's his street name.  He also tells Bo what Kenzi's street name was.  (Meow, Meow!)  Bo wastes no time in ribbing Kenzi, pronouncing the name and smirking at her.  Bo wants to know what makes him so sure that Thumper has gone missing and he tells her.  He tells her that he is an illegal and that they work together and Thumper works on the grounds. (Bingo, our gardener!)  He goes on to tell them that the place where they work, the country club, goes out of its way to hire illegals.
   After Kenzi's friend leaves, both Kenzi and Bo waste no time trying to get Dyson to help them go under cover for the weekend to find out more information.  Dyson turns them down, only to have Bo and Kenzi pull out the IOU card they bagged when Dyson was going to be killed for a crime he didn't commit.  Dyson gives in and agrees to help them, and Bo tell him that he will look cute sporting chinos.
      Dyson and Bo are being showed around the Country club so they can view all the amenities offered.  Bo's cover is a that of an UN member. (Really???  I would never have chosen that cover.) Their tour guide just happens to be the president of the club, talk about a slime ball, he keeps giving Bo the eye.  He tells them that they will have to wait a month a few months, but then Bo uses her powers to change things in her favor, getting probationary memberships right away.  Bo goes on to ask questions about certain members and he tells her what she wants to know.
    Kenzi shows up in the kitchen using her oh so wonderful Spanish accent to play her part as an illegal emigrant that needs work.  The chef tells her to be on her best behavior and not to worry that no one will call Emigration on her as long as she works hard.
   Dyson and Bo are walking on to the tennis courts and Bo introduces herself and Dyson to Blake and they sit down for a drink so Blake can give them the 411. Blake tells them about how things work behind the scenes with the country club.  She tells them Mitch and Chloe control everything and have secret parties.  While Blake is talking to Bo and Dyson, Kenzi has an accident and spills drinks on Chloe.  There's a man watching from the safety of the woods and Kenzi catches him spying on her.
  Back in the kitchen Kenzi is being told by the chef, that she has to do better because a complaint has already come in about her and that every complaint goes into the file. Neville, who happens to be in the kitchen when Kenzi is talking to the chef, tells Kenzi to be careful because his friend had two complaints and then went missing.
   Blake is jogging when Chloe drives up in a golf cart.  Blake tells her that things are going to change when she gets on the board.  Chloe takes a golf club to Blake and tells her that she will never be part of the club again.  The vines take care of the rest of the job of disposing of Blake.
   Kenzi is washing dishes in the kitchen and is having accidents left and right and it is obvious that she's nervous about her stint as an illegal emigrate working at the club.
   Back at the house Bo and Dyson are on the couch making out and it looks like the couch in getting in the way! Kenzi walks in interrupting and moaning and complaining about the horrid job.  She asks Dyson to give her a foot massage, and he does just that.  Dyson and Bo begin to talk about their plans for the next day, when they finish, they notice and hear that Kenzi is sleeping and snoring up a storm.
   The next day Hale walks in as Bo and Dyson are getting all glammed up for the party at the country club.  Hale hands over the background he found on the country club finances.   He tells them what he learned about the members.  Then Kenzi tells them that they will be letting themselves into the country club offices while Bo and Dyson are at the party.  Hale tells her to count him in.  Just then there's someone at the door, and Bo goes to answer the door.  Low and behold it Saskia at the door and she wants Bo to paint the town red with her.  Bo tells her that she has plans and can't go.  Saskia looks over her shoulder and sees Dyson and laughs in Bo's face. She goes on to tell Bo she can't believe she's with him because would make her the lamest succubus in history.  She wants to go see a rock band, but Bo tells her no.  Saskia's not happy, but leaves telling Bo to make sure and wear a sweater.   When Bo returns to the room Dyson wants to know who it was and Bo tells him it was a client.
   Bo and Dyson arrive at the party at the country club and they see that they are overdressed.  It seems like a pool party and they will have to wear suits.  The get into the hot tub with drinks and Speedo wearing Mitch wastes no time getting into the tub next to Bo.  Dyson tells Bo that he thinks Mitch is hiding something.
   Kenzi and Hale are going through the files and find that Mitch kept files on illegal workers.  Denzi finds out that she has two strikes against her.  The grounds keeper is trying to get into the room and Kenzi and Hale hid under the desk.  Hale tells Kenzi to get closer in order to hide from him, but the truth of the matter is that our boy, Hale is trying to hit on Kenzi.  She's not having any of it and tells him so.
  Back at the party Bo and Dyson find out that Mitch and Chloe like to dabble in the "swingers" arena.   Dyson tells them that he has an early meeting and that they have to leave.  They leave the group and an annoyed Mitch and Chloe.
  Once Dyson and Bo get back to Bo's house, Bo wants Dyson to tell her want the hell his problem is.  (Oh boy, does he tell her! Here are his word, because they are too "toe curling" yummy to but in my own words.)  Dyson takes off his jacket and this is what goes down as he talks to Bo:
"I don't want to share you. Bo!  I don't want anyone ele's hands on your body, I don't want anyone's mouth on yours.  I know this is the last thing you want to hear right know." (At this point Dyson is standing in front of Bo and she is shocked.)

"Why wouldn't I want to hear that?"

"Because your a succubus, Bo, it's not in your nature to be monogamous."

"I am fight my nature, for you, and I am more than just my species, and I don't see you out there howling at the moon and chasing rabbits all day."

"That's a good point."

"I know"

"Look, I've been through more relationships than you and I know lying about who you are and trying to change the person you care about never ends well.  I can be intense, I can be territorial, and God knows I can be mule headed, but I'm also yours.  If you'll have me." (Dyson has Bo hanging on his every word at this point and me, too! Squeee!)

"Dyson you are an idiot.  You've been mine for a very long time."

"Well, you better be careful cuz a wolf mates for life."

"Well, you don't scare me and I'm not making any promises and I'm not asking for any in return. Except one."

"What's that?"

"That we keep talking, like this.  We stay honest, the only chance we have of making this work is if there are no secrets between us. You promise?"

"No secrets,I promise."

"Can I just say, Wow! That is the most amount of words I have ever heard you say."

"No more words."

(This is the longest conversation Bo and Dyson have had in the season and the most honest.)

   The next day Dyson goes to visit Trick at the Dal and tells him that he's going to tell Bo everything.  Trick looks down right ill, and cant say a word, because Dyson's mind is made up.

   Back at the country club,  Bo and Dyson are having breakfast by the pool and Kenzi is bringing them up to date.   After Kenzi tells them that she thinks that she's next, she leaves the table and has another accident while serving another table. Dyson is on the phone speaking to Hale, apparently his department got a pay increase and he finds it very weird.  Bo asks Dyson if he wants to walk around and he agrees.
   Bo and Dyson are walking out in the forest and keep getting stuck at the lips.  (Lub it!)  Bo finds a lottery ticket and wins 25,000 dollars.  Members do become lucky when they join.  They see a man watching them and take off to try to catch them, but neither one finds anything.  Dyson says it stinks and they find a compost container with what seems to be the remains of Blake. (Why didn't Dyson smell decomposing bodies?, duh, he is a werewolf!  Oops!)  
   They take a sample to Hale to analyze and he tells them that it matches Blakes DNA and others.  He tells them that it has strong fae magic, but can't find anything that would match it.
    Bo and Dyson pay Mitch a visit and Bo uses her magic to get answers from him.  Mitch tells her that every member gets something out of the prosperity.  He tells them that they make a sacrifice with one of the employees by taking it to the woods.  Dyson tells her that only the dark fae can intervine.  Bo will have to find a way to defeat the dark fae.
    Bo and Kenzi visit Trick to find out with what type of fae it is and he tells them.  Bo and Kenzi try to find the grounds keeper, who Kenzi thinks is the true killer.  Bo finds the gardener and finds out that he is not the monster.  He tells her who is in charge and what is happening.
  Kenzi runs into the kitchen and stops the chef from serving food. It turns out that the chef is the fae who has been killing everyone.  In comes Bo to the rescue and she has all the employees as back up.  The chef goes on to explain her means of survival.  She dares them to cut her up, but Bo shows her the employees armed with herbicide.  Bo and Kenzi leave and the chef aka evil Land Wight  screams as the employees pay her back.
    Back at the house  Bo gives Neville the winnings of the ticket to so he can give it to Thumpers family. Kenzi is far from pleased, but does as Bo wants.
    At the Dal, Trick gets off the phone with the news that humans killed a dark fae at the country club, leaving Bo out of the picture and safe from repercussions.  Mitch is getting his mind erased by the drunk in the cell next to him.  Hale tells Dyson that he has to do all the paper work.  Dyson wants to know if Trick spoke to Bo, but he tells her he hasn't.
   Neville thanks her and can't believe what he saw.  Kenzi tells him that there are just things that are too weird to understand.  Neville leaves with Kenzi. Dyson calls Bo and tells her that he needs to speak to her.  Bo offers to bring him dinner and meet up with him at the station.  He agrees and hangs up, and continues to work until he hears footsteps behind him.  He turns around and ask if can help them.  Guess who?  Saskia comes up to him and tells him that she's the one he's been looking for.  She then grabs him and screams "Say my name bitch!" (Beyond corny!) She begins to take his chi and Dyson fights her but is no match for her and she suck him to the point of mindless puppet, Dyson calls her, Aoife.  Bo walks in to find a mindless Dyson giving it to a scankie, Saskia.  She stands there as Saskia pushes Dyson off her and adjusts her skirt.  Dyson pools down on the floor in a heap.  Bo realizes that Dyson is not himself and confronts Saskia.    Bo tries to wake Dyson up, and tells Saskia to try her tricks on her.  Bo stabs her with a chair leg, and Saskia takes it out and walks out.  Bo tries to bring Dyson back and uses the trick Saskia used of returning chi, to revive him.  It works, Dyson comes to and apologizes to Bo.

Note:  Finally got to watch as Bo and Dyson pledge themselves to each other and boy was it worth the wait, still loved the hot sex scene from "Vexed", Season 1; Episode 8, more.  Iva has to be bad news if Dyson has been looking for her.  There hasn't been any mention of him looking for someone, but it must be bad news.  

Kenzi's Best Lines:

  • "Listen if you kill Yogi and Boo Boo, I'm never talking to you again."
  • "Mitten kids"
  • "I am a sorri, jefe."
  • "Bite my rear, dog breath."
  • " I really wish you hadn't told me they were swingers, I can feel everybody checking me out the boinkability index."
Fae Vocabulary
  • Land Wight - a nature fae that lives in harmony with a piece of land.  It is a shifter, it become completely indistinguishable from the other plants.  Its by product gives off prosperity.

Music Found in this Episode:
  • Snake Charmer by The Mahones
  • How I Do It by Central Park
  • Outta Shape by Emilie Mover ~ Dyson & Bo in the bathtub talking
  • Summer Chic by Artful Recorded Music
  • I Like To Party by Evren
  • Hoofhaus by Deep East Music
  • Night Life by Focus Music
  • Altered States by Musichouse
  • New York Irish by Cavendish Music
  • Mandolinerry by Digital Vision Music
Info Revealed

  • Saskia's real name is Aoife, apparently she is evil.  
  • Dyson didn't know what she looked like, but knows all about her.
  • What Trick has to tell Bo will change everything for everyone.

Things I Noticed...
  • Kenzi is scratching a lottery card at the bar during the opening scene.
Lost Girl runs on the SyFy Channel 
every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
Check in on GetGlue with me and other fans every week.

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