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"Vexed" ~ Lost Girl Recap

Mar 6, 2012

Season 1; Episode 8

Bo gets a possible lead on her mother from a vampire. That lead takes her to an inmate on death row named Lou Ann, but it seems to be a false lead. The vampire is then found murdered, and Bo concludes that there is another Fae involved. She uses her Dark Fae contacts to find that the murderer is a Fae named Vex who is a kind of Fae called a Mesmer. She attempts to get help from the Light Fae and is refused. Lauren is forced to betray Bo by The Ash, and her relationship with Bo is damaged severely. Bo then attempts to get answers from and revenge on Vex, but he is more powerful than Bo expected.

My Take:
    An elevator ride, a blood dripping succubus, FM shoes, a bag punching werewolf, who just happens to be showing off his very naked torso, surrounded by thumping rock is a perfect way to start an episode. Mix in angry, hot, bloody sex with lots of skin and you have one happy viewer.
    Bo is bleeding and in the need of help, as she always does, she goes to Dyson for healing. Dyson is working out with his punching bag when Bo shows up. He answers the door and sees the condition she's in, but tells her that he's busy. Bo promises that it's the last time she'll ask for help and starts to plead with him as she nuzzles his neck. He looses all control and attacks her, up against a wall stripping her bare, his wolf rears it's head, Dyson gives as good as he gets. Dyson is not leaving any part of Bo's body beret of attention. Titillating nude scene with all the unmentionables strategically covered was perfection. (Dyson is hot!) As Bo rides Dyson into the healing horizon, her wounds start to heal. Dyson has to tell Bo to back of because she is loosing control and he's weakening.
  After the lovely healing romp, Bo turns to find a pensive Dyson. When she starts to get dressed, Dyson wants to know what kind of trouble she's in. (He's got the look of a man that is in deep like as he caresses her back, with a playful smile. Not to mention he's sporting all kinds of nail marks on his body!) She tells him and he's glad that she's begun to heal faster. Bo makes the mistake of telling him that Doc Lauren has been helping her out with it. As soon as Dyson hears Lauren's name, things go down hill. He walks away from Bo and makes a snarky remark. Bo tells him to drop it, and Dyson tells her that Lauren will never love her. Bo tells him that she's not interested in love and that he doesn't know that for a fact. (The looks on Dyson's face are telling a whole different story.) As Bo walks around Dyson to pick up her clothes Dyson reminds her that it's the last time he will help her heal, for her own good. He goes on to tell her that she needs to learn to heal herself.
       Somewhere downtown, Bo and a long haired, blond Kenzi are breaking into an abandoned building. (If I'm not mistaken, Bo has a new haircut, makes her have a bit of an edge, not sure I like it. Kenzi has started to tote around the samurai sword. I like the look, Kenzi is capable of carrying the warrior look so well.) Bo's giving Kenzi the 411 on what happened the night before with Dyson. Kenzi is quick to point out that Dyson is justified in the way he feels. Kenzi goes on to tell Bo that she needs to choose between Dyson and Doc Hotpants. As they walk further into the building they find the guy they were looking for, hanging from the rafters in a noose. They get closer to the body and try to guess what happened. Kenzi makes one of her famous remarks and noose guy begins making gargling noises and kicking, Kenzi is quick to pull out her sword. Bo stops Kenzi from slicing up noose guy, who happens to have fangs. The guy tells Bo to call off her human, Bo ignores him and wants to know what's up with the noose. He goes on to explain that he had a slight disagreement and they tried to kill him. He tells them that a noose can't kill him. Bo drops the duffel bag she was carrying and the fanged one drops down to one knee to examine the goods within. Oh look, the duffel bag is packed full of blood bags. It's an even exchange for information he thought Bo might want. He goes on to tell her that he found her mother. Bo lifts him off the floor by his neck, and tells him he better not be messing with her. (Our girl is getting stronger!) Bo calls him by his name, Siegfried. Fang gives Bo an envelope and she opens it up with Kenzi looking on as well. Bo takes out a newspaper clipping of a woman's mug shot with the title of "Baby Killer" Sentenced across the top. Bo asks him if it's her and he tells her no,  that's as far as he got on her mother's trail. Kenzi explains that he must be lying because the woman in the picture is set to die of lethal injection. The woman is set to die in three days and is on the other side of the border.
     Later on, Bo is at Lauren's lab getting a check up. She gives Bo some steamy looks. Bo comments on her necklace and Lauren takes it out of her hands and says thank you. Bo goes on to ask her if she misses working with humans and Lauren says, no. Lauren starts to ask Bo about her sex life with humans and Bo tells her that she hasn't tried yet. Bo tells her that she wants to take it slow. Lauren reminds her that it's important that succubus have an active sex life in order to heal themselves. Bo tells her that she has it covered and Lauren wants to know with who. Bo tells her, Dyson, and Lauren looks none too happy. She goes on to tell Bo that as her doctor, she would like Bo to choose someone less traveled. (Jealous much?)
     Bo and Kenzi are at the jail to visit with LuAnn Hinderger and Bo is telling Kenzi that Lauren is jealous too. Kenzi tells her that she has to get over it all ready. Kenzi hands Bo fake credentials she had to pull a tons of favors to get. As they go through the check point Bo uses her powers to help them pass the guard's inspection, he allows them to go through. Bo and Kenzi visit with the woman set to die in three days. Bo tells Kenzi that the Luann is fae and knows that they are not who they say they are. Bo tells the lady that she is looking for her mother and was told that the she could help her. The lady acknowledges that she knows of the story in the form of rumors, but that she has no idea who her mother is. Bo asks her again if she is sure and the lady denies knowing Bo's mother. As the woman is walking away, Bo tells her that Siegfried sends his regards. The woman seems to freeze, but then tells her that she's never heard of him. Bo thinks something is wrong, she doesn't believe Siegfried would have lied to her.
     At Siegfried's place, he is having a glass of blood and preparing dinner as he listen's to Bizet's Carmen. As he takes out a blood bag from the microwave, he's put into a psychic stronghold by a visitor. Siegfried's visitor is very upset that Siegfried has been talking about family business. Siegfried begs him not to hurt him, but the visitor has other plans and begins to torture Siegfried. It seems that the visitor can control minds and is making Siegfried harm himself.
      Dyson has been called in to investigate a crime scene, which just happens to be Siegfried's apartment. Siegfried's body is in a pool of his own blood. As Dyson is leaving the apartment he comes face to face with Bo, who wants to know if Siegfried is alive. Dyson takes her to the side to speak to her. Bo tells him that Siegfried was helping her with something. Dyson figures that it has to do with Bo's mother and wants to know what she was told. Bo goes on to tell him about Luann and how she knows something about her mother. Dyson tells her that Luann is dark fae and not to get involved. Bo is determined to figure things out and wants to see Luann's file and Siegfried autopsy report. Dyson tells her that she's used up her last favor and walks away.
      Back at home, Bo and Kenzi are going over the LuAnn's case file and Siegfried's autopsy report. Kenzi comments that he was tortured to death. Bo can't find anything that ties Luann with Siegfried. Bo and Kenzi realize that some type of fae must have killed Siegfried because they cut out his heart while he was still alive.
There were no defensive wounds and no sign of drugs, Bo realizes that someone must have been controlling them.
    Bo pays Luann another visit in the prison. She tells her that she knows that she didn't kill her kids. Bo tells her that she knows someone else was controlling her actions. Bo wants to help her, but Luann is doubtful. Luann tells Bo that when she fell in love with a human she broke the law. She thinks that the boys were killed to punish her. Bo can't believe it could be taken so far. Bo tells Luann that she's going to talk to the Ash and get her out of prison.
   Bo asks Lauren to set up a meeting with the Ash and Lauren makes it happen. As they walk towards the meeting, a nervous Lauren tells Bo to be respectful and not to tell the Ash that Lauren is helping her with her treatments. The Ash is walking down the stairs to meet with Bo and asks her if she has decided on a side. Bo tells him no, and that she has come for another matter. Bo tells the Ash of Luann's plight and he already knows the details and tells her that the matter belongs to the dark fae. Bo can't believe he wont help save an innocent woman. He tells her that to interfere would cause a war. Bo is beyond pissed and the Ash tells her that she toys with elements she has no idea how to handle and Bo tells him so does he. Bo walks away furious with the Ash's decision. When Bo leaves the Ash tells Lauren to follow her. Lauren looses no time in berating Bo about her behavior in front of the Ash. Bo can't believe that Lauren chooses to work for such an ass. Lauren tells Bo that she has no idea what she is facing. Bo tells her that she doesn't need Lauren's help. Bo tells Lauren to tell the Ash that she has other dark fae connections she can work with.
    Bo heads over to the Chinese restaurant to speak to Mayer.  She wants him to help her get Luann out of jail.  He tells her that both dark and light fae must respect the rules and not expose themselves to the human world.  He tells her that what she wants to do is too high profile and she will get herself killed if she stays her course.  Bo asks Mayer to help find out who killed Luann's kids, and Mayer agrees to see what he can come up with.  
   Bo gets back to her place and is emotionally drained.  Kenzi is playing video games and doesn't pay that much attention to Bo as she goes to bathe.  Bo starts her bath water and takes her clothes off, you can hear Kenzi's robot hooker, killing self, emptying out shells down below. Downstairs there is a figure behind Kenzi, it seems like Bo's succubus senses are on high alert, she feels a disturbance.  Kenzi senses something and looks behind her, but as she looks it's no longer there.  Kenzi keeps playing as the shadowy figure travels up the stairs.  Bo is ready for who every is on it's way towards her, she grabs a dagger and turns her back and waits.  All hell breaks loose and Bo is sent into the tub filled with water and an attempt is made to drown her. Some nasty dread wearing bitch wants her dead.  Ugly razor sharp teeth are bared as Bo fights off her attacker.   Kenzi is clueless until plaster falls through the cracks in the floor boards.  Kenzi grabs her sword and flies up to the stairs to help Bo.  Kenzi buys Bo time as she skewers the nasty piece of work with a pipe, but that still doesn't work and Bo has to take a live wire and electrocute her ass.
   Dyson comes over to check out the creature that tried to kill Bo.  He tells her that it wasn't a hit from the light fae.  Bo doesn't trust them and Dyson tells her that if it were a hit they would of sent more than just one to kill her.  Dyson tells Bo that is why they want her to choose a side, because until she does she will have no protection.  Bo says she would have to be owned to be free, but Dyson tells her no, just to stay breathing.  Bo tells him he hasn't tried hard enough to be free, and Dyson has told her he has tried.  (Very interesting play of emotions going on here.)  Dyson then tells Bo that she can come home with him to heal because she will need more help than Lauren's needles can provide. Kenzi is watching as all this goes down. Bo tells him that she needed his help and not his pity.
   Bo goes to see Trick at the Dell and wants to speak to him, she wants to know what a Morragh is.  (I don't remember Dyson telling her what it was, oops.)  Trick wants to know why and she tells him it tried to kill her.  Trick tells her to come into the back room.
   The Ash begins to talk to Lauren.  He knows that she is helping Bo without his permission and assumes she is doing so in order to help the light fae.  Lauren tells him that is exactly what she is doing.   The Ash  wants Lauren to do what ever is necessary to keep Bo away from Vex, the Mesmer that killed the Luann's children and Siegfried.  The Ash will speak with the Dark fae to make Vex disappear.  Lauren's job is to keep Bo busy.   
     Trick shows Bo  into the back room where he has all his artifacts and books. Bo sees the same symbol that Lauren wears around her neck  among Trick's things.  She ask him if it is the same and Trick tells her that Lauren is a ward of the Ash and that he owns her. This bit of news surprises Bo.   Trick shows Bo a book with all the names and descriptions of the different fae.  She finds the picture of the Morragh and its discription.  Trick wants to know what Bo feeds on as a succubus and she tells him.  Trick goes on to explain how the Morragh feeds off it's victims and gives Bo a wooden engraved box. Trick tells her that she has made someone angry for them to send a Morragh after her and she needs to use her powers to protect herself.  Trick opens the box and shows Bo the Siricon, a unique sword made from a unicorn horn capable of killing any fae.
     Lauren finds Bo drinking and upset about Luanns death watch.  Lauren wants her to let it go, but Bo tells her that she can't just turn her back on a person who chose to be with someone they loved.   Lauren cops a feel on Bo and starts to kiss her in an attempt to keep her from going out to find more answers.  Bo is afraid that she will hurt Lauren, but Lauren tells her that she trust her.  Clothes come off and the girls are getting acquainted in Bo's bed.  Lots of heavy petting and lip locking kick up the scene and Lauren likes being on top.   Bo grabs Lauren's necklace and goes all alpha, breaking the chain and telling Lauren that no one owns her.  Afterwards Bo is getting dressed and Lauren doesn't want her to go.  Lauren is so demanding that Bo realizes that something is not right.  Bo figures out that Lauren was sent as a diversion.  Lauren cries and tries to explain, but Bo feels betrayed.   Bo is pissed and Lauren lets Vex name slip.  Bo tells her not to forget her dog collar and throws Lauren's necklace at her.   
   Bo goes to see Mayer and wants to know Vex's address, he tries to tell her that she is in trouble if she goes over there.  Bo won't listen and leaves with the address.
    Bo is preparing for battle and is donning weapons.  Chinese fighting stars, daggers, swords and the Siricon given to her by Trick. 
      Trick is viewing the death of Luann by way of lethal injection, he watches as Luann is pumped full of the concoction and dies.
   Bo walks into Vex's place and he turns on the spotlight temporarily blinding her.   He laughs at her and uses his Mesmer powers to control her.  He makes her stab herself in the gut.
  Meanwhile Kenzi and Dyson are playing pool at the Dell when Lauren walks in and tells him what is happening to Bo and how she went to go find Vex.  Dyson and Kenzi leave right away.
   Bo is still trying to take the dagger out as Vex taunts her.  She pulls out the dagger and punches Vex with the handle of the Siricon and sends him flying.  Vex tells her that he knows more about her mother, he learned things when he killed Siegfried.  Just as Bo is applying pressure on Vex for answers, Dyson shows up and doesn't allow Bo to kill Vex.  He tells Vex to leave and Bo is so pissed, she wants Dyson to let her go so she can go after Vex, but he won't let her.  Dyson tells her that they will kill her if she kills Vex.  She pulls the Siricon on Dyson and says she doesn't care and Dyson tells her he does. Kenzi is telling her to stop but she is so pissed she isn't listening. She tells Dyson that Vex was her only lead to her mother.  Dyson tells her that they were lying to her.  Bo tells Dyson that somebody knows the truth and leaves with Kenzi.
     At the morgue Luann is alive and unzips the black body bag.  Trick is there waiting for her and he tells her that they have to talk.   (Dramatic finish don't you think?) 

Note:  Best episode to date!  We were able to see raw emotion from Dyson and Bo.  We get closer to finding out about  Bo's mother, and we got to watch as weapons were unveiled. Bo is starting to look like a baddie with all those weapons.

Fae Definitions:

  • Mesmer - a fae that are maestros of mirage. They weave mental magic that confounds, controls, or evokes emotion in their enemies. 
  • Morragh- a fae creature that feed off rage
  • Siricon - sword made from a unicorn horn can kill any fae and protects the owner.

Kenzi's Best Lines Of The Night:
  • "We really have to start hanging out with a better class of people."
  • "Well, if it's a suicide, he really should of rethought his outfit."
  • "Come on, short, fat, and fangy is playing us."
  • "And I will be saving the world from robot hookers."
  • "Oh shit, smells like fried bitch."
  • "What the balls man, are you cheating."

The music found in this epiosde:
  • Sour Cherry by The Kills ~ Bo and Dyson have sex.
  • Habanera (from 'Carmen) by Bizet
  • High Speed China by Adrenalin Music
  • Valley of the Gun by Shelter With Thieves
  • The Warning by Neverending White Lights
  • Madman by Clara Klein ~Bo and Lauren have sex.
  • War Machine by Crooked Valentine
  • Thas Paso by Tim Tickner

Lost Girl runs on the SyFy Channel 
every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
Check in on GetGlue with me and other fans every week.

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  1. This is one of my favorite shows on tv. It's def. racy, but I love Kenzy and can't wait to see what happens.

    1. Scopper, I couldn't agree more with you, Kenzi is off the hook! Thx for the visit and have a great day!


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