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"The Mourning After" ~ Lost Girl Recap

Mar 20, 2012

"The Mourning After"
Season 1; Episode 10

    Bo is hired to investigate the suicide of a woman by her sister. In the process of doing so, she encounters a Dark Fae succubus named Saskia. Saskia displaces Kenzi in Bo's life, and the new pair attempt to solve the mystery. Trick in the meantime is threatened with the loss of his bar, The Dal Riata, when a business associate arrives to claim an item from him which seems to have vanished. Kenzi agrees to help Trick locate the missing item by summoning a Lightning Bird for him. Bo comes to battle an Albaster, who is the natural enemy of the succubi as her investigation continues with deadly results and Bo making a decision about Saskia's involvement in her life.

My Take:
     It's a Friday night and Kenzi and Bo are at home talking about waxing, length, horniness, and drinking Pinot.  This train of thought is brought on by a bout of cleaning weapons, and boy, do the girls have weapons at the ready, trunks full of swords and knives. Kenzi is lamenting the fact that the two of them don't have hot dates on a Friday night.  She goes on to ask Bo if she wishes that she were with Dyson.  Bo tells her that Dyson and herself are taking things slow and that the relationship is hard work.  Bo then asks Kenzi for a blade and Kenzi takes the opportunity to make a naughty joke. The girls are playing with a dummie and target practice is the name of the game.  Bo is trying to explain the dating scene to Kenzi and how she will no longer go out of her way to find that perfect someone.  She states the fact that she's been a "Try-sexual", you know, men, woman, fae, and humans, she's tried them all.  Bo goes on to tell Kenzi that the dating scene is a killer.
   Somewhere in town, outside the cavernous depths of a club playing Euro dance music, a couple is saying goodnight to each other.  After each one tells the other of the wonderful time they spent and kissing goodbye the male starts to walk away, only to have the female stop him from walking away. She then invites him back to her place for a drink.  Flash to her bed, heavy smushing, panting and lip locking is going on, it seems everyone is enjoying themselves.  The next day, the woman wakes up to find herself alone in bed.  She then is in the bathtub, writing on the window that is arms length away with what looks like a lip liner.  It seems like she has self esteem issues, she continues to write on the window, she writes whore and all its synonyms.  She then takes and turns on the hairdryer and drops it in the bathtub with her, electrocuting herself.
    Soon after, Dyson and Hale are at the scene of the suicide.  The decide that there were no signs of forced entry and the writing on the window can be considered a suicide note.
    Bo and Kenzi meet with a lady that happens to be the sister of suicide girl,  she doesn't believe her sister would ever commit suicide.  She found their flyer and hopes they will take her case.
    Bo and Kenzi go to visit Dyson for help on the case. (These two are giving each other the look, and it's cute.)  Dyson tells Bo that it could be a fake suicide but that Bo will have to get the help of Doc Lauren if she wants more help, because his hands are tied, the humans think it was a suicide and that's how he has to handle it.
   Bo pays Doc Lauren a visit, the good doc wants to know why Bo hasn't answered her calls. Bo blows her off and wants to know about the girl that died.  Doc tells her that it could have been a fae kill, but there is no proof to the fact. Lauren tells her that the dead girl had sex before she died and that it appears it was consensual.  Bo goes on to tell her that she doesn't trust Lauren's opinion on sexual matters.  Bo tells Lauren that she ruined any chance they had of being together, she leaves, telling Doc that she has to meet with Kenzi.
   Kenzi walks into the Dal and ask Trick for a drink.  Trick informs her that he is busy and hands her the shot glass and the bottle.  Kenzi is just pouring herself a shot when a small person walks into the bar speaking in a deep Irish brogue and sporting a flower in his breast pocket. (Could it be a leprechaun is in the house?)  It seems he is talking to Trick, Kenzi can't help but to make a lovely wise crack, Kenzi and Trick share a weird look. Kenzi is in awe of the name he is calling Trick, she looks at Trick and whispers the word, "Fitzpatrick?".   He keeps calling Trick, Fitzpatrick, and goes on to remind him that he has only 24 hours until he has to give back the coin.  Trick tells him he knows what day it is and calls him by the name of Valentine. (Could this be the embodiment of Cupid?)  Valentine then tells Trick that he'll see him tomorrow, unless Trick wants to hand over the coin to him now.  As he says this, he tries to grab the little box on the bar.  (I didn't even notice that box when Kenzi walked in.) Trick tells him to step back and and wait until he's invited unless he wants to lose a hand.  Valentine steps back and tells Trick that he will be waiting for him at midnight and for him not be late, because Trick knows the consequences.  He then leaves the Dal.  Kenzi pours herself another shot and asks Trick what that was all about, Trick tells her to mind her own business.  Just then Bo walks into the bar and grabs Kenzi's shot and drinks it.  She goes on to spew about Lauren, she then grabs Kenzi's arm and tries to pull her away from the bar, but Kenzi resists.  Bo tells her that they are late for the meeting with Colette and that the dead woman had sex before she died. Kenzi doesn't want to leave, she wants to get the 411 on the little person.
    Bo and Kenzi meet up with Colette at the dead sister's place.  Bo is asking her if her sister told her about the guy she was to meet up with.  It seems a bit much for Colette and she leaves the keys for Bo to lock up when she finishes the search of the house. (We finally have a name for dead girl, Allie!) Kenzi and Bo check out the apartment for any leads, all they find is a large selection of books that delve into the world of love and how to find it and a bowl full of match books from a the same local bar. The girls decide to head over to Crimson and check it out by having a drink.
   Once the girls arrive at Crimson the sound of music is thumping in the air.  Everyone is either drinking or on the dance floor having a good time.  Some guy comes up and takes the girl's photo and then hands them a card.  As the girls continue they notice a sign that says Singles every Friday and realize that it must be the event the dead girl participated in on Fridays.  While they enter the roped off section of the club, there's a lady watching them. Once they enter they are greeted by Bertram, it appears to be a speed dating event, he wants them to grab a name tag and enjoy themselves.  Once Kenzi finds out that it is a speed dating event, she's in a "hell no" frame of mind.  Bo grabs her and tells her it's important if they want to find info on Allie.  And so begins the hastey game of musical tables and Bo's Oscar worthy performance of the needy girl, looking for love.   Bo uses her succubus powers to get the answers she seeks.  Kenzi, on the other hand, is in all her Klepto glory and making a killing as she pours it on with her bag of tricks.  The girls continue to speed date until a woman, the same woman that watched as they entered, sits across from Bo.  Bo smiles and tells her that she didn't know that it was a girl on girl kind of thing. The woman reaches over and kisses Bo, but it's no ordinary kiss, she's a SUCCUBUS!  Talk about being shocked, Bo is floored and just stares at the woman.  Kenzi is sitting at the next table and watching in awe. While Bo is in an opened mouth state of mind, the succubus wants to know why she's poaching in on her hunting grounds.
   She then walks out of the club and Bo and Kenzi follow her out into the alley.  She goes on to tell Bo that she's new in town and that Bo should mark her territory, it was plain rude that she didn't.  Kenzi makes a pee comment, and is looked at by the other succubus like she's deranged.  Bo tells her that she is the only other succubus that she has ever meet.  The succubus is bewildered by that a fact and wonders how it is even possible.  Bo invites her to a beer to explain it all.
    While they are all having drinks, the Succubus goes on to tell Bo how she ended up in town.  She tells Bo that succubus gravitate towards exciting towns and that there are lots of succubus in Berlin. Bo tells her about the case she's working on and the succubus can't believe that she works.  She goes on to tell Bo that succubi don't work and that she has so much to teach her.  Kenzi wants to leave the club, but Bo wants to stay and pick the other succubi's brain for a while. Bo gives Kenzi the car keys and tells her that she plans on taking a cab.
    Kenzi ends up at the Dal, eating peanuts to chase down her shots . (Kenzi is becoming a regular at the fae bar, hmmm.) She's mumbling about how uncool things are and Trick overhears her.  Kenzi ask him if he's listening to her and Trick informs her that she's not the center of the universe.  Kenzi tells him that first Bo ignores her and now he does. She starts to walk away and tells Trick that the next person that wants to crap on her can find her at home.  Trick stops her and apologizes for being mean, he tells her that he's under a lot of pressure and needs her help.  She  offers to find Bo, but Trick tells her he needs her help.
    Back in Trick's treasure room he shows Kenzi a book that shows a coin, the "Coin of Jahayla”. He explains the coins power to bring luck in business and how Valentine and himself found it a long time ago.  The coin couldn't be cut in half because it looses it's abilities, he wants to give it back but he can't find it.  That's where Kenzi's help is needed, he tells Kenzi that he needs a human female to find it.  He then tells her to meet him back, tomorrow.
    Bo is still getting to know the succubus by the name of Saskia, back at Crimson.  She shows her a picture of Allie and asks if she's seen her. Saskia tells her that she looks familiar but she doesn't know who she is.  She tells her that she never spoke to her.  Bo wants to know if she saw her with anyone, Saskia tells her no, but she wants to help Bo with her case.
   Bo and Saskia go to speak to Bertram and ask about Allie. Bo wants to know if there were any complaints. Bertram tells them that she was wonderful and every guy that met her put her name on the cards.  She was a favorite, but was very picking.  Bo puts the moves on Bertram in order to get the names of the men that participate in the speed dating group.
    Bo is back at her place with Saskia and Bo makes a call to Dyson.  Dyson wants to meet for drinks, but she tells him no, yet wants to know if Dyson will run the names of the men in the speed dating group.  Dyson tells her yes, and ask her how her evening was.  She tells him and hangs up.  Saskia can't believe that Bo lives in the dump that she does, she doesn't want anything to do with the police, she tells Bo that she is dark fae and can't afford to have anyone involved in her life.  Bo begins to ask her questions, Saskia starts to tell her that one or both of her parents must have been sex chi eaters in order for her to be a succubus.  Bo stops her to take notes, but Saskia tells her not to worry that she'll be around to answer questions. Bo is so happy that she has found someone help her learn more about herself.  Kenzi walks in and wants to know if they have sex, would there be a black hole created, or a will they cancel each other out.  Saskia tells her that she's not into other succubus.  Saskia then leaves the house, and Kenzi wants to know why Bo is talking about the case with her. (Kenzi is a bit jealous.) Bo tells her to chill and that she just needs to learn as much as she can about her kind, and this might be the only person that can help her.  Kenzi understands and  just tells Bo that she just worries about her.  Bo says goodnight to Kenzi and tells her that Saskia and her will be visiting Colette in the morning.
   Colette answers the door and starts screaming her head off.
The next day Bo pays Dyson a visit at the station.  He tells her that there are no leads with the names of the men, but that there have been a dozen suicides with the same type of graffiti left at the scene. He tells her that he can't help her on an official capacity, but if she needs him for her to call him.  He then wants to know if she wants him to go with the to visit the sister, but Bo tells him, no.  He tells her that she looks different and she smiles and tells him that it was too many drinks the night before.  As she's saying this she puts her arms around his neck and stares up at his face. (Awww!) She tells him that she knows that she can count on him, thanks him and then leaves.
    Bo and Saskia go to meet with Colette and let themselves in with the key she gave them.  There's no one to meet them and Saskia is complaining about the early hour and how she needs her beauty sleep.  Bo tells her that she wanted to catch Colette before she left for work.  They find Colette on the sofa and bottle of pills spilt on the coffee table.  Bo tries to wake her up, but nothing is working, Colette has no pulse and is already cold.  Saskia notices the graffiti on the walls and on other places and wants Bo to tell her more.  When Bo tells her that the sister did the same thing, she tells Bo to move that it's a Albaster doing the killing and they have to leave quickly.
    At the Dal, Trick is gathering ingredients and items to summon the Lightning Bird's lighting, which is how she travels. He tells her not to look her into the eye and try to have her give Kenzi an egg..  He tells Kenzi that one of her eggs can be used to find any missing item.  He also tells her that only a female human can hear and see her.  Kenzi wants to know why Trick can't just tell Valentine about the coin, he tells her that he put the Dal up as collateral.  Kenzi tells him not to worry that she will help save the Dal from Valentine. Trick tells her that he'll meet her back at the Dal after sundown.
    Back at Bo's place, Saskia is explaining about the Albaster.  She explains that the Albaster are the natural enemies of the succubi.  Albasters make people feel bad about sexual behavior, especially women. It then leads to eating disorders, depression and even suicide.  Bo tells her that now they will have to go after the Albaster because she let Colette down.  Saskia is surprised and wants to know what they should be looking for.  Bo and Kenzi use the photographers site to bring up pictures on the computer for the club.  They find a picture of Allie with last man she had sex with.  Saskia finds it exciting and thinks maybe she should pick up a hobby.  Bo jokingly tells her that she's converting her, but Saskia tells her that it's the other way around. The whole time Kenzi is rolling her eyes with all the bonding going on between Saskia and Bo. As picture come on the screen, Saskia recognizes the guy in the pic and tells the girls that he comes into the bar at the end of the night.  Bo wants to know if Kenzi will be coming with them, but Kenzi tells her that her dance card is full, and she has other things to do.
   At the Dal, thunder strikes the floor before Kenzi and Trick. Kenzi wants to know what they have to do now, and Trick tells her that they have to wait until the bird shows herself.  Trick then turns and continues to pick things out for the meet with the Lighting Bird. Trick tells her that the Lightning Bird likes shiny objects like a magpie does and takes it from the people they help.  Kenzi wants to talk payment for her help.  She wants a cut of the bar, but Trick tells her no.  She then ask for the coin, and Trick says no.  She then goes on to as for free drinks for life and he agrees.  After they agree, Kenzi turns around and finds that the bird lady has just arrived.  She tells Trick that the bird is in the house.  Trick can't see her, but Kenzi curtsies and  bows her head.  The bird lady is not impressed with her efforts.  (She has a bitchn Jamaican accent.) 
   At the club Saskia and Bo are in search of the guy in the picture as the walk through a dancing crowd.  They spot him right away. (talk about a horrendous dancer) They both double team him and sandwich him in between themselves and they start to sway to the beat of the music and turn on their succubus.
     At the Dal, the bird lady tells Kenzi that she can call her, Gloris.  Gloris and begins to pick up all the shiny objects around the room.  She goes on to tell Kenzi that she has always liked the humans because they never ask for anything, but she points at Trick, who is still trying to find where the bird lady is by way of flaying arms, and tells Kenzi that it is men like him that always want something.  She asks if the he wants one of her eggs.  Kenzi tells her, yes, that he does. Trick turns around when he realizes that Kenzi is talking to  Gloris.   Kenzi goes on to call Trick a bastard. Trick calls out Kenzi's name to stop her from ruining his chances for an egg.   Kenzi then tells  Gloris  not to give them one, that they don't own her, Gloris is quick to completely agree.  Kenzi keeps telling bird lady that if they want eggs they can go to the grocers for them, Gloris feels the same way.  Kenzi pours her a glass and makes an "in prontu" toast. Kenzi shares a look with Trick, he is beginning to understand that Kenzi is pulling the wool over  Gloris 's eyes. She then tells bird lady that she needs an agent, someone to help make a deal for her egg.  That if she gives Trick her egg, Trick will then owe her a future favor.  Gloris is astounded that it can even be done.  Kenzi assures her it is so and Trick says that he will indeed owe  Gloris  a future favor in exchange for an egg. (Trick is not at all happy, but he gets the egg.) She tells Kenzi that she doesn't know why Trick asked for her help, when he could of gotten what he needed by just writing in his blood book.  Trick wants to know what the bird lady said.
  Bo and Saskia are putting moves on Carter and asking him questions using their succubus powers.  Saskia tells Bo that is she's too gentle and begins to suck his chi, and almost kills him before Bo stops her.  She tells Bo not to worry and returns his chi.  The guy tells them that he didn't do anything with the girl and Saskia gets up to leave with Bo.  Bo wants to know how she did what she did and if she can do the same thing.  Saskia tells her that she has a lot to teach her.
    Down in Trick's treasure room he is cracking the egg and adding the ingredients in order to find the coin.  Trick dips the amulet in the egg mix and then hangs it over a map and allows it to show them the location of the coin.  It appears that the coin is at the cemetery and that Trick wants Kenzi and Hale to help him out.
  Bo arrives at her house and is on the phone with Saskia and is thanking her for the ride home, when all of a sudden Bertram says, "Hello, whore.", while his eyes light up.   Bo tells informs him that she knows that he is the Albaster.  She wants to know what he's doing in her house.  He tells her that she let him know that she was a succubus when she tried to use her powers on him. He says that he will be happy to teach a succubus a lesson, Bo tells him he is the one that is in need of lessons. Bo's cell phone is ringing and the id caller is showing that it's Saskia, he just smiles at Bo.
   Kenzi, Trick and Hale are at the cemetery and entering a crypt.  Hale tells the others that the place creeps him out.  Trick tells him it creeps everyone out.   They push the lid of the tomb and find a corpse but, no coin, Kenzi tells them she knows where to find it.
   Back at the house Bo is questioning Bertram,. Bo tries to use her succubus moves with him, but he is stronger and is using his powers to control her. Bertram is stronger and is killing Bo.  Saskia shows up  and begins to suck his life and then sends him flying across the room.  She then turns towards Bo and helps her out, Saskia gives her some of her power and helps her up.  As Bertram lays on the floor, Bo is pissed. She stands up and wants to show Bertram a thing or two.
  At the Dal, Valentine shows up to collect the coin, Kenzi is there to inform him that she knows that he pulled a con on Trick.  Valentine acts like he doesn't know what she is talking about, Kenzi goes on to tell him that he had the coin all along and that she knows he was at the cemetery retrieving the coin, that he hid, because she found flowers all over the place. He continues to deny it but Kenzi tells Hale to frisk Valentine down, but Valentine is quick to tell the truth, handing the coin over to Trick and then leaving in a huff.
   Back at Bo's place, she is tying Bertram up to a chair with duct tape.  Both Bo and Saskia are making him delirious with lust.  Bo calls him a hypocrite and turns to call Dyson to pick him up.  When she comes back she finds that Saskia has killed him.  Bo wants her to bring him back to life, but Saskia tells her no, he has killed, and he tried to hurt her and deserved to die. Saskia tells her that her people will punish her if they learn that she killed one of her own to save Bo.   Bo tells her that she will never tell them.   Saskia tells her that if she wants to learn more she will have to find her, when she is ready.  Saskia walks away and leaves the house.
    Bo and Dyson take Bertram's body to Lauren, he is dead, and they will have to tell the dark fae that he tried to kill Bo in her own home, and that is why he was killed.  Dyson tells Bo that he will take care of everything.  Bo hugs him and tell him, that she wishes he could, and then leaves.
    Kenzi has her feet up on the table at the Dal and is having a nice pint of beer. Trick tells her that the bar is closed, he asks if she plans on moving in, and Kenzi tells him that she is in no rush to go home.  Trick realizes something is up and wants to know what is going on with Bo.  Kenzi is playing it cool and tells him that Bo is making new friends.  He tells her that people rarely take a person for granted unless they let them.    Kenzi tells him that a lighting bird told her something about him, that his power can make things happen.  She goes on to ask him if he knows anything about that.  He tells her that she has a wild imagination and she should go home.
    Back at the house Kenzi notices that Bo is sad, when she ask what is wrong, Bo tells her that they always talk about her and that she wants to know about Kenzi.  Kenzi is thrilled and starts to talk non stop about her day.  Bo acts like she is listening, but she is staring at the red jacket that Saskia left.  

Note:  Kenzi just shines for me, the more I watch the more I think that Kenzi should be the center of attention and not the Lost Girl, a truly wonderful secondary character that makes the lead pale in comparison. Bo will have to meet up with Saskia soon to learn more, I wonder if she is not working with the dark fae.

Kenzi's Best Lines of the Night!

  • "Honey, if I could give you the six inch, all our problems would be solved."
  • "Hit me with some hooch, T-bag… T-Dawg… “Please Sir, May I have some beverage?”
  • "Oh, my God, it's like Christmas."
  • "Oh, Oh, trouble in the Shire."
  • "What the fae, was that?"
  • "Little guy, big mouth, must know."
  • "I'd say my lady was single and ready to crotch mingle."
  • "Is that your way of saying, anal?"
  • "Set phazers to douche, there are way too much gel and chest waxing going on in this place."
  • "I think it was the great poet, Ludacris who said, "Regret is for suckers, for suckers, for suckers, regret is for suckers, bitch."
Fae Vocabulary
  • Dál Riata- late 6th and early 7th century it encompassed roughly what is now Argyll and Bute and Lochaber in Scotland and also Countsy Antrim in Ireland
  • Sex Chi Eaters - a fae that feeds off a creatures chi
  • Lightning  Bird- can only be summoned by a female human, her eggs can find any missing object or person.  It is a type of Magpie and likes to take shiny objects.
  • Albaster- a succubi's natural enemy makes women feel guilty about experiencing arousal. 
Music In This Episode
  • Best of Me by Morningwood
  • Feel Alright by Focus Music
  • Spend some time by Johanna Sillanpaa
  • Killarney by Abaco Music
  • Anything Matters by Apollo Live Music
  • My Front Door by Metro Electro
  • Closer by Musichouse
  • Nothing by Stereo Science
  • Help Me by Focus Music
  • 2001 Arabian Nights by Adrenalin Music
  • Girls Are Crazy by Evren                                                                                               Bo and Saskia dance at a club to seduce a man who's involved in Bo's latest case.
  • Outward Bound by Cavendish Music
Surprise Info Revealed
  • I have learned that I was writing and pronouncing the name of the bar incorrectly.
    Dál Riata is very interesting.
  • We learn that Tricks full and true name is Fitzpatrick MacCoriegan of Clan Fin Arvin.
  • If Trick writes in his book of blood, again, he can have anything he wants.
  • It appears that succubus can bring their victims back to life by returning life force the same way they take it.
Interesting Observations in the Background
  • Bo's hair is different once again, first the cut and now the it seems it has more body, a bit of a curl to it.
  • If the girls are cleaning weapons, why is there makeup and nail polish on the table too?
  • I want to know if Trick gets to keep the coin forever, now?  Did Valentine forfeit it when he stole it? What's up with that?
Lost Girl runs on the SyFy Channel 
every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
Check in on GetGlue with me and other fans every week.

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