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"Faetal Justice" ~ Lost Girl Recap

Mar 27, 2012

"Faetal Justice" 
Season 1; Episode 11
Dyson wakes up outside of a club with a recently deceased Dark Fae redcap named Ba'al beside him and blood all over his body. He obtains sanctuary from Trick, and discovers that he has no memories of what happened to him, and asks for help from Bo to find out why. In the meantime, The Morrigan blames Dyson for the death of Ba'al, an associate of her favorite Vex and looks for revenge on Dyson for this. Both The Morrigan and The Ash attempt to convince Dyson to give himself up but without success. Bo in the meantime searches at a Dark Fae owned club which Vex runs trying to solve the mystery. She discovers that there is more to the place than is on the surface and discovers the truth of what happened.

My Take

     We find ourselves watching as Dyson gets into the face of juice head at hopping goth bar, complete with a hula hoop hanging woman. The nosed pierced juicer is telling Dyson off, he goes on to tell him that he shouldn't be there and that he's asking the wrong questions.  Dyson's inner wolf shows itself and he's ready to rumble.  Just as things are getting interesting, in walks Vex, yes that Vex.  He is his usual arrogant self and tells Dyson how bad it would look for a light enforcer to be on dark turf and be accused of a crime.  He tells him that he can make him do bad things and no one would be able to stop him.  Dyson reminds him that he can't control an animal and that he would have him by the throat before he would know what is happening.  Vex tells him that he wouldn't do that in a room full of humans, Dysons tells him not to be too sure about that.  Vex tells him that he should leave, after an intense stare down, Dyson thanks him for the drink and leaves the bar.  Vex and the juice head watch Dyson leave and Vex yells at the crowd asking who wants a drink, juice head says it's time to have some fun.
           Kenzi and Bo are the throes of a cooking storm adding spices to a pot and drinking wine.  Bo tells Kenzi that she didn't know she knew how to cook.  Kenzi tells her she ran a con as a cook for high society. Bo goes on to tell Kenzi that she wonders what deep dark secrets Dyson has.  Kenzi tells her she would kill to read  his diary, Bo laughs and tells her that with Dyson she just might have to.  The girls taste their concoction only to spit it out and use their wine as mouthwash to rid themselves of the foul taste.
       All of sudden we find ourselves outside of the club, called Carpe Noctem and the juice head is exiting the club and heading towards the corner.  As he walks toward the corner we hear a deep growl and see a white wolf across the street.  Juice head hears it and draws his knifes and prepares to find in the alley behind the club. In a matter of seconds the wolf pounces on him before he has a chance to strike.  A lovely arc of blood on the alley walls are all we are able to see.
   The next scene is very interesting, Dyson is shirtless and lying on trash bags in the alley.  His mouth and torso are covered with blood and the dead body of the juice head lays at this feet.  He wakes up and disorientated and flees the scene.
     Over at the Dal, Bo and Kenzi are hitting Trick up for some 411 on Dyson. He's telling them that Dyson lived in Spain, then Bo wants to know where else he lived.  Trick tells her that he lived in Reykjavík, Iceland for about fifty years or so.  Bo wants to know if he was a cop, too.  Trick tells her no, not always. Then he wants to know why she is asking so many questions.  Kenzi tells him that Bo wants to know all Dyson's deep dark secrets.  Bo tells them that she can't be blamed for wanting to know more about the guy she is in a relationship with.  Trick tells her that curiosity killed the cat is not just an empty saying.  Trick looks up and  Bo and Kenzi follow his gaze to find a bloody Dyson standing in the bar.  Both, Kenzi and Bo run to Dyson to check his wounds.  Dyson yells, "Sanctuary, I ask for Sanctuary" and Trick yells to clear the bar because Sanctuary has been evoked.  Bo wants to know what trouble he's in and where he's hurt, but Dyson tells her it's not his blood.  He tells her that the blood belongs to Ba'al, a psycho dark fae.  After one of Kenzi's witty remarks, Dyson tells them that Ba'al is dead.  Just then Dyson's cell phone rings, he takes it out of his pocket and answers it.  It's Hale and he wants to know where Dyson is at.  Dyson tells him that he's at the Dal.  Hale tells him that it's one hell of a time to get his drink on.  He tells Dyson that there are a lot of people looking for him because there are witnesses that mark him as Ba'al killer, they saw when Dyson was threatening him.   Dyson tells him that he's innocent and that someone set him up. Hale wants to know how Dyson got to the club, but he can't remember anything after work.  Hale tells him that the Ash wants him to come in for questioning.   Dyson goes on to tell Hale to stall for him. Everyone at the Dal want to know what's going on and Dyson tells then that the Ash wants him to turn himself in.  Trick tells him that he can't do that, that they would turn him over to the dark fae.   Bo wants to know what happen to due process, and Trick tells him that's how the fae work.  Bo wants for him to tell her everything he knows, he tells her that he doesn't want her anywhere near the problem.  Kenzi tell him that he has saved their lives on more than one occasion and that he needs to let them help him. Trick tells him that Bo is thier best bet in finding information. He tells them that  Ba'al  worked for Vex.  Bo can't believe he didn't tell her that Vex was back in town. She wants Hales help, but Dyson is still adamant about her not getting involved. He's afraid that Vex will hurt her again.  Bo promises not to do anything stupid, and Kenzi tells him that she will make sure.  Dyson is doubtful and Bo tells him that he's making it really hard to help him.  Dyson admits it, and says thanks.  Bo turns to Trick and asks for the Siricorn he had lent her before, he tells her that the Ash took it away. Bo gets ready to leave and Dyson stops her.  She tells him that she's going to be alright and Dyson tells her that she better be. (The looks he gives Bo is just peachy.)
   Bo and Kenzi pay Hale a visit.  They want to know everything he has on the case.  He tells them that the last thing Dyson needs is someone making things worse.  He gives Bo the details of the witnesses at the club that night. He tells her that he will be watched carefully, but he will help Dyson in any way he can. He tells her to tell Dyson that he has his back.
     The girls head over to the club and start to look for the witnesses.  Bo is working the room as she walks into the club.  They order a drink and begin to speak to the bartender.  He tells them that the cop killed Ba'al and Bo wants to know why he thinks that way.  He tells them that he saw Dyson threatening Ba'al that he'd kill him.  Out of the crowd Vex appears and begins to tease Bo about how she came out to go clubbing.  He calls her the unaligned love machine.  Bo tells him that he makes her sick, he can't believe she holds a grudge.  Kenzi makes another brilliant remark and Vex tells her that next time he'll make Bo kill Kenzi and not herself.  Since the word kill comes up, Vex tells Bo about how Dyson killed his close friend. Kenzi tells him that she heard that Ba'al was a pyscho.  Bo wants to know what a girl named Portia saw that night.  Vex tells her that the girl saw the same thing everyone else did.  Vex tells Bo that he would like to see her at his club, and that she could have as many as she wanted to feast on and no one would know.  Bo tells him that he creeps her out and leaves to find the goth girl with Kenzi.  She then leaves Kenzi to search out the girl on her own.
  Back at the Dal, Bo gives Dyson clean clothes.  She wants to know what his tat means.  He tells her that they are souvenirs of battles he has been in and lords he's had fealty to. She wants to know what language it is, he tells her it's in lycanthrope, wolf shifters, both  light and dark used it for thousand of years. She tells him that it's a lot of ink and he must of killed many. Dyson asks Bo if she thinks he killed Ba'al, too. She tells him that she knows it wasn't him.  Bo tells him what everyone said and how Vex saw things go down.   He goes on to tell her why he hated Ba'al so much.  He explains redcaps and how there are the street gangs of the fae world.  Ba'al stuck Dyson with a blade and left him to bleed to death.  He tells her that he wanted to kill him, but he didn't do it.  Bo tells him that she is going to bring justice to fae town.
   In walks in the Morrigan, she wants to take Dyson for the murder of one of her own.  They all begin to fight, but Trick pulls out a gun with silver bullets and stops them from taking Dyson.
   Dyson is worried that they are getting involved and are going to get hurt because they are standing by his side.  Bo tells him that she will help him, and Dyson calms down after a kiss. (Yummy) He tells her that if she walks into the club tht she is walking into Vex's hands.  She tells him that she thinks Vex may be sweet on her and that she'll be alright.  As she walks away and Dyson can't take his eyes off her, Bo stops to ask Trick how long until the fractions come to a decision, he tells her.  Then he tells her that to be careful with Vex getting into her head and that she can do the something.  Bo tells him that she knows and leaves.  (Dyson watches her leave with longing.) Trick walks over to Dyson and Dyson wants to know what he knows about keryns, they can read minds, retrieve memories, and are very dangerous.  Dyson wants to remember what happened the night before.  Trick tells him that he will try to find one.
     Back at the club, Kenzi is getting chummy with it's patrons trying to find Portia.  She finds herself the center of some goth boy's attention.  He is pouring it on, and Kenzi does not take him seriously.  She asks if he knows Portia and he tells her where she is and points her out.
     Bo is back at the station and is speaking to Hale, he giving her the facts he's been able to find. Vex is the main suspect as far as Bo is concerned.  Lauren comes into the office and give Hales the results on the teeth marks. She tells them that Dyson will have to come in to give an impression of his teeth, just to make sure it's not him. Bo tells her that is not going to happen.  Hale tells Bo that she is the real thing and good for Dyson.
    Right back at the club Kenzi has mad her way to the bar and Portia.  She is trying to make small talk with the girl.  The girl tells Kenzi that everyone at the club are jerks and the only one that is nice is Syles.  She goes on to tell her that she thinks the cop is a wolf.  She saw the wolf killing Ba'al, Kenzi tells her that the drugs they sell must be kicking.
   At the Dal, the Ash pays Trick a visit and wants Dyson to turn himself in.  Trick tells him that it won't happen.    The Ash tells Trick not to go against him and not make it a problem.  He is not at all happy with the Ash, and tells make sure of his grasp on power before he attacks others.  The Ash tells him that was the wrong answer and walks out.
   Kenzi meets Bo out in front of the club.  They are still asking Portia questions about the night before, Portia retells the story and keeps her story the same, Dyson is the killer.  Bo pulls Kenzi to the side and have a private conversation.  Bo thinks the girl is lying.  Bo steps back and thanks Portia before going back into the club.   Kenzi asks her if she has someplace to crash and invites her to stay the night, Portia agrees and leaves with her.
  Inside the club Kenzi questions Syles, the bartender, and he keeps to the story.  As Bo is leaving she is accosted by Vex's power, he is making her do things she doesn't want to do, like feel herself up. After Bo struggles for a while, Vex finally sets her loose and walks away, Bo is steaming mad. (I bet she can't wait to kill him.)
   At the Dal, Trick has found the memory reader, but he warns Dyson that is very painful.   Dyson doesn't care and is ready regardless.  Dyson screams from the pain, and the Kerin can't find a thing.  Dyson's memory has been wiped clean.  Dyson wants to know if it's like a fae roofie, the keryn tells him that is exactly what he thinks.
   Over at the house Kenzi is talking to Portia, it seems to be a mini bout of therapy over a glass of wine.  Portia is telling her she has survived and how Syles treats her well and is nice to her.  Kenzi notices a bracelet that Portia is wearing she tells him that Syles gave it to her, it has fae writing on it.  Kenzi once again asks her side if the story and when she tells her the same thing, Kenzi tells her that Bo can protect her, but Portia keeps to her story. She takes off her jacket and Kenzi sees lash marks all over her back, Portia has no idea how they got there.
   Bo returns to the Dal and asks Dyson if he was able to remembered anything.  He tells her that his mind had been wiped and he still couldn't remeber.  Bo wants to know if he remember anything about that day.  He tells her that he received a call at the station. Bo calls Hale so he can run the number that called Dyson.  He then tells her that the number belongs to one, Lyle Harrison, an art dealer. Dyson has never heard of the man.  Dyson is getting cabin fever and it's driving him crazy that he can leave the bar and find out the truth.
     In the mean time, Kenzie goes to find alcohol for the lashes on Portia's back only to find her gone.
     Bo pays Lyle Harrison  a visit and uses her sucubus powers to get the truth out of him. He begins to tell her about  a sex ring where girls are treated badly.  Lyle tells Bo that  Ba’al killed the girl with glowing eyes and how Ba'al ran Vex’s sex ring.  The girls forget what happens to them with the help of a drug. Bo calls Hale and he tells that there was a missing girl with glowing eyes that has been missing.
      At the bar, Trick is handing out insults over the phone to all those who wont vote in Dyson's corner.  Dyson doesn't want Trick to protect him and tells that he is going to take care of things on his own. Dyson leaves the bar as Trick tries calling him back.
   When Bo gets home, Kenzie tells her about the lashes on Portia's back.  Bo tells her that there are more like her.   Bo thinks she knows where to find her.
   At the club, Dyson is checking out the basement, when she sees a man at the bottom of the stairs and attacks him, but he is ambushed by the Morrigan's men and Vex.
Bo and Kenzie enter the club and are prepared for a fight, especially Kenzi with her brass knuckles.  In the depths of the basement Dyson is stung up and is being questioned by the Morrigan. When she wants know more about Bo and he doesn't answer, Vex burns him with a burning poker.   Dyson screams from the torture, but doesn't tell her anything.
    Bo and Kenzi find Portia on the way to the basement. She tells that she is fine and that Syles will help her keep safe. Bo recognizes the bracelet that Porsche is wearing and asks her where she got it.  She tells that Silas gave it to her, Bo recognizes that it is the Lycanthrope language, that of a shifter.  They have found their killer.
   Bo walks in as they are torturing Dyson she does this buy placing a poker at the Morrigan's throat.  She makes them take him down and tells them it was Syles that killed Ba'al and told them all the details.  Syles tries to leave, but Vex stops him. Bo tells then that she already called Hale and told him everything.   Bo and her gang leave the basement.
     Later on at the Dal, The Ash apologizes that he didn't believe in him, and that the disagreement has been forgotten. Dyson thanks Trick and Trick tells him that he is his friend and not to do it again.
     Back at the house, Kenzie says goodbye to Portia and she tells Kenzi that she got a job at a pizza place.  Portia wants to know if she can call Kenzie sometime. Kenzi tells her that she can call her anytime.
    Dyson thanks Bo in a real cozy manner, he wants her to know how much he appreciates her helping.  She tells him that she always knew he was innocent and knows him, he tells her that he knows her too.  She is and Dyson share a steamy kiss. (Too short in my opinion)

Note: I get the feeling that the dark and light are going to meet in larger numbers and it won't be for tea.  I really don't like the Ash.

Kenzi's Best Lines of the Night!
  • "You are totally rockin the PI tonight."
  • "A girl usually doesn't forget trying to kill herself."
  • "Hello, tall, dark and gruesome."
  • "It's a Friday night where better to be than a deadly dark fae dance club."
Fae Vocabulary
  • recap - dunter, is a type of malevolent murderous dwarf, goblin, elf or fairy found in Border Folklore.
  • lycanthrope- shifters both light and dark used the language.
  • keryn - memory readers 

Info Revealed
  • Silver is deadly to Fae. We learn this when Trick stops the Morrigan's goons from taking Dyson. It was loaded into the bullets.
Music found in this episode
  • Ya Ya Ya by Life Bitter Soul
  • Das Ist Krieg (American Reich) by MDM
  • Lost Girl World Mix by Tim Tickner
  • Lid by The Music People
  • Babylon Boys by Life Bitter Soul
  • This Hollow World by Johnny Hollow
  • Dikweed by Tim Tickner
  • Break Out by Crooked Valentine
  • Luxury by Domenica

  • Carpe Noctem means~ seize the night.

Lost Girl runs on the SyFy Channel 
every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
Check in on GetGlue with me and other fans every week.

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