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"Fae Day" ~ Lost Girl Recap

Mar 13, 2012

"Fae Day"
Season 1; Episode 9
The Fae are celebrating their holiest day called La Shoshain. In the middle of the partying at Trick's bar, a Banshee calls out the impending death of one of the people there. Bo becomes involved with solving a long held family fight from one of the Noble Fae families and Kenzi becomes romantically involved with the brother marked for death. Bo calls for a Agallamh which forces the two brothers of the family to attempt to reconcile their differences. Through the story we also learn about Fae history and that Trick is a being known as the Blood King who set out the rules of the Fae in the past.

My Take:  
        Bo is honing her sword wielding skills and by the looks of it, she has been practicing, lots.
Bo has been keeping away from the fae after the events of Luann's exacution and the information about her mother, it seems as if she wants to act like it didn't happen. Kenzi keeps it real and tells her that her fae friends, in particular, Trick, has been trying to get in touch with her.  He has now, started leaving messeges on Kenzi's phone for Bo.  He wants her to swing over to the Dal and have a drink.  Bo decides that she will have just one drink with Kenzi.
     As soon as the girls arrive at the Dal, they notice that Trick is all decked out in his Sunday best and the Dal has been decorated for a celebration. When Bo and Kenzi make light of Trick's get up, he explains to them that it's La Shoshain, a sacred holiday for the fae. Trick goes on to explain that it is the one day that both light and dark fae get long and interact. Kenzi is in the middle of ordering drinks when the lovely harpist begins to shriek! Everyone stops to cover their ears until the piercing sound stops.  Bo turns to Trick and asks "What in the world that was all about?".  Trick tells all the fae in the Dal that the celebrations are over.  He then turns to Bo and Kenzi and tells them that it was a banshee and that banshees predict death, and that someone in the Dal was going to die. Trick continues to ask the fae to leave unless they belong to the 5 families.  Bo wants to know more about the 5 families and Trick explains it to her.  
     Dyson walks into the Dal, apparently Trick called him to help find the banshee in order to learn the name of the person who is to die. Dyson sees Bo and tells her that it's been a while since he has seen her.  (He's drinking her up.) Bo tells him that she needed the space to clear her head. Trick gives him the name of a human agency where he thinks Dyson can find the banshee. Bo wants to know what he plans to do once he finds her. Dyson tells Bo that he is going to teach her how to extract the name of person that is predicted for death. Dysons tells Bo that no one can use their power on La Shoshain.   He wants Bo to help him find the banshee and Bo wants him to ask nicely.  Kenzi is at the bar stuffing her face with the food that was left when the fae left the celebrations. Trick tells her that only the nobles can stay and Kenzi jokes about her own noble blood. Trick is beyond ticked off and Dyson goes to speak to him.
     Dyson goes into the back room to speak to Trick,  he finds him stuffing clothes into a bag.  Dyson wants to know what all those clothes are and Trick tells him it belongs to Luann.  Dyson can't believe that Trick intervened with a dark fae.  Trick goes on to tell him that Luaan was the mid wife during Bo's birth, and how she has gone in to hiding.  Dyson wants to know when they will tell Bo everything they know about her birth.  Dyson is mad that they are lying to her and thinks that Trick should tell her everything, but Trick tells him that he is getting to emotionally evolved.  Dyson tells him that he should try feeling the same way. Bo's mother's name is revealed, Eve.  Dyson wants to know what will happen when she shows up, Trick tells him that there will be a reckoning.  Trick tells Dyson to hurry up and find the banshee that cried.
    Dyson and Bo are riding up to the agency in search of the banshee and Bo wants to know more about La Shoshain.  Dyson tells her that the Blood King was the one to make the rules for La Shoshain, thousands of years ago.  He goes on to tell that there are many stories, but all that remains are the written laws.  They arrive at the Agency and Dyson flashes his badge and tells the lady behind the desk that he would like to speak to Siobhan.   The lady goes on to say that  Siobhan is a bit of a flake and that she called from the bus station and canceled all her bookings for the week. As the lady is talking about wringing her neck, someone sneezes from behind a door.  They find Siobhan behind the door and tell the lady that they will need her office for a while.
   Meanwhile our girl Kenzi is stuffing her face with all the leftover food at the Dal.  There's a guy sitting at the next table, drinking ale, watching her as she eats.  He starts to point out the guy behind Kenzi, he thinks that if anyone is going to die, it would be the old man. Kenzi asks him if he wants to start a death pool and the guy finds it endearing that she is a gambling kind of gal.
     Back at the agency Bo and Dyson have tied up Siobhan in a chair.  Apparently the only way to get the name of the person she wailed for out, is to make her drink a liver shake, which is chuck packed full of iron.  Dyson goes on to make the delicious concoction and Bo has to administer it because he can't due to La Shoshain.  Bo pours the mixture through a funnel down Siobhan's throat. (Talk about gag reflex, I wanted to hurl after watching!) Siobhan goes into a tail spin of convulsions and her eyes roll up into her head.  Dyson gets down to eye level and begins to question her.  The banshee gives Dyson the name of the noble family that will be touched by death.   She gives him the name of Sean Cavanagh and that he only has a until sundown to live.  Dyson tells Bo that she might want to step back, just then the lady from the agency walks back in and Siobhan proceeds to spew all over the place. Needless to say the lady walk right back out.
    Back at the Dal, Kenzi and "the guy" are playing a fae game that entails throwing dice on an odd looking game board. Kenzi accuses the guy cheating and he goes on to tell her that he can't do that on La Shoshain.  Kenzi wants to know who he is and what type of fae he is.  He is very evasive and just tells her that he's really good with money, that he tracks wealth.  Say no more, Kenzi just loves  money. He goes on to tell her that he does work with charities running their books. Kenzi wants to know if he ever skims off the top. Kenzi begs forgiveness when he is offended by the thought of stealing.  Just then Dyson walks into the Dal with Bo and calls out the name of the person  set to die.  The old man, that the guy hanging out with Kenzi predictied was destined to die, starts to laugh and tell everyone where they can stick it because it's not him that will kick the bucket! Kenzi turns around and asks the room who Cavanagh is, and lo and behold the guy she's been hanging out with raises his hand.  Say hello to Sean.
     Kenzi gets Sean a drink, he still can't believe he is the one that will die by sundown.  Kenzi is giving him all kinds of advice and telling him to live life to it's fullest before he dies. Can you say "Bucket List"?  Kenzi tells him that he needs to make a bucket list.  He agrees and throws back drinks with Kenzi.
    Bo is in the back room with Trick and wants to know if any banshee was ever wrong.  Trick tells her no, that they are always right.   Trick gives Bo the early writings on La Shoshain and the Blood King.  Bo begins to look over them and realizes that it's in a different language.  Trick gives her a book so she can translate the text. Bo wants to know what is wrong with him, because he seems a bit disturbed by something,  he says he is fine.
   When Bo returns to the bar, she is intercepted by Kenzi and Sean and Kenzi tells her that Sean wants to talk to her.  Sean tells Bo that he wants to reconcile with his brother, Liam, that turned sides.  He wants to pay Bo to find his brother and bring him back.  He tells Bo exactly where he is.  Bo invites Dyson to go help her, Dyson complains that it is his only day off, but ends up going with Bo, but she will have to drive.
    Bo and Dyson find Sean's brother at his office, and it seems it is closing shop.  Can you say Ponzi scheme?  Some guy is screaming at the top of his lungs, that he has been defrauded and the police are carrying him away.  As they carry the screaming guy out the door, we find Liam on their heels laughing it up. Bo calls Liam Cavanagh's name and he hits on her, calling her "Lovely" and asking her if she likes sushi.  Bo follows him as he walks away.  Bo tells him that Sean wants to see him.  He calls his brother a self righteous ass.  He tells her how Sean screwed him over.  Bo tells him that it doesn't matter because he will die by sundown.  Liam tells her that he'll read the obituaries.
    Kenzi and Sean are hanging out, drinking and playing a game of darts at the Dal.  Sean wants the same song to keep playing, and Kenzi has had enough of it. Sean tries to pick up a girl that he's had a crush on, but is turned down.   He tells Kenzi that he has never kissed a human. Bo and Dyson walk in to the Dal and don't look at all happy.
   Bo, Dyson, Kenzi and Sean are all sitting at a table and Sean is apologizing for not giving Bo all the details on he and his brother's relationship.  He can't believe Liam is still mad at him.  He goes on to tell about what happened all those years ago.  He tells of when he was 18 and Liam was 16, it was the time of Liam's Gathering, coming of age ceremony where a fae chooses a side, light or dark.  No one in his family had every taken to the dark side.  Sean's and Liam's father always hoped Liam would mature and make the right choices, would choose the light side.  Liam was good with numbers and his dad gave him a job in the investment office, but then $30,000 went missing and Sean accused Liam. Liam was so pissed that he was accused that he chose the dark side instead of the light side.  Sean's mother kept in touch with Liam before she died. Kenzi wants to know what the banshee's batting average is when all of a sudden the huge candelabra hanging above them falls on the table, smashing it to smithereens.  After everyone makes it out form under the candelabra, Bo promises Sean that she will bring his brother to him.
     Kenzi and Sean are sitting at the bar and watching as the candelabra is removed.  Kenzi says it was a fluke, but Sean says that it was fate.  Kenzi tells him that he still has some living to do and takes him out of the Dal.  Kenzi proceeds to show Sean how to break into a car and then how to hot wire the sick ride.  Sean is lovin all the fun he is having before he dies.  They drive away and put the top down.
   Bo and Dyson are staking out Liam in front of his office.   Dyson is kicking back some brew from a hip flask, since Bo is the designated driver for the day. Dyson is giving Bo some hot looks, but Bo is oblivious to it all, as she watches the building for signs of Liam.  Dyson starts to tell her something, but Bo cuts him off and finishes the sentence for him saying, "I know, this is not how you wanted to pass the day." , it is not what Dyson wanted to say.  He goes on to say instead,  "Nowhere else I'd rather be." Bo laughs and says "Yeah, right." Dyson then tells her that he tries to protect her as much as possible.  Bo tells him that she knows and that she trust him without a second thought. (UGH! If they weren't on that damn stake out, you know they would be busy doing other things!). She goes on to tell him that "Mr. Sparklie Conversation, you are not."
  Sean decides to go talk to his father and takes Kenzi with him.  His father shakes Kenzi's hand. He tells his father of his death at sundown. His father calmy tells him that it doesn't give him enough time to put his things in order.  Sean tells him that he has no plans of spending the rest of his day placing things in order and that he just wanted to tell him that he loved him. Sean tells him his always tried to earn his respect, but he will not spend his last moments doing what is expected.  Sean leaves but his father tells Kenzi that he does care about Sean, but Kenzi has a few choice words for his father.
   Bo and Dyson are still on the stake out and Bo is reading the book Trick gave her and is telling Dyson about it.  Kenzi texts Bo to tell her that she is on her way home.  Meanwhile Dyson spots their mark as he exits the building.  Bo walks up to Liam and puts her succubus super moves to work, she tells him that she wants him to go with her to see Sean.  Liam tells her that he doesn't want to watch Sean die.  Bo tells him that the banshee may be wrong.  Liam tells her that he better not be wrong because he paid enough to have him killed.  Bo is hopping mad and can't believe he would do something like that to his own brother. He tells her that he had to wait until his mother died in order to be able to get it done.  Bo wants to know what he sent after Sean, to kill him.
    Kenzi is at her place with Sean and they are eating, again.  Kenzi is going over Sean's bucket list and they are laughing it up.  All of a sudden something breaks through the walls of the house, Kenzi and Sean start to run, but everywhere they run to, the thing is there.  Kenzi asks Sean what the thing is and he tells her that it is a goblin, and that they have no care for the fae or human rules and love inflicting pain.  Sean tells Kenzi that he will protect her by giving himself up, but Kenzi doesn't want Sean to give up, she wants him to fight. She then starts kissing him, Sean is shocked, but doesn't turn away. Bo and Dyson arrive and turn to confront the goblin.  Dyson is the first to face him and is attacked.  Bo tries to fight him off, but can't stop him.  (Now, this goblin is orthodonticly blessed, and is in need of a good oral surgeon. Let's not mention the fact that he got hit by the ugly truck.)  Dyson recovers enough to fire off some shots and stop the goblin for a few seconds, but it's not enough. Bo runs to check out how Dyson is feeling, she wants to know why he fired the shots if it's La Shoshain.  He tells her that he can only when trying to save a life. (Bo is holding on to Dyson like she almost lost something very special.  So sweet.) Dyson shoots at the goblin once again.
  Bo, Dyson, Kenzi and Sean are all staring at the goblin on the floor.  Sean wants to know who sent it to kill him and Bo tells him.  Seam can't believe his brother would hold a grudge. Kenzi tells him it's ok, but Sean is pissed and wants to know where Liam is.  Dyson wants to report the incident to the Ash, Bo is not thrilled with the idea. Dyson goes on to tell her that the Ash will send in a cleaner crew and make a formal complaint with Morrigan. Kenzi walks in to the room and tells Bo that Sean took the cross bow to get Liam.
  Liam is at his office and is packing in a hurry, as he turns a corner he comes face to face with a shot arrow.  Sean confronts Liam about trying to kill him.  Liam reminds Sean that is La Shoshain and he can't kill or harm anyone.  Sean is pissed about how people he cares about were almost hurt.  Liam taunts Sean that he won't kill him because he doesn't have it in him to do so.  Bo arrives just in time to stop Sean from hurting his brother and she does so, by evoking Agallamh, a peace talk that finds a peaceful resolution between parties.   Dyson goes on to tell Bo that it hasn't been used in hundreds of years, because the person who evokes Agallamh will be sacrificed if both parties don't find a peaceful resolution.
     Back at the Dal, Trick is having a fit, because Agallamh is the most sacred ceremony that can be performed on La Shoshain.  Bo tells Trick that she needs his help to do it right, and Trick tells her that he will help her.  Three circles are drawn on the ground.  One large circle where the two warring parties are to stand facing each other and to smaller circles on each side of the larger circle that are intertwined.  Each party drinks from the same chalice and a candle is used to light the rings and they burn, uniting all three circles and then quickly burning out. Trick tells Bo that if she doesn't complete the Agallamh before Sean dies, it is considered a failure and she dies.  Bo will have to ask for volunteer to kill her should she fail.  Bo proceeds to ask for a clamore, Dyson steps up for the job, Bo thanks him, but then wonders if she really should be thanking him.
    As the Agallamh is under way and both parties are stating their case, Bo has to interrupt them so that they follow protocol. Sean and Liam both swear that they did not take the money.  Liam states that the Agallamh is finished and a goblin appears.  Bo wants to know how many goblins he hired.  Liam tells her that first the clamore kills her and then the goblin kills Sean.  Kenzi and Bo have a small pow wow and Bo calls a recess.   Dyson walks over to Trick and reminds him that he has the power to save Bo.  Trick doesn't say a word and walks away.
      Kenzi leaves and goes to Sean's father's house.  While she is away, Trick goes to retrieve his small kit that contains, scissors, spool, and other objects.  (We still don't know of Trick's fae powers, I wonder if he is much more than what he seems, he holds such authority with the other fae, very interesting.) He is very distressed when opening the kit and Dyson arrives to tell him it is time.
     Liam is complaining that he has already called an end to the Agallamh and that it should be finished.  Bo ask for a few seconds and the goblin arrives and stands behind Sean.  Bo is trying to buy time until Kenzi arrives and is stumbling on the words of the ritual.  Kenzi finally arrives with Seans father.  He submitts himself to the sacred summons of the Agallamh, Bo swears him in to the inner circle.  Kenzi then whispers something into Bo's ear.
    Bo tells them that she wants to ask one question.  She asks him why he stole $30,000.00 dollars from his own safe.  He says that he did not and Bo reminds him the sentence for lying is death.  He tells them that he has betting issues and thought that no one was going to be at the safe at the time.  Liam is furious that he was made the fall guy and that his dad never told the truth.  He tells them that he could never tell the truth because their mother would have left him.  Bo tells him that he put his reputation ahead of his son's happiness. Sean acknowledges his error in blaming Liam and turns over his necklace which gives the owner the right to the family empire once their father dies, as his sacrifice. Bo asks Liam  what sacrifice he is willing to make, he promises to pay back as much money to the people he has ripped off, if his father promises to move his mother's grave to neutral ground so he can visit her. Liam goes on to say that he calls off the hit, and the goblin leaves.  Sean and Kenzi share a warm look and smile at each other. Kenzi's smile trembles as she tries not to cry with joy.  Bo annouces peace and moves for closure of the Agallamh, and Dyson seconds that move.
   As they leaving the Dal and Kenzi is talking about how they were able to beat the banshee.  Kenzi teases Bo that all she did was read from a book.   Sean and Liam hug and make amends.  Kenzi asks Bo if they are friendly with the fae again, and Bo tells her that she's not ready to blow them off completely.  Just then the crazy guy the police dragged out of Liam's office comes around the corner and shoots at Liam demanding his money.  Sean steps between Liam and the bullet and is shot. Dyson takes hold of the crazy shooter. As Sean lays dying on the ground Kenzi and Liam are beside themselves.  Sadly Sean dies and the banshee wins after all.
  Back at Bo and Kenzi's crib, Kenzi is sitting on the sofa and is playing with the die Sean had used to play the fae game.  She begins to cry and Bo consoles her.
  Back at the Dal, Dyson and Trick are discussing how well Bo behaved under the pressure, and even though she could have died, she held her cool.  Dyson asks Trick if he would have used his blood to save Bo, Trick just looks at him. Dyson tells Trick that he thinks Bo deserves to know the truth, but Trick tells him he just isn't ready, but Dyson tells him that Bo is ready and he has to start believing in her. Dyson tells him that Bo can amount to something and Trick says that for her sake, he hopes not.  Dyson makes a toast to towards Trick sayng, " To the Blood King".  Trick tells him never to call him that.  (Well, is Trick the Blood King?  He didn't deny it.  Hmmmm)

*Note:  Not my favorite episode, but good.

Kenzi's Best Lines of the Night!
  • "Pre-dawn calisthenics, awesome."
  • "Issues-ssss"
  • "What?, death gives me an appetite."
  • "When does the lame-o-go-around stop?, I need to get off before I puke."
  • " You still have some Conzo living to do and I'm not letting you do it in a stuffy pub."

Fae Vocabulary
  • La Shoshain- the most sacred day for fae
  • banshee - calls out the impending death of one of the fae.
  • goblin -  is a legendary evil or mischievous creature; a grotesquely evil or evil-like phantom, in this case has bad teeth 
  • Agallamh- a ceremony that allows for peace between warring sides.
  • clamore- the person in charge of killing the master of ceremonies of a Agallamh if peace is not achieved.
  • the 5 Famlies - banshees only wail for noble families, 5 human and 5 fae.
  • Morrigan - in charge of the dark fae
Music In This Episode
  • Kerry Reel by Parry Music
  • The Hooley by Studio G
  • Liffeyside by Parry Music
  • Jig Melody No.1 by Parry Music
  • Dingle Regatta by Cavendish Music
  • Galway Bay by Abaco Music
  • The Jig by Dennis Music
  • Gambling With God by Magneta Lane
  • Nice Day by No Affiliation
  • All That Is Thirst by Pati Yang

Surprise Info Revealed
  • Luann was the mid wife during Bo's birth!
  • When discussing the 5 noble families, Kenzi makes a comment that she is of noble birth.  It is not the first time such a comment has been made by Kenzi.  Could this be foreshadowing that Kenzi has noble blood?    Just a thought...
  • Trick is the Blood King?   His blood has the power to save.
Interesting Observations in the Background
  • How did Bo and Kenzi get vending machines at their place?  Did they purchase them at Sam's? Do they restock it or does the "stocking dude" swing by?
  • It seems the girls may be afraid of what goes bump in the night, just in the living area and the kitchen there are more than 18 lights.
  • They keep moving the red sofa around, sometimes it's in front of the computers and sometimes it's off to the side.
  • Did Kenzi raid an motel offering free breakfast?  Well, there's a basket of fresh breads and donuts on the bar, just curious as to where it came from. 
  • The girls happen to have a mad set of drums in the corner, I wonder if anyone plays them.

Lost Girl runs on the SyFy Channel 
every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
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