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~ Trailer Thursday ~ #49

Feb 2, 2012

This Week's Book Trailers...

~ Third Grave Dead Ahead ~
by Darynda Jones

The book trailer...
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~ Bewitching ~
by Alex Flinn

The book trailer...
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~ Operation Sea Ghost ~
by Mack Maloney
The book trailer...
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~ The Hunger Pains ~
by The Harvard Lampoon
The Hunger Pains: A Parody
The book trailer...
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This Week's Author Interview...
~ Veronica Rossi ~

~ Jennifer Haymore ~ 

This Week's Movie Trailers...

~ The Hunter ~ 

~ The Joker ~

~ 7500 ~

~ Avengers Super Bowl Teaser ~

This Week's Series Trailer...
 ~ Revenge ~


  1. Bewitching - Yay a witch book!!!! Later in the year I am doing a month of all witch book. I may have to consider this one.
    The Hunger Pains - I was never interested in the "Hunger Games" series, but this looks hilarious! I wonder if someone would "get it" if they haven't read the orig.
    The Hunter - I love Willem Dafoe, so for that alone I should watch this!
    The Joker - I am confused by watching the trailer. But certainly looks good!
    Avengers - Robert Downey Jr. - DUH!

    1. Hey W,
      You really need to let me know when you do your witch themed month. I want to play along, I can participate with a giveaway if you like. Just let me know. Defoe looks wonderful for his age. Thanks for stepping by.

    2. Oh YAY! I am going to be doing it in May because that is my birthday month! And reading about Witches is one of my favorite things, so it is kind of a present to myself!

      And yes, DUH, I would love if you did it too and did a giveaway!


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