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Review: Blood Rights by Kristen Painter

Feb 11, 2012

This was a FRUSTRATING read for me. I realize in book 1 you have alot of work to set up a new world for us...but for some reason the characters, though bonded in different ways, could not let go of their iron held control, even a smidgen, till the end. There were too many ALPHAS in the mix for a true leader to jump off the page. The story of Chrysabelle, a pure Comarre` girl, raised to be a rich Vampires blood source. When her Patron is mysteriously beheaded the search is on to find Chrysabelle and a very coveted ring that went missing with her. Evil incarnate is searching for her and more importantly: the RING. Chrysabelle seeks the help of an ostracized vampire, a ghost, and a cat shifter when her only known relative: her Aunt Meris, is kidnapped to force Chrysabelle back to face charges of murder. With an evil vampire willing to make a pact with the devil, Chrysabelle must put her life and the life of her Aunt on the line, and hope in the integrity of the biggest mismatch of allies ever seen. Look out...these vampires don't glitter AT ALL, and their bite is lethal!
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A "Cinfully Wonderful" Review by Cindy McCune
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