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"Oh Kappa, My Kappa"~ Lost Girl Recap

Feb 5, 2012

Season 1 Episode 3

Bo and Kenzi open a private investigation office. Their first job is to find a missing student at a local college. Kenzi goes undercover in the college, Bo joins campus security to uncover what happened. Bo and Dyson's relationship goes on the rocks and another species of Fae is revealed. Note: This episode was listed as "Sorority" in America.

My Take:

    After a night of what we can only assume was a 10, if we go by the looks on Bo and Dyson ‘s faces, not to mention the conversation taking place, we find Dyson in the bathroom, a toothbrush in hand.  Kenzi runs into Dyson in the bathroom, he needs toothpaste and Kenzi is all too happy to tell him where he can find some. As Bo makes breakfast Kenzi can’t contain her excitement and wants all the juicy details. Bo iforms her that it was only a healing and Kenzi rolls her eyes at the blanat lie.

While Bo and Dyson are making morning gogglie eyes at each other, some poor girl is being chased throughout the forest and the unknown attacker finally catches her.

After Dyson leaves the apartment, Bo finds out that Kenzi has been busy making fliers, advertising an detective agency that, specializes in paranormal. Bo is not happy about the fliers, but Kenzi points out that they do need the money. After much debate, Bo decides to take just one of the case Kenzi has managed to take.

Bo and Kenzi meet up with their first client, the mother of the girl whom we know was the one running in the forest. She goes on the tell them that her daughter attends college at Locksley and she has not been in contact with her and she's worried. The girl hasn’t been gone long enough for her to file a missing persons report but she knows something is wrong. Bo decides to take the case.

Bo and Kenzi divide up to to find answers on their own. Bo visits the police station to see if Dyson has any information. She learns that there had been a killing ten years prior and the woman’s body was found disembowed. Bo believes it to be a FAE killing. Kenzi takes a look at the Gina’s financial records and finds that she hasn’t used the card in the past couple of days.

Bo and Kenzi go under cover at the Locksley, Bo as a security officer and Kenzi as a student planning to join the KAAPA sorority. Kenzi is less than thrilled with the idea, but knows it’s the only way they are going to find answers.

Meanwhile Gina awakes to an underground chamber alone and scared to death as a strange creature that rises from a green pool of water and tries to attack her. Jenna is lucky enough to evade the creature due to the fact that it’s chain won’t allow it to reach her.

Bo is shown around campus by the head of security. He just happens to be the type that would never be allowed into any type of real law enforcement field, this little dig as head of security is his life.

As Bo and Kenzi get settled into their appointed roles, Bo visits the Dean to see what information she might have. While there, Bo uses her tricks on the Dean and learns a bit of info. Meanwhile Kenzi is being tortured as she is shown to her “Pretty In Pink” room and given the tour of the sorority house. Kenzi can’t wait to leave.

Bo decides to take a walk on the forest trail to see if she can find answers. As she is walking the trail she notices broken branches and follows all the tell tell signs of someone running through the forest. (I wonder if it’s a talent Bo has, or if it’s just luck?)

After following all the broken branches, Bo finds an enormous hole on the forest floor. Soon after Kenzi calls Bo to check in. She doesn’t waste time in telling her all the gory details of sorority life. After hanging up with Kenzi, Bo finds a necklace that is the exact copy of the necklace Gina was wearing in the missing poster.

It seems like sorority life may be rubbing off on Kenzi, she joins the “Muffy Mafia” for a game of beer bong and chants on the rest of the girls. Kenzi notices some of the girls heading down into the basement with bags. Everything is fun and games until Kenzi’s wig wants to fall off, causing quite a stir. One of the girls makes fun of her while the other comes to her defense saying they should be sensitive. Kenzi ask to be excused and heads toward the basement to check things out. As she is checking things out she’s caught by the sorority sister and told the basement is off limits.

Meanwhile Bo is breaking into the Dean’s office, while there Kenzi and her meet up. Bo learns from Kenzi that Dean Paredi is KAPPA.  Both have to hide as head of security decides to check out the office. They notice a letter taped to the underside of the desk with numbers on it and Kenzi notices that they are student numbers.

The next day Bo sets out to use campus maps to canvas the woods surrounding the school, as she comes out of the building she runs into head of security.  He tells her the latest gossip and tells her about a robbery in the Dean’s office the night before. He goes on to tell her that they might be doubling up the shifts.

Bo and Kenzi meet back at their place for a pow wow and Bo shows Kenzi the underground tunnel that runs under KAPPA house. Kenzi gives her the student names and Bo decides to run them with Dyson.

Bo meets Dyson at the Dell and tells him all that has been going on. He tells her that the Dean was checking out her cover and for her to be careful. Bo then goes on to show her Dyson all the underground tunnels on campus. Dyson tells Bo to be careful because it looks like the FAE may be involved in the missing girl’s case. As Bo is ready to leave, Dyson gives her a little something something to tide her over. (Talk about HOT!) Bo promises to check in  that night.

After Bo leaves, Trick has a chat with Dyson, telling him not to get emotionally involved with Bo. Dyson stands up for Bo when Trick says they don’t know what side she’s on. Trick is worried that Bo will resent them when she finds out they knew more about who she is than they have been willing to tell. Dyson tells him not worry, that he will make sure things go no further.

Kenzi and Bo meet in the woods to discuss the plans and Bo explains how she is going to use the maps to search. Little do they know, the Dean is watching them as they make plans in the woods.

While the girls are investigating, Dyson is reading books trying to find Fae creatures that disembowel their victims. The new waitress at the bar, keeps hitting on him, at first he ignores her , but then decides to get better aquainted.

Kenzi soon finds out that what the Kappa’s had in mind in the basement wasn’t murder. It’s a surprise party for all the rushes. She then calls to tell Bo, but Bo finds herself on the receiving end of a taser, and can’t talk to Kenzi. Kenzi leaps into action calling Dyson to tell him Bo has gone missing. Dyson meets Kenzi at the school and they begin to search for Bo. The first place they check is the Dean’s office only to find her dead. They then head for the woods. Dyson surprises Kenzi by turning into a wolf so that he can search for Bo using scent. Kenzi is in awe of the change.

Bo finds herself tied up in the under ground chamber with the head of security and finds that she’s not alone, Gina is there. Head of security enjoys telling Bo about the creature and how he’s going to eat her up. He goes on to tell her that the water he drinks keeps him young, so he keeps the creature alive, by feeding them girls. He tells Bo he killed the Dean because she found out what he was doing. The head of security then locks the girls in the cave with the creature who just happens to have a tea pot for a head. Bo fights the creature while Kenzi and Dyson continue to search for them. As the creature begins to suck the life from Bo, Dyson saves the day by bashing the creatures head in.

Bo is relaxing in a tub after the terrible encounter with the thing, Kenzi shows her the fax Dyson sent with the creatures name. Kenzi is super excited with the fact that Dyson is a werewolf and wants to know what Bo plans to do about it. Kenzi convinces Bo to go find Dyson and tell him how she feels about him.

Bo arrives at the Dell and finds Dyson getting it on in the back room with the new waitress. Hurt doesn’t even begin to describe how Bo feels. As she tries to leave the bar, Dyson catches up with her and tells Bo that the only reason they were together was because she needed healing and that there could never be anything more between them. Bo tells him that she completely understands and that it’s fine, and walks away.

Kenzi's best lines of the night:

  • “If I were to make a big deal out of it, just how big of a deal are we talking about, just ballpark”
  • “In my defense, truth is for pussies.”
  • “You are a freak and I dig that about you.”
  • “I hate you long time.”
  • “Bitches be crazy.”
  • “Muffy Mafia”
  • “The all day smiling is killing me.”
  • “I totally saw his wolf junk.”

Songs found in this episode:
  • There is XXXX (Within My Heart) by You Say Party! We Say Die! 
  • Got Me (Alternate Version) by Stars and Crosses 
  • Because I’m Awesome by The Dollyrots 
  • New York Irish by Cavendish Music/The Music People 
  • Polka Dot by Focus Music/The Music People 
  • Bounce With Me by Kressha Turner 
  • Au Revoir Mon Coeur by Parry Music 
  • Mandolinerry by Digital Vision Music

Lost Girl runs on the SyFy Channel 
every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
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