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"Food for Thought" ~ Lost Girl Recap

Feb 21, 2012

"Food for Thought"
Season 1; Episode 6

Bo and Kenzi follow Lauren as she tends to a sick Aswang, a type of Fae that is a carrion eater. Kenzi eats some soup that made the Aswang ill and becomes gravely ill as well. Bo and Lauren attempt to locate the source of the disease that is killing the pair before it is too late. Trick sells something precious to him for Kenzi's sake, and Dyson's relationship with Kenzi becomes stronger. Bo also finds that with Lauren's help she has more control over her powers and can feed without killing humans any longer.

My Take:
   We find Bo trying on clothes on for a night out on the town with Doc Lauren.  Kenzi is a bit peod that she wasn't invited, not to mention she's a bit possessive of Bo. Bo is nervous about testing out her control over her powers.
   It would seem like foot is on the menu somewhere nearby, as a seamlessly harmless lady is cooking up a storm in her kitchen.  Apparently a bad case of indigestion wakes her up later that night, she wakes up with bloody eyes and tears.
  Meanwhile Bo is hanging out with Lauren at a human bar throwing back shots. (If I'm not mistaken it's the Dell but with humans, oops!  Only major difference is that Trick is not behind the bar.)  Lauren is having the best time with Bo. If body language is any indication, Bo and Lauren have some maj attraction that's dying to play. (Lauren is smitten, if you ask me.) She wants Bo to try feeding and stop when it becomes to dangerous, but Bo is too frightened of killing someone to try.  Bo ends the date promising Lauren that she will try another time, Lauren tells her that she should embrace her true nature.
  The next day Bo and Kenzi, who is adorable in a red pixie wig, are waiting on Lauren at her lab.  Kenzi waste no time in telling Bo how she doesn't like or trust Lauren.  Bo tells Kenzi to cut Lauren some slack, but Kenzi is hungry and not in the agreeing mood. Kenzi is of mind that Doc Lauren has ulterior motives for helping Bo.  Lauren finally makes it to the lab and tells the girls she won't be able to stay, she has official Fae business that needs her attention. Bo's interest is piqued and she asks Lauren if she can help.  Lauren tells Bo she can tag along and meet one of the oldest fae orders.  Bo immediately says, yes, while Kenzi has an eye rolling fest while the conversation is taking place. Lauren tells them that they are off to visit a sick fae.  This sends Kenzi into a tizzy, can you say germaphobe?
   When they reach the sick ladies home, Lauren shows them a necklace that she is wearing, proof of her allegiance with the Ash and the Light Fae, at the entrance.  Kenzi decides to stay in the living room while Lauren and Bo see the sick patient, Helima.  Lauren tells Kenzi not to break anything, throwing Kenzi into a mimicking fit.  
    Lauren and Bo enter the sick woman's room to find the sick fae in bed and with rivets of blood running down her face.  The lady is happy to see them and Lauren tells her that she is her first aswang patient.  Lauren goes on to explain what a aswang is to Bo, telling her that they eat dead human bodies.
    Meanwhile a hungry Kenzi is checking out what there is to eat in the kitchen, and finds the lovely stew the aswang made the night before, boiling away. (I wonder if it's a dish that can stay out overnight without it spoiling?  Then again, if you can eat human bones, a little spoiled food is a walk in the park, or is it?)
Lost Girl - Food For Thought (or Foot Soup) - Episode review
   As the doctor checks Helima, she goes on to explain to Bo that the carrion keep diseased bodies out of the human population.   Then we switch back to the kitchen where Kenzi is serving herself a bowl of carrion stew.  Back in the bedroom, Helima believes that she's dying, but Lauren and Bo assure her that she'll be fine. Lauren asks the aswang what she's eaten in the last twenty-four hours.  Flash to the kitchen and we find Kenzi sopping up the last of the stew with bread as Bo and Lauren walk in.  Oh, oh!   Kenzi is furiously washing her mouth out with soap and a toothbrush as she hails Bo and Lauren for not telling her that the aswang are human bone eaters.  Bo wants Lauren's assureance that Kenzi isnt in any danger, and the doc tells her that they don't know what made the carrion sick.  Doc tells Bo that she's going to run test on the soup and wants Bo to check out the funeral home that sells the Helina the body parts.  Kenzi is still trying to wash away any lingering foot residue using perfume as a mouth spray, and Bo assures her that she's going to be fine. Kenzi is not letting her off the hook and demands that Bo pay for their drinks that evening.
    We then find Trick and a man named Arel, sharing a pint of  beer back at the Dell.  The man hands Trick a vial of liquid that Trick is anxious to use in a recipe. He then asks the man what he wants in payment, and the man tells him he wants the Gleipnir, Trick tells him, no.  The man goes on to laugh and ask Trick just to show it to him. Trick amuses the man and takes out the Gleipnir to show him.  They look upon it in awe and speak of it's history. The man wants to trade for it, but Trick says never, the man tells him, "Never say never, old friend."
   Across town we find Bo and Kenzi investigating the funeral home where the human bones for the soup came from.  The funeral parlor curator explains how the it does business with the humans while offering a valuable service to the fae.  The curator goes on to tell Bo that the bodies have to be screened in order for them to be used.  She gives the gals the address of the body that was given to Helima.
   Bo and Kenzi are outside of the home of the deceased man.  Bo is worried that Kenzi looks a bit green, but Kenzi assures her that she's find.  Kenzi is carrying a backpack just in case she finds something she can take from the dead man's home.  As they approach the door, Bo hears movement inside and finds the door ajar.  She cautiously enters the house to find it ransacked. As they walk into the house to view the disorder, Bo is grabbed from behind, Bo catches a glimpse of a tattoo the man has on his arm.  Kenzi throws a remote at him and his gun goes off at the same time. Then Bo gets the drop on him and back-kicks him out of the room. (Wow, Bo seems to be getting stronger!)  As the guy makes a run for it, Bo turns to find Kenzi on the floor and in pain.  When she turns her over she finds that Kenzi's eyes are bleeding.
    Bo rushes Kenzi over to Lauren's clinic and she's put on the examination table.  Kenzi does not want to be there and it seems that there is no cure for what Helina and Kenzi have contracted.  Lauren knows it came from the foot.  Lauren goes on to say that it is a type of plague has never been seen before.  Lauren tells Bo that Helina is dying. Lauren then tells Bo that if they can find the original source of infection, she can make an antitoxin.  Bo leaves Kenzi in Lauren's hands as she goes in search of more information on the dead man.
   Bo heads over to police headquarters so that Dyson can help out. Background checks on the dead man reveal a checkered past. The have nothing to go on except the man that attacked Bo. She remembers the tat he had on his arm and Dyson knows where to look for him.  Dyson and Bo go in search of the attacker at a local biker gang hangout.  Bo sees him and waste no time putting him in a head lock, while Dyson kicks some ass before flashing his shield.  The tatted man tells Bo that he was contracted to clean out the dead guys place.  He then followed the guy hiring him just in case he wasn't paid afterwards.  He tells Bo and Dyson where he followed the man to.
   Back at the clinic Bo is checking up on a weakening Kenzi, who is on a IV drip.  Bo tells her not to worry that she's going to make sure she's ok.  Dyson agrees to stay with Kenzi while she checks out the location given to the her by tat dude.  Dyson and Kenzi have a bonding moment and Kenzi tells Dyson that he amuses her. ( I thought it was very sweet of Dyson to stay with her. They even pinkie swear! I wonder if those two might hook up?? Hmmm there's another season for ya.)   Bo wants Lauren to help her break into the location, which happens to be a chemical company.  Lauren doesn't want to, but Bo tells her she needs her help because she doesn't know what she's looking for.  After some research, Lauren learns that the company has hired an outside quality control company to help out  with issues they are having.  Lauren then tells them that she can pose as one of the inspectors due that evening if Dyson will detain the real woman, who happens to look like Lauren.  Dyson detains the inspector as planned and hands off her identification to Lauren.  Bo is at the chemical company trying to land the assistant position, all eyes are on her and boy, is she strutting her stuff.
  Back at the clinic, Kenzi is not sure if she is hallucinating or seeing the real thing as she wakes up in the clinic and is witness to Helina being brought in on a stretcher and coding. She starts to panic and scream she wants to leave, but is sedated by the personnel.
   Undercover at the chemical factory, Bo waits for Lauren to rendezvous with her. She finally shows up to meet an impatient Bo.  Bo is beyond bitchy and anxious to find what they need to save Kenzi's life.  Lauren is adamant about establishing a plan first, driving Bo even more up the wall.  After tense seconds Bo listens to Doc's plan.  They agree that Lauren is going to create a diversion while Bo tries to get the key from her boss.  Lauren tells Bo not to use her powers just in case she starts to leave bodies everywhere, she tells Bo to use her charm.  Bo is not convinced but sees the wisdom in her words.
  Kenzi has woken up once again in the clinic and is scared beyond words.  She's taken offense to the loosely used term human and is none to happy with her nurse extracting blood. She takes the needle out of her arm and uses it as a weapon to ad her in her escape.
  Lauren is preparing for the diversion she has planned in order to give Bo time to enter level 6.  She is busy filling vials of liquid and pocketing them.
   Back at the clinic Dyson finds out they let Kenzi go.  The male nurse has a nonchalant attitude and explains that Kenzi escaped.  Dyson wants to know if Kenzi is contagious and  how long does she have before death is her only course.  The nurse informs him that she isn't contagious if you don't eat her and twelve hours is the estimated time. Dyson tells him not to tell anyone about Kenzi's absence, and brother wolf takes in her scent to begin the search.
   We find ourselves back at the chemical company and Bo is searching through her boss man's papers, until he shows up.  She starts hitting on him and sitting on his lap, but has yet to use her succubus powers on him.  After using her considerable charms on her boss and swiping a recording of his voice plus his security card, she leaves the office.
    Dyson follows Kenzi's scent and finds her at the cemetery.  She tells him that she used to come there a lot as a kid to think.  She tells Dyson that she's not going back to the clinic and that he had promised he wouldn't leave her.  Dyson tell her that he had to help Bo, but he promises to take her to somewhere safe. (He's got his arm around her and it's so sweet!) Kenzi agrees to go with him but she wants to stay a bit longer in the cemetery.  She ask him if he needs to be anywhere else and he tells her, no and continues to hold her while sitting on a bench.
   Lauren is in the process of setting the charges for the diversion that will help Bo reach the secure floor.  As she is setting the charges security sees her and tries to stop her, but the charges go off and Lauren escapes their clutches, trapping them in the room.  She then calls Bo to give her the all's clear.
   Meanwhile Dyson has taken Kensi to the Dell, of all places.  Trick closed early in order to keep things hush, hush.  Trick reminds Dyson that they will be waiting on Kenzi at the clinic and the Ash will have Dyson's head for insubordination. Dyson tells Trick that he doesn't take all his orders form Ash, and Trick reminds him that Ash doesn't know that.  Trick tells Dyson that he will try to buy Kenzi some time but it's up to Lauren and Bo to find a cure.
   Bo has made it onto the secure level and now faces a security guard.  She tries her wiles on him only to learn that he's batting for the other team and she will have to use her succubus powers.  She backs him up against a wall and starts to feed from him.  Bo steps back to make sure she's not killing him and he's bewildered that he's enjoying it.  Bo tells him to focus and begins feeding from him again.  The guard starts to go down and Bo stops feeding from him, but then starts to freak when she thinks she's killed again.  As she taps his cheek, the guard comes to and Bo is ecstatic over the fact that she didn't kill him.  Bo gets up to go when the security guard stands up and pulls out a gun on Bo.  Lucky for Bo, Lauren comes to the rescue and puts the guard to sleep with an injection to the neck.  Lauren is pumped that she helped Bo, and thrilled that Bo used her succubus powers, but didn't kill the guard.
     Arel shows up at the Dell to bring Trick the object he requested.  Arel had to trade prize possessions in order to get the Abath horn.  Trick plans to make a tea with shavings that he will use as temporary antidote for Kenzi.  Trick trades his prized Gleipnir in exchange for the horn.  Kenzi wakes to find herself alone and begins to look around and finds an unusual roll of tools on a table, just then Trick enters the room carrying a tea tray.  He sees what Kenzi is touching and asks her not to touch it.  Kenzi thanks Trick for the tea and for letting her crash at his place.  Dyson shows up to see how Kenzi is doing.
   Lauren and Bo are searching level 6 and find the secure door that opens using the voice recognition.  Bo uses the recording and they gain access to a large room with a huge tank of water.  As they reach the tank and Bo hits the glass, a large snake moves through the water.  Doc Lauren knows what it is right away and tells Bo.  It is an extremely rare find, it's a basilisk and very poisonous, the creature is on life support.

   Kenzi's fever is continuing to rise and Dyson is trying to keep her warm and comfortable.  He tells her that Bo will come through with the antidote and not to worry.  Kenzi wants to know why they look so worried if everything is going to be ok.  She goes on to tell him it's not nice to lie to the dead girl and then starts to cough up blood. (Dyson is being so kind to Kenzi and holding her.)  Bo asks for a deathbed wish from Dyson,  she wants him to promise to have Bo's back if she dies.  She knows Dyson is weak when Bo feeds from him, so she is asking him to cut all ties to Bo sexually, so that he can be at his best to protect her. Dyson doesn't promise her but tells her to drink her tea. (Although he doesn't say yes, it's out there and in the event that Kenzi dies, he will be honor bound to the promise.)
  Back at the reptile tank, Bo  and Lauren are trying to get a tissue sample from the serpent.  Bo volunteers and after several attempts scores a sample. Lauren plans to make an antitoxin but first she wants to take the serpent off life support and allow it to die, so the humans can't use it anymore. They escape the factory just in time.
   Everyone is at the Del and Lauren is administrating the antidote to Kenzi, Bo is nervous and wants it to work right away. Eventually it works and Kenzi is asking for food.  Lauren tells Bo that Kenzi will have to take it easy for a while.  Bo steps aside to thank Lauren as she leaves, Dyson is watching them as they talk and sees the way Lauren touches Bo.  Sometime later, Trick is serving Kenzi a burger and fries and a large chocolate milk shake. (Trick watches Kenzi eat like a proud papa, too cute.) Kenzi is loving it and is all smiles.  Bo turns to talk to Dyson, she tells him that she is so happy that Kenzi is on the mend and that her sex life is too.  She goes on to explain that the treatment is working and that she might be able to have sex with humans.  Dyson asks her if Lauren is the first human she'll be testing.  Bo ask him if that would be a problem and he looks at her and says, no. (Liar, liar, pants on fire!) Bo finishes the episode by saying, "Good to know.", as Dyson walks away.

Note:  UGH!  My least favorite episode so far.  Maybe it was the fact that Kenzi wasn't all there for this one, she usually kicks the episodes up a notch. I didn't see any skin privileges, either, dang it . Still looking forward to next week's episode.

Kenzi's best lines:
  • "What's with the fashion panic?"
  • "Only because you want to see her naked bits."
  • "What is it? Take a Fae to work day?"
  • "I'll take a pass, Fae cooties, I'm not big on sick peeps."
  • "Worse case scenario,  I'm a toe sucking cannibal."
  • "That's so recycly of you."
  • "Did I just wake up in Narnia or is that the fever talking?"
  • "I think this is just one of those twenty-four hour plagues."
  • "It's not polite to lie to the dying girl, bad juju and all."
Fae Definitions:  
  • Aswang or Asuwang - a carrion, a meat eater.
  • Gleipnir -  is the binding that holds the mighty wolf Fenrisulfr, stronger than any other chain forged by dwarfs.
  • Fenrir-  monstrous wolf
  • Arel can also be written as Er'el
  • Abath - a female with a single horn, the horn has healing powers.
  • Basilisk - reptile, reputed to be the king of the serpents.
Music in this Episode:
  • Ghetto Love by Spinnerette
  • Get On the Bus by Delhi 2 Dublin
  • Sound of Everything (feat. Alice Russell) by Quantic
  • Matlida by Stateless
  • Funeral Pyre by A Man Da Band
  • I'm a Rockstar, Watch My Videos, Buy My Records, Make Me Famous by Supergarage
  • Ariel by Stateless
Lost Girl runs on the SyFy Channel 
every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
Check in on GetGlue with me and other fans every week.
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