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"Faetal Attraction"~ Lost Girl Recap

Feb 7, 2012

Season 1; Episode 4
~ Faetal Atrraction ~

Bo tries to handle being rejected by Dyson with the help of Kenzi. Dyson tries the same with Hale's help as well. A fury and her husband meet Bo and the fury tries to hire Bo to kill a human. She refuses and all hell breaks loose.

My Take: 

We find Kenzi eating a Popsicle and watching Bo sleep. Next she's throwing herself on top of Bo as she sleeps. Kenzi wants all the details of the night before, but Bo tells her of Dyson's rejection.  Kenzi wants Bo to overcome her rejection with fun.

The next scene brings us to the Police Station where Dyson is in the process of interrogating some punk.  When the guy gets smart with Dyson, he blows a fuse and pulls the guy's arm out of socket. (Dyson doesn't seem to be in the best of moods.  Can you say "sexual frustration"?) 

Kenzi's presciption for dealing with rejection seems to be to beat the hell out of a car.  Bo seems to be taking the task seriously and by the looks of it, is feeling less upset by the time they decide to go hang out a the bar. After hours of prepping, Bo and Kenzi walk into the Dell and Kenzi will not let Bo leave before she takes a drink.

Meanwhile Dyson is recieveing a set down by his superior officer about his treatment of a suspect.  She tells him he has anger issues and needs to take care of them by seeing the shrink. Hale overhears and wastes no time in congratulating Dyson on his current display. Dyson is fit to be tied and nothing seems to be helping. Hale wants him to open up and tell him what's going on.  Dyson complains about the demands of both the human world and the fae world, and lets Bo's name fly, causing Hale to see what really is bothering Dyson.  Dyson says he needs a drink and Hale is all too happy to go along with idea.  

Back at the bar Kenzi and Bo are throwing them back, and enjoying themselves.  Bo is raking Dyson over the coals and Kenzi is all for Bo letting her feelings out.   In walks Lauren, she tells Bo to be careful of her succubus instincts and to go slow on the alcohol.  Bo tells her that she promises to be careful , before she leaves, Lauren tells Kenzi to watch out for Bo.  A man walks up to Bo at the bar and introduces himself as Samir.  He tells Bo that he and his wife, Olivia, are interested in taking her home.  Bo has her doubts, but Samir goes on the tell her that his wife is a fury and he wouldn't dare do anything she wasn't aware of and didn't want to do. Bo tells him she doesn't know and turns to speak to Kenzi, leaving Samir to walk back to his wife.  Bo listens to Kenzi's chastising and Bo tells her that she never really cared about  Dyson.  Just as she says this Dyson walks past her and sits at the end of the bar with Hale.  Bo sees this as the perfect opportunity to show Dyson how much he isn't missed, and walks toward Samir and his wife. The sexy three leave the Dell and Dyson is left watching.

Back at Bo's place major spit swapping is going on and well, "¡Santa cachucha, Batman!", that's Spanish for "Holy Snowballs, Batman", Bo and her fury threesome getting it on is a WoW! moment, talk about titillating. There's some peek-a boo action going on, too.  The whole time the threesome are getting up close and personal, Kensi has to listen to all the details as she sits on the sofa.   It actually drives her to drink, it's a good thing she had stolen a bottle of mead earlier in the night from the Dell. (Always the consummate thief our, Kenzi.)

The next morning Bo wakes up in the best of moods and searches for Kenzi to thank her for her great idea.  Poor Kenzi is nursing a major hangover and is even more perturbed that Bo doesn't have any of the lingering effects of the alcohol. A surprise knock at the door brings the conversation to a stand still as Kenzi goes to answer the door.  Lo and behold it's Olivia from the night before, she tells Kenzi to find her master.  Bo is happy to see her, but Kenzi is left sputtering at the door.  Olivia wants the services of Bo's detective agency, she wants them to kill someone.

Olivia wants the girls to kill a human florist named Jenny, that is having an affair with Samir.  Olivia tells Bo about how they always pick partners together and never on their own. Samir has gone behind her back and fallen in love with the human.  Olivia is livid, and wants the human dead.  She tells Bo about the love letters that Samir and the human send each other. Olivia goes on the tell Bo how she can't kill because she is a light fae, but Bo has no affiliation and is able to kill without any problems.  Bo realizes that she was picked out by Olivia on purpose the night before. Bo flat out tells her NO. She will not kill someone that's gotten in the way of her marriage.  Olivia storms out of the building, hopping mad, promising to take care of the problem herself. Bo and Kenzi decide they have to find Jenny and wouldn't you know, good old Kenzi has stolen an envelope with the girls address on it.

All hell breaks loose as Olivia confronts Jenny in her home and attempts to kill her. As luck would have it Bo was able to find Jenny's home and stops Olivia before she can kill Jenny.  Olivia and Bo go at it with a vengeance, knives are drawn and throats are grabbed, as these two fight it out.  Olivia wants to kill Bo and is using her Fury powers to cook Bo's brains, but Bo has mad skills and pulls a fast one on Olivia with nothing less than the toaster.  That's right, Olivia's eyes of fury are reflected right back at her, and she is defeated, left temporarily blinded. 

Dyson and Hale are discussing Dyson's shrink appointment and how he's late for it.  Hale is trying for Dyson to see how bad things can get for him if he doesn't take the appointments seriously. Dyson doesn't care for anything that has to do with the human realm at the moment.

Bo and Kenzi are back at their place with the shaken Jenny.  She wants to know who they are and what's going on. When Jenny begins to speak about Samir, Kenzi begins to become aggressive.  Wielding a sword and voicing possible scenarios, we see a different Kenzi.  (It would seem that Kenzi has had issues with married men in the past).   Kenzi wants Bo to tell Jenny the truth about Samir and Olivia, but Bo knows that if she does, the fae will come after her. She goes on to tell Kenzi that they have to protect their new lives.  

Dyson is at his shrink's office and has not said a word.  She tells him that she sees his type all the time and he needs to start opening up. Dyson goes on to tell her of all her vices and how she's the one in need of therapy. She is stares him down and says she needs more coffee.  She goes on to tell him of all his issues and Dyson is stunned. (Could it be she is something more?)

Bo goes to Olivia and Samir's house to speak to them.  As she walks up to the door she hears screaming and lets herself in.  She runs into a bleeding Olivia, who calls her a succubus whore and cuts her as she flees.  She then finds Samir with his head cut off. She immediately calls Kenzi to tell her.

As Bo returns to her home to tell Jenny of Samir's death, explaining how she was too late to save him. Jenny breaks down and Bo uses her powers to take the edge of suffering away.  

Dyson and Hale arrive at the scene of Samir's death.  Hale has decided not to call it in, just in case it's a Fae kill, and Samir's head is missing. We learn that Dyson was texted from Samir's phone with details of the death.  Dyson finds blood at the scene that he can recognized by scent as Bo's.

Dyson pays Bo a visit at her house to ask her questions, things are strenuous by far between the two.  He wants to know what happen at the house and why she brought them back to her place the night before.  Bo informs him that she was hungry and her last meal hadn't left her satisfied, and they were yummy.  Dyson tells her to curve her appetites. Kenzi comes to Bo's defense and tell Dyson a few choice words.  Dyson leaves telling the girls to keep safe.  He plans to visit Olivias sisters, furies always have sisters. 

Dyson and Hale go to visit the fury sisters.  They tell Dyson that no one will be able to touch Olivia as long as they are around.  They say that Olivia is in danger and that they will protect her. As they are saying this, they begin to go fury.  Dyson's wolf rears it's head and he goes all fang on them and growls.   Hale holds him back as he explains the situation to the sisters.  They agree to let Hale take her out because Olivia doesn't want to leave, Hale uses his powers to bring her in.   

Bo checks up on Jenny and finds her trying on  her clothes, it seems that Jenny has a bit of a crush on Bo.  Bo goes on to explain that Jenny will have to leave and Jenny agrees as soon as it's safe. Dyson calls to tell Bo that Olivia is in custody and that she needs to come down because the Ash wants to see her and hear her account of the events. Bo leaves Kenzi in charge of watching over Jenny, she is none to thrilled with this task. 

Bo finds Olivia tied down as Lauren tries to stabilize her, she is shaking and incoherent.  Ash and Dyson are there and Ash asks Bo for her version of the incident.  Bo tells him what happened and Olivia says she didn't kill Samir.  Ash tells Bo that she choose the human side instead of the Fae and that it was a foolish position to take.  Bo tells him the day is still early.  Olivia flat lines and dies, Ash goes on to tells Bo that she will be watched very carefully. Ash also tell Dyson that he hopes his performance improves.

Meanwhile Kenzi and Jenny are sharing a pizza. There's a major creepy vibe coming off Jenny.  She keeps asking Kenzi about Bo's likes.  When Kenzi mentions the "W" word Jenny becomes even more odd. (The W word is WE.  Jenny has major jealousy issues.  Can you say pyscho?) Jenny goes on to tell Kenzi that being with another person is unhealthy and that she should branch out on her own. Our girl, Kenzi is nothing if not smart and can tell Jenny is coo-coo.  Kenzi tells Jenny she has to use the restroom and leaves the table.  While she's gone she goes through Jenny's bag, and finds some very disturbing items, one of which is  a bloody chainsaw, that looks like it's seen it's fair share of action, and Samir's head wrapped in a plastic bag.   As Kenzi is holding the head and freaking out, here comes Jenny from no where and knocks her out. 
Jenny then places Kenzi's stolen bottle of liquor and places it next to the bag and gently takes the head into her arms and says "Mine". 

Soon after Bo returns and is calling out Kenzi's and Jenny's name.  Just then Dyson calls to tell Bo that Jenny has a rap sheet.  Apparently Jenny had been stalking Samir and there was no relationship like Olivia had thought, every thing was one sided and Jenny is certifiable. Bo follows rose petals to her bed where she finds Samir's head and a note.  The note goes on to say that Jenny is taking out the obstacle that stands between her relationship with Bo, she's going to kill Kenzi.

Jenny has Kenzi tied up to a chair and is pointing a gun at her.  Bo arrives to save the day and starts to BS Jenny into thinking that they belong together and will live happily ever after.  While Bo is pulling the wool over Jenny's eye, our girl, Kenzi is pulling out her pocket knife to cut away at her bonds. (Ever the resourceful one) Jenny goes on to tell Bo all about how she is never loved in return and how Samir was a coward.  She opens a cabinet and it's filled with skulls, she places Samir's head with the skulls on the shelf.  She then tells Bo that they will be together forever and shows her the new device she learned how to make on the internet, a remote control to go with her new fertilizer bomb.  Bo tries to coax Jenny in handing her the remote.  Just as Bo is reaching out to touch Jenny, Olivia's sisters walk into the place and they want blood.  They want to kill both Bo and Jenny for their sister's death.  Jenny is overtaken by the furies and Bo struggles with one of them too.  Kenzi is still furiously trying to cut away her ropes in order to help Bo.  As the fury attacks Bo, it would seem that Bo's powers are trying to fight back, but it's not enough.  She then takes a spray can and sprays it into the fury's eyes.  Kenzi and her escape as Jenny is on the floor calling out her name.  As both of them run for their lives, they see Dyson driving up to the scene, they run and take cover in his car as the flower shed blows to smithereens.     Skulls rain down on them, Dyson picks up a skull and stares at it. Dyson wants to know what happened and Bo tells him that some people don't handle rejection well.

After the ordeal of the day, Kenzi and Bo enjoy a drink at the Dell.  Dyson rolls in and tells them that he covered for Bo with the Fae due to the fact that catching serial killer, Jenny, earned him major points in the human world.  Dyson then leaves them to find a quiet corner.   Trick takes Kenzi to task over the bottle of mead she swiped, of course Kenzi will never admit to such a thing, but Trick kind of forces the issue.  Bo goes in search of Dyson with a smile plastered to her face.  When she finds him she sits next to him and begins to talk to him. Before she can say more that, "I was thinking", Dyson puts up his hand to stop her. (Jerk!) Bo goes on to tell him that all things considered they can be "friends with benefits" and not get attached emotionally. (We all know he is not as unaffected by Bo as he leads her to believe, but he comes off as such an ass, and Bo comes off as needy.)  Nonetheless they strike a deal, Bo goes on to tell Dyson that he is the perfect candidate for the position because; he doesn't care, he can't die, and she trust him. They seal the deal with a kiss! (If you look closely the grab behind the head is very telling.)

Dyson still has to visit with his shrink and is sitting down facing her once again, but it would seem like this time he wants to get chatty.  This episodes ends with Dyson voicing these words while looking at the shrink.
"There's this woman....."  

  (OMG!  Can't wait until next week!)
Kenzi's best lines:
  • "Oh, unneeded visuals, baby."
  • "Are you a succubus, or a succubust?"
  • "A rebound screw is like a greatest way to get over a guy."
  • "Pawn shopping, it's awesome!"
  • "Hey, hairy palms, what's it to you?"
  • "You're not leaving me alone with Weepy Mc Weepster."
  •  "Goosey Doosey,  yuk"
  • "Yep, still a douche."

Fae Definitions:

  • Erinyes or fury -  female chthonic deitie of vengeance.
  • shucking - sex with a human 

Songs from this episode:
  • The Stroke by Billy Squier 
  • The Wake by Metro Electro 
  • Celtic Justice by Metro Electro 
  • Kabul by Abaco Music 
  • Boys Wanna Be Her by Peaches 
  • La La La by San Drine 
Lost Girl runs on the SyFy Channel 
every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
Check in on GetGlue with me and other fans every week.

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  1. Thank you for the recap! I really hate recaps that are strictly the opion of the "critic" and not what happened in the show. This is perfect!


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