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"Dead Lucky" ~ Lost Girl Recap

Feb 14, 2012

"Dead Lucky"
Season 1; Episode 5

Bo is hired by a Dark Fae named Mayer to find out how a human managed to win a bet with him. The reward for finding out is having an Oracle reveal something of Bo's past to her. Bo solves the mystery by finding out that a Fae that can jump between human corpses, called a Hsien, managed the deed. In the end, the answers Bo seeks are not given, but she does learn one thing. Her mother is alive, and coming for Bo. 

My Take:
      OH, la, la!, the opening scene can't get any better!  Bo and Dyson are having office sex and in the police station for crying out loud.  Talk about risqué, seductive,and just plain HOT! (Dyson is earning major brownie points with me!) After they finish having marathon sex, if the panting is any indication, Bo throws out the idea of breakfast.  This in turn makes Dyson want to set ground rules. (Rules, really?) Bo, plays it, oh, so cool, and lets Dyson set his silly rules needed to play "friends with benefits".  Rule One: NO breakfast.  Rule Two: they can't tell anyone of their little agreement, Kenzi being the exception. Rule Three,  they each can come and go, with no questions asked, no sad goodbyes.  Rule Four: Dyson can't give Bo the "Don't take this case speech", and Bo has to tell Dyson about the cases she does take.  Rule Five: they can date other people. (Dyson is not all that thrilled, if his face is any indication.) After setting down what he considers boundaries, he wants to walk Bo out to her car. Bo is quick to point out that that's not playing by the rules, and besides she doesn't need him to take care of her, because she can take care of herself. Bo walks out of the station and Dyson is left watching.  As Bo walks down the street she is stopped by a thug in black sprouting pretty words.  Bo rids him of any notions of a chat and  knees his manly parts, but then she is surrounded by the man's gun toting cronies. After sarcastically apologizing, Bo is forced into a van.
     Meanwhile Kenzi is at a cafe meeting with a potential client. She's listening and taking notes as a lady is telling her about her problems and why she needs  Bo's Detective Agency. The lady goes on to tell Kenzi that her cat, Mrs. Snicker Pants, is trying to kill her.  Kenzi thinks the lady has fallen off her rocker, but the lady hands over a wad of cash and Kenzi's eyes sparkle.   The lady goes on to tell Kenzi that her cat is possessed. Kenzi is waiting for Bo to show up to the meeting.
     Across town Bo is being lead into an empty Chinese restaurant at the hands of the thugs. She's lead towards the bar where a lone man is eating nuts. Her captor starts to get a little to mouthy and Bo decides to knee him again and take his gun in the process.  As she points the gun at the thug and tells the guy at the bar she'll take her Egg Fu Yung "To Go", he touches her and absorbs some type of energy from Bo as she walks away.  He then sucks on the hand he touched her with and tells her that she's out of luck.  Bo slips on chopsticks, falling on her back and losing the gun in the process.  She's then grabbed and brought to the guy at the bar that introduces himself as, Mayer and the guy she kicked in the nuts is his nephew, Seymour.  He tells Bo that he wants to hire her. Mayer just happens to be a luck fae that feeds off the luck of others, leaving them with no luck at all.  He's also a bookie in the human world that helps fund the Dark Fae.  He wants to know how a human was able to pull the wool over his eyes and win a horse bet.  He is dark fae and can't go places where Bo would be able to go. Bo wants to know what is in it for her and Mayer tells her that his niece sees things and can tell her things she wants to know.  He's even willing to give her a free taste and calls his niece, Cassie, into the room.  Lolipop sucking, pink detailed Cassie makes an entrance, and Bo is just thrilled, NOT! 
     Kenzi is still trying to get in touch with Bo to no avail. The cat lady is leaving and says she's going to find another agency that will help her.  Kenzi tries to calm her down and tell her that they are serious about the job and plan on helping her. The cat lady decides to split and leaves Kenzi with a bill she can't pay.
    We then find Bo sitting across Cassie and asking her if she's the real thing. Cassie tells her she can see the past, present and future.  Bo wants to know who her parents were, but she wants to know if she can trust what Cassie is telling her. Cassie suggests visiting Bo's past, so Bo can see just how well her talents work.  Bo agrees and Cassie tells Bo about her first boyfriend, the one she killed with her succubus powers. Bo is more than convinced and agrees to take on Mayer's case in exchange for a sitting with Cassie.
    Bo goes home and finds Kenzi sulking on the couch.   She complains that she's tried to do her part and keep Bo on a schedule and set up meetings, but feels like Bo isn't doing her part.  Bo explains that she was kidnapped.   Kenzi wants to chat it up, but Bo tells her that she's too tired and is going to take a nap.  Before she goes up to bed, she ask that Kenzi call Dyson.  Kenzi rolls her eyes, none to happy with lowly partner role.  
   Dyson is busy at the station  running the picture Bo took over through the facial recognition program.  Dyson is not happy about Bo working for Mayer, and Bo loses no time telling him he's not allowed to tell her what cases to take. The whole time Kenzi is aiming rubber bands at Dyson's head.  After Bo gets the information she needs, Kenzi sticks around to have a few choice words with Dyson.  She tells him off! (A true bestie always has her girl's back.) She tells him how she can't believe how she was such a fool for backing him with Bo.   She tells him she is no longer on Team Dyson.
   Bo and Kenzi head on over to visit the human who scammed Mayer. To their dismay they find him in the mist of a gathering, the only problem is that it's his funeral.  They find out that the man on the video, couldn't have been Roger, because he had been dead for twenty-four hours.
   Over at the Dell, Dyson is playing a game of pool with Hale while Kenzi and Bo are at the bar drinking. Bo as Trick what can possess a dead body.  Trick goes on to tell her about the Hsien, who are body jumpers.  While Trick is explaining the ins and outs of body snatching, Dyson is working on his third energy drink. He tells Hale that Bo is the Energizer bunny.   Hale tells him to give him Bo's number so he can take over and give Dyson a break.  Dyson tells him he can handle it.  (Now, this is where it gets good.) Hale asks Dyson what it's like to be with a succubus. Dyson asks Hale if he remembered Daffney, the nymph? Hale says yes, in a very orgasmic way and Dyson goes on to tell him he lost her number, and he doesn't care. Hale's jaw drops, he is speechless. (You are going to have to watch to really understand this part.)  Dyson then heads over to the bar to greet Bo.  Bo wants to know if he knows any Hsien, and Dyson tells her yes.  Bo starts to get a little too chummy in front of Trick and Dyson tells her to remember rule number 2. Bo follows him out of the bar saying that rules are meant to be broken. Kenzi plays a game of pool with Hale and is winning until Hale uses his siren talents to make her lose.
   Dyson and Bo pay the morgue a visit and hopes of speaking to Dyson's friend Eddie.  When they walk in they find Eddie has inhabited the body of a lovely blond in a bloody pink nightie! It seems as if Eddie has body issues and not of the self esteem variety, more of the "use them and lose them". Eddie tells Dyson and Bo that it wasn't him who took over Roger's body.  He goes on to tell them, that Lucas is in town. Dyson tells Bo that Lucas is a dark fae and is a very nasty piece of work. In order to find Lucas they have to find his real body.  Dyson tells Bo she has to pay Mayer a visit and to let him know it's one of their own that stiffed them.   
   When Bo gives the details to Mayer, he goes off the deep end. Bo decides to take Kenzi along for the ride, as usually the Kenzi gets no respect from the fae.  (I see Kenzi turning mean, real soon.) Mayer starts ranting about how he has to bite the situation in the butt before the dark fae get a hold of him. He's worried about them getting to his family.  Mayer smacks Seymour, it seems his nephew likes digging for gold, he has allergies. (YUK!) Since Mayer doesn't want to talk to Kenzi, she directs her question for Mayer to Bo. She wants to know who wants to see Mayer's rep in shreds. Mayer proceeds to give Bo the name of a back room player whom has been taking a lot of his buisness, by the name of Jespar Salmi.  The girls leave with Jespur's address.
    Bo is trying out dresses to visit Jespur's gaming hall, but Kenzi tells her it's not that easy to just go in a poker den.  She goes on to tell Bo that she knows all about it because her daddy would play non stop.  Bo agrees she can come, but wants to know how she'll be able to trust her. Kenzi can't believe Bo is even asking, then Bo cracks a smile and says "poker face".
   The girls are dressed to the nines as they enter the gaming hell.  Kenzi is sporting the cutest red bob and Bo looks bad is her sexy boots. The plan is to find Jespur and find out who is setting Mayer up.  Kenzi is explaining the game to Bo and pointing out players.  Bo tells Kenzi to keep her eyes open and the exits in sight.  If she's not back at the given time, the plan is for Kenzi to fake a seizure.  Bo walks toward  Jespur who is giving her "the look" and he gives her a private tour of his art collection.  Bo starts to kiss the guy in the back room.
   Mean while a poker player has taken a shine to Kenzi and has his grubby mitts all over her. Kenzi uses her time wisely and starts to rack up points with the poker player by telling him the other player's tells.
   We swing back to Bo, who is busy on the couch in the back room with Jespur. She begins to put the moves on him and he seems to be falling into her web of sensuality but then she asks him where the body is and he starts saying that she is one powerful succubus. He knows she is spying on him and he tells her that in a thousand years he won't be able to resist her succubus ways but for now she will not be leaving. He then throws her across the room, and follows.  Bo jumps up and tries to defend herself from him, but he is just too strong.  When Bo asks who is behind framing Mayer, she gets made and tells her he's not framing him.   He then grows these evil looking, ice covered daggers for thumbs and stabs Bo beneath the shoulder blades.    Jespur plans on freezing her to death.  While Bo is fighting for her life, Kenzi is in a poker frenzy!  Then she notices the icing of the windows in the back room and sees it as a sign. She flies in through the door (Hadn't Jespur locked the door? hmmm) and sees what's going on, she then attacks Jespur with a crowbar while Bo finishes him off with a power kick.  (Delish view of those gorgeous black boots in action) Jespur is skewered to a protruding spear. Kenzi has to practically carry Bo out, she is in shock and is shivering, she needs help.  Kenzi drives her to non other than Dyson.
    Dyson is playing pool with Hal as Kenzi drags her in, Dyson takes her right away into the back room to "heal" her.  Instead of taking care of business, he's asking all sorts of questions, Bo reminds him of Rule 3: NO questions. After Bo gives all the details, Dyson says that it's a Rimethirst, a frost giant. Bo's situation is so critical that Dyson tells her not to hold back.  You don't have to tell Bo twice, she flips him on to his back and takes Dyson for a ride.  
    Kenzi and Hale are at the empty bar, trying to make small talk, while Bo plays "ride the pony" with Dyson.  In walks Trick wielding a bat wanting to know if his troll got out.  Kenzi informs him that it's just Bo and Dyson "talking".  Trick looks none too pleased about the activity. When Bo and Dyson come out of the back room Trick is slamming things down on the bar. (He really is going to take Dyson to task.) Dyson seems a bit weak, but denies it being that bad. Kenzi wants to know how they are going to proceed now that they know Jespur was tipped off by someone that worked for Mayer.  Just then, Dyson gets a call from Eddie and the line goes dead.  Bo and Dyson head out to the morgue and just leave Kenzi there talking to her self.  Hale makes a joke and invites Kenzi to play pool, but our girl Kenzi declines saying that she needs to take care of business.
  Kenzi is staking out the Mayer's place from across the street and watches as his nephew arrives. She then 
breaks into the car they arrived in, checking out the interior and then the truck. It would seem she found something in the truck, but then she's captured and a rag is placed over her mouth.
   Meanwhile, Dyson and Bo are at the morgue, which seems to be deserted. Then they hear a loud noise and Eddie comes out from the back.  He is acting super strange and Bo has learnt a couple of tricks when it comes to seeking the truth.  She notices that Eddie has a tell and it happens to be the same tell Roger had in the video.  Bo sees blood seeping down Eddie's pant leg, and immediately knows it is Lucas, and not Eddie before them.  Dyson gets trapped in a cold locker and Bo searches out Lucus through the morgue. Bo finds Eddie's discarded body and then is attacked form behind in Lucas's new snatched body. This goes on until Lucas has jumped all the bodies in the morgue.  The last body he takes is that of a massively tall and muscular man, Bo is no match for him. (Bo is making more and more snappy comebacks, but she has been hitting them more than ever in this episode) Bo makes a grab for the giants junk and just proceeds in making him madder. As Lucas is choking the the life out of Bo, Dyson goes all werewolf and breaks out of the locker and saves Bo.   Bo questions Lucas as to who paid him and where Mayer's money is at.  Lucas doesn't want to talk, Bo and Dyson decide to turn him over to Mayer.
   As they reach Mayer's with Lucas, Dyson is denied entry, but then they both promise to keep quiet about the events and shake on it.  Bo confronts Seymour and Mayer is shocked to learn to learn that he was behind everything.  Mayer starts slapping around Seymour and tells him he's dead to him.  Dyson takes Lucas to find his original body, which happens to be in the trunk of the car, and finds Kenzi tied up in the trunk too.  Dyson takes Kensi aside and wants to know what she's doing.  Kenzi wants others to take her seriously, she knows that Bo is the only one that does.  Dyson tells her that he will keep it a secret that she was tied up in the trunk and Kenzi promises not to tell Bo how much it hurts him when they are together. Dyson then wants to know if Kenzi is back on Team Dyson, because they are getting T-shirts. Kenzi tells him in his dreams, and walks into the restaurant. 
    Bo says hi to Kenzi, Kenzi gives her a line about Dyson texting her, and Bo calls her a weirdo.   Bo claims her visit with the oracle and head into the back. Kenzi sits down to chat with Mayer and he takes a taste of her and proclaims her a survivor and offers her a job.  Kenzi tells him she already has a job.
    Cassie is catching on to Bo's waves in the back and has gone all trippy.  She starts hyperventilating and telling Cassie that her mother was held prisoner for years and finally escaped, she then searched for her. She tells her that her mother will be coming and that there will be a war.  Cassie is now bleeding from her nose and tells Bo that she is a major player and that fate has some serious plans for Bo.  Bo tells Kenzi that her mom is alive. A glimpse of a bloody , sword weilding Bo ends the episode.  (All too interesting!)
( I promise to work on my retelling skills, this post is too long! LOL)

Kenzi's Best Lines:
  • "That sounds like a massive dilio!"
  • "This really puts the suck in succubus."
  • "Paranoid Puss n' Boots is getting shifty." 
  • "We are serious as shit."
  • "You're a Tardy Tam."
  • "You're the talent with great caboose."
  • "And she wets herself over your geek skills."
  • "When did he bite it?"
  • "Oh, it's on bitch, ante up."
  • "Back room poker is like meth, and baby, I'm getting a contact high."
  • "Yo, like 911 Booty Call, like, now!"
  • "Dude, your junk could cure cancer!"
  • "Let my balls, buddy."
Fae Definitions:
  • Oracle- A priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity.
  • Hsien-  body jumpers that can inhabit a body by just touching them; the Immortals, who are described in the Chuang-tzu.
  • Rimethirst - frost giant 

Songs from this Episode:

  • Slide by Phender
  • Cheese And Crackers by A Man Da Band
  • China Today by Adrenalin Music
  • High Moon by Adrenalin Music
  • Cheese And Grapes by A Man Da Band
  • Daisy O'Riley's Reel by Cavendish Music
  • 2001 Arabian Nights by Adrenalin Music
  • Going To Goa by Cavendish Music
  • Black Velvet by Alannah Myles
  • High Speed China by Adrenalin Music
  • Pretty Life by Jakalope
  • Rhythm Says Go by Life Bitter Soul
  • Dragonfly by Adrenalin Music
  • Shanghai Dynamo by Adrenalin Music

Lost Girl runs on the SyFy Channel 
every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
Check in on GetGlue with me and other fans every week.
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  1. No no...your retelling skills are perfect! I love the recap!

    1. Thx Anonymous! My BF tells me that the LG's post are too long and that if you already watched it, why would anyone want to read the whole damn episode! LOL I told her that fellow LG addicts can't seem to get enough, just like me!


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