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Jan 11, 2012

If you're like most readaholics, you have tons of books that are just sitting on the shelf that will most likely never be read again.  Every thing from ancient encyclopedia sets, college text books, to unknown authors. New Year resolutions often begin with eliminating the clutter in our homes, and let's face it our book shelves are over flowing and demand a little attention.  Many donate their books, or in the new digital age, we can always buy the ebook version if we feel we really can't part with it. There will always be those precious books that have been signed or hold sentimental value that we have to hold on to.  My issues are always with the interesting book covers that I can't seem to part with, you can only frame so many, then you run out of wall space. Every year I try to find new and interesting ways to recycle old books, books that are anistetically pleasing but otherwise no longer hold any reading appeal.  Luckily I can always find savy crafters that have come up with all sorts of ways to use old books. Here are some of my favorite ways to recycle the mighty book.
~ The Book Purse ~

I won't show a picture of the one I made,
 because quiet frankly it's just not right!
"Frustrated Crafter" that's me.

~ The Book Safe ~

~ The Book Lamp ~

How to Make Stacked-Books Table Lamp
For video directions click above.

Just wanted to share these beautiful works 
of art by some very talented artist!

~  Book Artists ~ 

Guy Laramee
art blog - Guy Laramée - empty kingdom

Incredible, right?  I so loved these creations!
Check out the amazing Guy Laramee and his books!
More amazing work!

You have to view Brian Dettmer's work titled Book Autopsy!

Georgia Russell
These have completely enchanted me!

View more of her work.

If you would like to donate your books please visit
Donation Town
FREE Nationwide Donation Pickup!


  1. wow! Those are cool! I have seen a few of those before.
    I actually really like the lamp idea.

  2. The book shelf really appeals to me :)

    I just had to get rid of heaps of books due to moving house, even though we now have a library in the new house, still not enough room!!! I'm a donor of books, I just get all tense with the thought of defacing one, so it goes to a charity shop, but some of these ideas are great and ease my anxiety. :P

  3. Hey W,
    Aren't those just amazing! I've tried my hand at the purse, to say the least, dismal! I love the art by Georgia! Thx for the visit!

  4. Very cool stuff. I love the artwork even though it is destroying a book.

    Your local library would give you tax receipts if you donate books. Just FYI.

  5. Fabulous!

    The autopsy of a book must take some work.


  6. Wow! Soo cool! I love the book lamp and that artwork is amazing! Unfortunately I am one of those people who just can't get rid of any books!


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