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"Where There's a Will, There's a Fae" ~ Lost Girl Recap

Jan 24, 2012

Season 1 ; Episode 2

Bo agrees to help a will-o'-the wisp and search out the one responsible for stealing his treasure. He promises to tell her about her family if she finds the thief. As Bo searches for the culprit, we learn of more interesting species of the Fae. As she searches for the truth, she meets new allies.

Here's my take:
     Opening scene brings us Kenzi and Bo in a hardware store shopping. Kenzi is in all her glory with her oh, so lovely, "bed head" blond hair. Bo tells Kenzi about her up bringing before she ran away from home. We learn that she grew up in a small town in the Midwest, attending church socials and car shows, but most interesting of all she had Prom Queen ambitions. As they shop for wares, a hot man catches Bo's eye, and she can't seem to stop herself from wanting to become acquainted and quench her hunger. Thank goodness for Kenzi, who is there to keep Bo in line and focused on their shopping.

     We then find ourselves watching as a man searches a fog drenched forest. Green flames erupt all around him, more interesting is that he seems to be searching for someone, telling them to show themselves. (Call me crazy, but it would seem he's been here before) He comes across a small shack and let's himself in, he then finds a chest full of gold and gems.
      Bo and Kenzi are decorating their humble abode, and Bo is giving Kenzi the 411 of keeping out of trouble and not stealing. Kenzi as always, wants the know the definition of "trouble".  Lo and behold we have a strange man appear along with his green fire, startling Bo and Kenzi.   Plunger weilding Bo and brass knuckles Kenzi want answers and they're not afraid of using force. We learn that the man is a will-o'-the-wisp, who likes to be called, Will.  He's a Light Woodland Fae who lives in the forest on the outskirts of town. He tells of his treasure being stolen and how he wants Bo to help him find it. He has information Bo wants, to further his cause.
     Swing on over to the police station and we find Dyson and Hale chatting it up.  Hale is giving Dyson his play by play of his date, the night before, in detail.  Once again Hale refers to his singing capabilities, and how he was able to use them. (Yep, he's a siren). As Dyson comes around the corner he spies Bo talking to a police officer, but as soon as the two lock eyes, everything else becomes nonexistent.  Bo asks Dyson for his help tracking down the owner of the gun. After some threats and coy looks Dyson finally caves and agrees to help her out.  
     Dyson then decides that Bo needs to learn a little bit more about the Fae and takes her to a Fae bar.  As soon as they walk in, Bo is giving off major seduction waves, and has everyone looking her way.  Dyson introduces Trick, an elder in the Fae world, who just happens to be a bartender at The Dell.  We learn that The Dell is neutral ground for both Light and Dark Fae, it is a sanctuary from all persecution. Trick takes Bo into his office to have a little chat.  Bo learns that both of her real parents must have been Fae, due to the fact that only when both parents are Fae can there be a Fae child born. Trick goes on to explain that Bo must sign in because she is undeclared and all undeclared Fae must sign in to keep track of them.  Bo learns she may have been abandoned in order to save her life as a child, but it still doesn't stop her from feeling abandoned.  
     Hale comes back with info on the gun's owner and where he can be found. Bo hightails it out of the bar and leaves Dyson discussing her with Trick.  Dyson is worried that Bo is going to get herself killed, but Trick's not worried about Bo, he thinks he knows who she is.  
     Bo and Kenzi head over to the trailer owned by the man that stole Will's treasure, but they find that the  place is booby trapped. After almost getting her hand shot off, Bo along with Kenzi search the trailer for leads.  Out of no where, shotgun toting, trailer park Barbie, walks in armed and ready to shoot.  Bo, sees this as wonderful opportunity to grab a snack before they leave. Yet, as Bo nibbles, she gets carried away and starts to make a meal out of Barbie.  Kenzi tries to pull Bo away before she kills the woman, only find herself facing an angered and hungry succubus.  To Bo's horror, she soon realizes she got carried away and apologizes before they flee the scene.
  While Kenzi heads back to the house to babysit Will, Bo goes jewelry shopping. Bo gets tired of playing nice and shows the jeweler just what she's capable of, she wants answers and want them, now.  The jeweler tells her where she can find the thief who sold him some of the jewels.
     Mean while, Dyson and Hale are at the scene of Bo's snack and Hale is worried about what how many bodies they are going to have to make disappear. Dyson defends Bo, stating that she more than likely was defending herself, but Hale doesn't buy it.  
      As Bo and Kenzi stake out the thief's new digs, Bo decides to dress up and play maid to gain access to his room.  Boy, is she in for a surprise!  Snap!  The thief is waiting for her and has a gun!  That's right Micheal knew Will would send someone to retrieve the treasure, but what's even more interesting is that Will, the wood dude, just happens to be Micheal's, FATHER!  Micheal tells Bo the story of how his mother's one night stand lead to his birth.  It seems that Micheal is willing to give back the jewels if Will meets with him, he wants to talk and ask him some questions. Meanwhile outside the motel room door some guy is taking his head off and pulling out a sword!  Kenzi is watching from the car, and leaps into action. The headless swordsman fights Bo in the motel room, while Micheal escapes.  In flies Kenzi to save the day, with mop no less.  
     The girls then head over to The Dell, where they find Dyson at the bar.  No humans are allowed into bar, unless the Fae that brings them, takes responsibility for them.  So, Bo claims Kenzi as hers in front of all.  They waste no time bringing Dyson up to date on the dead body they have in the car. He explains that it's a Dullahan, the mercenaries of the Fae world. Dyson is worried about Bo, she wants him to help her find Lauren's number so she can control her libido, but  Dyson tells her that he can help her.  Bo tells him thanks but no thanks. (Damn, I really want those two to hook up!)
    Kenzie and Bo head back to the their place and ask Will why he sent the Dullahan on to Micheal, he denies having anything to do with it.  Bo surprises Will with the knowledge that Micheal is his son. Will is flabbergasted but remembers Micheal's mother. (Kenzi emphasizes the situation with crud hand gestures, hilarious!) Will is overjoyed with the news of him being a "Daddy".
    Later on, Bo goes to visit Lauren for information on how to control her desires, Lauren is a bit hesitant to help her. (Subtle attraction vibes are happening with these two.) Lauren tells Bo of something she created for another incubus she treated that might help her.  As Lauren injects Bo, she ask her to join the Light Fae, but Bo tells her they would have to follow a few of her rules, first.
     Bo then goes to meets Micheal at the storage facility and tells him that Will does want to see him.  She calls Will and tells him to meet up with them.  Bo wants to make sure he brought the treasure, so Michael shows her.  As Bo is checking out the goods, Micheal pulls a gun on her and tells her that he is going to tell the world about Will and make him pay for what he did to his mother.  Bo tries to make him see reason, but Micheal wants no part of it.  He locks her up in the storage unit, just as Kenzi and Will walk ingo the facility.  They have no idea what lies in wait for them.  Bo tries to call out to them to let them know trouble is at hand. The confrontation between father and son is your usual why, how come, and why, scenario at the end of a pointed gun.  Wouldn't you know, another Dulluhan shows up and guess who ordered them to kill Micheal? Yep, Daddy did, before he knew Micheal was his son. Kenzi and Will have to hurry and get Bo out of the storage unit so she can go "succubus" on his ass.  As Bo fights it, Kenzi comes to the rescue once again ,yet  this time throws the Dullahan's head into fire, killing it instantly.  Bo is bleeding to death, her powers of healing not coming online due to the shot Lauren gave her.  Will tells her his accounts of the night he saw her in the forest as a babe as promised, but Bo continues to bleed out form the wound on her neck.  When he's done telling  his tale and dissaperars, Bo asks Kenzi to find Dyson.
    Dyson wants to make sure Bo knows what she's in for when she asks him for help.  Bo tells him its the only way she can heal. Boy are you in for a treat!  Succubus and Wolfman get their groove on and it sizzles.

Kenzi is turning out to be my favorite character! Below are just a few of her best lines!

Kenzi's Best Lines of the Night

  • "We don't kill where we shop"
  • "Are you sure that's not a Chaz of the Chunky? Or Bob of the Butterball?
  • "What , skippin and jumpin, all the day?"
  • "Sir have a seat, have a seat, that smell doesn't bother me at all"
  • "For a Sprite, you take up a lot of real estate."
  • "Beautiful, now we have the pot calling the kettle creepy"
Fae Terminology
succubus:  is a female demon appearing in dreams who takes the form of a human woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual intercourse.
will-o'-the-wisp: also known as a ignis fatuus, is a ghostly light seen by travellers at night, especially over bogs, swamps or marshes. It resembles a flickering lamp and is said to recede if approached, drawing travellers from the safe paths.

Gemini: a race of twin males or women in the Fae
Light Fae: Good Fae
Dark Fae: Evil Fae 
Dullahan:  is a type of unseelie fairie 

Music from this episode: 

  • I'll Bring the Sun by Jason Collett  (This is the song playing at the beginning of the the episode with the girls at the hardware store.)

  • Two In The Bush/Davey's Gravy by Cavendish Music / The Music People
  • Draggin' The Days by The Mahones
  • Vector by Metro Electro
  • Outward Bound by Cavendish Music / The Music People
  • Trophy by Bat for Lashes (Superb song for all the ahhs and ohhs going on during Bo and Dyson's playtime)


  1. Season 1 has already aired in Australia and I am impatiently waiting for the second season. This show is great and Kenzi is definitely a favourite of mine!

  2. Hey Komal,
    Just can't get enough of Kenzi! I'll have to pick your brains about season 1! He he. Thx for the visit!
    See ya,

  3. no matter where i look - i cannot find the song title for the song they play in the car on the way to check out the guy in the trailer park...
    love the sight btw!


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