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~ Lost Girl Premiere ~

Jan 15, 2012

Supernatural TV is about to be kicked up a notch! 
 Just when you thought there were enough paranormal shows to fill your week, here comes Lost Girl. 
Paranormal addicts will be able to get their succubus fix on while watching Lost Girl. 
 Lost Girl opens the door to the world of Fae and how closely humans and the Fae coexist. 
There are very powerful forces of Light and Dark at war and humans are caught in the middle.
Lost Girl is about a young woman trying to find her origins, called Bo. Bo has been raised by humans and yearns for answers.  You know the drill; Who am I?, Where did I come from? Do I have family? She just happens to kill her boyfriend, draining him of his life essence, at the beginning of the the season.   For those who aren't familiar with succubi,they are defined as female demons who appear in dreams in order to seduce men, more than likely during sexual intercourse.  The male counterpart is the incubus. As the events start to unfold, Bo will have to confront who she is and choose sides in an ever changing world. Most importantly she will have to learn how to control her powers.   Lost Girl shows great promise, this world of Fae and all its mythological creatures set in the real world.  The show will have all sorts of tasty bits, for instance, shifters.  Lovers of the paranormal genre will be following this one.
Lost Girl will air on the SyFy Channel, Monday, January 16 at @ 10/9 C..
Lost Girl has already been up and running in Canada, it is the creative creation of Prodigy Pictures. Bo, the succubus, is played by Anna Silk.

* Note:  If you are a GetGlue fan make sure to check in! I'll be there, watching the premiere, too!
Let me know what you think of the show after it airs. Have a great week!

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  1. The first season's already aired in Australia and I'm impatiently waiting for season 2. I really enjoyed the first season and I like all the characters, especially Dyson.

    Hope you enjoy it too!


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