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Review: Red-Headed StephChild by Jaye Wells

Jan 7, 2012

Book 1
Sabina Kane Series

         The Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells is a witty, funny, betrayal, action packed ride through a Vampire assassin finding her purpose in life other than being her Grandmother's whipping post. It seems that no matter what Sabina Kane does for the Vampire council, they will always find fault with the way she handles her job: assassin. Sabina is the product of a mixed mating, a vampire and a mage. This is strictly forbidden by the council and she is seen as the lowest form by her peers. So the only place for her in their society is as an outcast assassin. When the council calls her in to a secret meeting and want her to infiltrate a new organization looking to take down the council members and kill the head of the organization, Sabina, still trying to gain a kind word from her Grandmother, leaves to enter this new society. Sabina keeps seeing a handsome, illusive man wherever she goes, secretly watching her. What does it all mean? Why does her Grandmother seem to hate her? Who is the mystery man who comes to her aid? And why does she feel an attraction and revulsion for the leader of the opposing force? Remember the saying: "You can choose your friends but not your family"? What do you do when you've been brainwashed to not see who your friends can be and why your family can't seem to love you? I have the next three in this series lined up to read and hope they expound on the questions left at this, the first, in what looks to be a wonderfully good read.
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A "Cinfully Wonderful" Review 
by Cindy McCune
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