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Bitchin Lost Girl Recap

Jan 17, 2012

Black background with slender sans-serif words "LOST GIRL" amid curving wisps of white fog resembling long hair and the more solid curve of a female form laying on its side.
Here's my run down of last nights premiere of Lost Girl:

We meet Bo Jones bar tending and observing a young girl as she pick pockets a man at the bar.   A short while later she saves the same young girl from an attempted rape in an elevator.  We get a first hand look at what she is capable of, as she sucks the life out of the him.   After she finishes killing the assailant, Bo takes care of the drugged girl.  While Bo packs up in order to avoid any fallout due to her actions,  Kenzi wakes and finds herself in a strange place and only a recording of what occurred, on her cell phone, to tell the tale. To make a long story short Kenzi is fascinated by Bo and wants to know more.  Bo explains that she has no notion of what she is, only that she has the ability to kill those she kisses. (Some "maj" hero worship going on here!)

While Bo and Kenzi are chatting it up, we meet the cops at the scene of the Bo's killing.   They know right away that it isn't your run of the mill killing and huddle to talk possibilities.  So, these two cops aren't what you call normal, they know humans aren't the only inhabitants of the world, most likely making them of the non human variety. After some honest to goodness detective work the two find a video of Bo exiting the building with Kenzi and go in search of her.
Soon after the two cops track Bo down and she soon finds herself under the influence of some strange magic and cuffed, leaving Kenzi to watch as the van speeds away.  Howerver, Kenzi pulls out her trusty video phone and starts taking snap shots of the disappearing van.  Bo is then lead to a meeting of unknown persons.  She soon finds out that they are called Fae.  They begin to bombard her with questions, such as to which clan she belongs to.  Bo is clueless, she has no idea what the hell they are talking about.
My clan?  Yeah, o.k.,  right.  Apparently Bo has been hidden since she was a child, raised by humans and has no answers for them.  Bo is sent to be examined by  Lauren, the Light Fae's doctor.  Some crazy girl on girl attraction comes into play and Bo is told she wears "commando" well.  Bo learns that she is a succubus and wants to know more.  She is also told that she can be taught to control her powers. We learn the species of one of the cops, Dyson, it seems he is a werewolf.  The jury is still out on his partner, Hale. (I believe he is a siren) .

It just so happens that Light and Dark want a piece of Bo, she will have to pass the test.
The Dark Fae are being represented by one cold piece of work, Ebony Florette Marquis, the Morrigan. She wants Bo dead and gone.  Then you have the Light Fae's man, Ash, not to sure what I think of him.  They are very interesting characters, indeed. 

A fight to the death will determind which side of the sandbox Bo plays on. Right before the fight begins Bo gets some pointers from Dyson,on how to win the fight.  She tries her moves on the wolfman, they play sweet succubus and wolf tongue tango, too bad it wasn't the right time. Bo is surprised to find that she can't control him like she does others. ( I can only hope they step up their game in the future.)   As the fight ensues and Bo finds her fighting legs, the Light and Dark Fae watch from the sidelines.  Bo just happens to kick forked tongued dude's ass and decapitates its quite nicely.
Then a freak walks in and tries to make Bo decide sides while he manipulates her.  Before Bo can be brain washed by creepy bald freak in monk's clothing, Kensi comes to the rescue. It would seem that Kenzi just happens to speak Russian and has some useful mob connections, that help her locate Bo.  As Bo confronts the Fae she tells them that she chooses the humans over the Fae. She decides to play Switzerland and wants no part of choosing sides.

Eventually Dyson takes Bo and Kenzi back to where he abducted her, setting her free. The episode ends with Bo and Kenzi laughing and walking away as the go home.

My Opinion:

Is it just me or haven't I read this book?  Ha ha!  Over all I thought it was great.  Some of the lines were cheesy , at times forced.  Loved the lead, Anna Silk, and her sidekick, Ksenia Solo, they played their parts well.  I need my fight scenes and thought they were choreographed fairly well, but there's always room for improvement. My fave of the night was the severing of the Achilles tendons during the fight scene with forked tongued dude.  The Dyson and Bo chemistry is all kinds of yummy and I want more.  I can't wait to find out what the other characters are and their powers.  If you are a fan of fantasy or urban fantasy you will enjoy Lost Girl.

Can't wait to see what freakiness next week brings and what goes down with the wolf. The clips looked wonderful!

Songs played on the premiere of Lost Girl:

It Could Be Love by Camouflage Nights

 Breezing Along by Valentino Music / The Music People

 Sweet Cream by Parry Music / The Music People

Murphy's Magic by Cavendish Music / The Music People

I Know What I Am by Band of Skulls

Swinging from the Chains of Love by Blackie & The Rodeo Kings

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  1. I watched the premier episode AGAIN to see if I liked it better the 2nd time. And I have to say: It can be a good program once they smooth out a few "flow" issues. So I'm gonna sit on the fence here and see if it floats or sinks :)


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