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Where Bookish Things Stood in the Larger Scope of Things in 2011

Dec 27, 2011

December was huge for book searches in 2011 there were more searches for books in December than in any other month according to Google data.  In fact, when searching for books "amazon" was at the top of the search terms (keywords). The fastest growing search terms were "amazon kindle" and "nook", closely followed by "iPad".  The searches for book review sites were up 170 % in 2011, it doubled from last year's searches.  I thought it would be interesting to see how book genres fared in the term searches during 2011 compared to 2010.

Here's the breakdown of term searches in the "Book and Literature" catergories for 2011:

  • "best paranormal romance" was up 140 %
  • "historical romance 2011" had Breakout searches largely in Australia and the United States.
  • "urban fantasy book" was up 80%  
  • *(Note: in Italy the term "libri urban fantasy" had Breakout searches)
  • "urban fantasy series" was up 250%
  • "contemporary romance" was up 40%
  • "romantic suspense" was up 40%
  • "fantasy" was up 50%
  • "book reviews 2011" was up 4,550% (Wow!)
  • "self publish ebook" was up 250% 
  • "good mystery books" was up 50% 

Here's my take on the info and I'm not an analyst in any way.  It seems like more people were reading or interested in reading, all the numbers were up across the board.   With the rise of the Ereaders and mobile devices, it allows us to read books anywhere at anytime, they're just a click away from readers. By the looks of the Book Reviews in 2011, it could be people like to read what book bloggers have to say about books, or there are just thousands of us out there supporting each other and/or wanting to know what the other is reading.  There were many who were interested in writing their own books and saw the self publishing route as the way to take. In the above data I didn't mention Ereader accessories, but they had huge numbers, everyone wanted to protect their Ereaders. Terms like "nook cover" was number one, blowing out the others with Breakout numbers followed by "kindle book covers". Any way you look at it people where searching for all things bookish and the data points in that direction. 

*Always support your favorite authors by pre-ordering their books and by visiting them regularly on both their sites and sites where their books are sold.

Breakout = a change in growth greater than 5000%

*In all the above term searches the United States was always at the top of the regions most interested.

*Note: I am not an analyst, just an avid reader who loves to take notes and research anything that catches my fancy. ;-)

Data is based on Web searches done using the English language
Data compared from Jan. 2010 until the present
Data compared was worldwide from Jan. 2010 until the present.
All data in this post can be found using Google Insights for Search

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  1. Wow those are some interesting stats. My thought is maybe due to the economy people are going back to reading which is a lot less expensive than going out to the movies or out on the town. I for one prefer to curl up at home with a bottle of wine and a good book.

  2. Hey Ang,
    I think you are absolutely correct, times have made many think about how they spend. Thx for stopping by for a visit and commenting. I just love ur photo of Niko on your site. I grew up with Dobbies and think they are such gentle giants. I look forward to hearing from you again.


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