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~ Trailer Thursday ~ #44

Dec 28, 2011

Book, Movie, Comic and Series Trailers and much more!
This Week's Book Trailers....

~ Heart of Darkness ~
by Felicity Heaton
Heart of Darkness - Paranormal Vampire Romance Book
The book trailer...

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~ Up A Dry Creek ~
by Avery Flynn
The book trailer...
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Look for Avery Flynn's new book in the Dry Creek Series 
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~ Winterling ~
by Sarah Prineas

The book trailer...
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~ A Shot In The Dark ~
by Jayleigh Cape

The book trailer...
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~ Drake Of Tanith ~
by Heather Killough-Walden

The book trailer...
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~ Wanderer ~
By Angela V.G.
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~ Casa de Naomi ~
by Paula Rose Michelson
Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing Book 1
The book trailer...
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This Week's Movie Trailers...

~ Clash of the Titans 2: Wrath of the Titans ~

~ Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie ~

~ Prometheus~

This Week's Comic Trailer...

~ Static Shock #5 ~

This Week's E.T.C..

~ Entertainment, Technology & Culture ~

1 comment

  1. "Casa De Naomi" looks real good!!!
    Are you gonna be reading this one?
    "A Shot in the Dark" looks really good too, kinda scary!


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