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~ Trailer Thursday ~ #37

Nov 9, 2011

Book, Movie, Comic, and Series Trailers and much more!

This Week’s Book Trailers...

~ Shatter Me ~

by Tahereh Mafi
The book trailer...

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~ Everneath ~
by Brodi Ashton

The book trailer....

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~ The Eighteenth Scroll   ~
by  B.A. Hoffman
The book trailer...

~ Sandstorm ~
A Sigma Force Novel
by James Rollins
The book trailer...

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This Week’s Author Interview...

~ Deliah Marvelle’s Sneak Peek  

Rumor Series Mini Movie Book Trailer ~


This Week’s Movie Trailers....

~ Red Tails ~

~ A Dangerous Method ~

~Wanderlust ~

~ The Kite   ~  

~ Journey 2:  The Mysterious Island ~

~ Safe House ~

This Week's Series Trailer...

~  Books ~
Dramatic Series on AW TV

This Week’s Documentary...

~ Disable But Able to Rock!   ~
The Danger Woman

This Week’s E.T.C...

~ Entertainment, Technology, and Culture~

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  1. Hey Dana, where you been all week? I don't think I watched these trailers, Gasp! Don't know how I could have missed them. I look forward to every Thurs. I will have to go back and watch them.

    I gave you a little ol' award on my blog - come on over and check it out.


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