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~ Trailer Thursday ~ #33

Oct 13, 2011

Book, Movie, Comic, and Series Trailers and much more!
This Week’s Book Trailers...

~ A Vampire for Christmas  ~
by Laurie London, Michele Hauf, Caridad Piñeiro, Alexis Morgan

The book trailer...

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~ Ecstasy Wears Emeralds ~

Jaded Gentleman Series
by  Renee Bernard
The book  trailer...

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~ Blood Rock ~
Dakota Frost series
by  Anthony Francis
The book trailer...

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~ My Lunatic Life ~

by Sharon Sala

The book trailer...

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~  Variant  ~
by Robison Wells
The book trailer...

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This Week’s Author Interview...

~ Carla Swafford ~

Debut Author of Romantic Suspense


This Week’s Movie Trailers....

~ The Avengers ~

~ Young Adult  ~

~ Snow White  ~
First Look

~ Tower Heist ~

~ Hugo ~

~ My Week With Marilyn ~

This Week’s Documentary...

~ Reincarnation ~

This Week’s Web Series...

~ Dragon Age: Redemption ~  

This Week’s Anime Clip...

~ Wolverine~
Anime Episode 11

This Week’s E.T.C...

~ Entertainment, Tecnology, and Culture~

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  1. Even tho I read "My Lunatic Life" I had never seen the trailer! How cute! If I hadn't read it I would now! There is a sequel, I am going to try to get it.

    Tower Heist looks AWESOME! Thanks again for planning my movies for me! LOL


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