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Oct 13, 2011

         October always sets me in the mood for a good horror flick.  Just about every network has it's own line up for spooky movies in one way or other. As soon as the networks start to advertise up coming shows, I begin to plot what I'm going to watch by way of cable or renting.
      I'm addicted to the classics, but I'm game for just about anything.   Vampires, Ghost, Ghouls, Demons or Monsters of unknown origins are the most popular.  I personally don't really enjoy  films with Demons, and I really don't like slasher films.   

Here are my fave classics and cult films:

~ Black and White Classics



“ Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” 


"The Haunting"

~ Cult Classics
"The Thing" (1982)

"Planet Terror"

"Friday the 13th"


"Nightmare on Elm St."

All Time Favorites...

"Shuan of the Dead"
Super funny!

"28 Days Later"

"From Dusk Till Dawn"

There are so many great movies, it was almost impossible to name them all.  
Let me know what your favorite film is!

~Dana ~

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  1. I've been watching scary movies the past few days!
    I saw - Stephen Kings - Christine
    The Others (with Nicole Kidman)
    and House of Bones (pretty scary)


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