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~ Trailer Thursday ~

Sep 15, 2011

Books, Movies, Comics, and Serie Trailers and much more!

This Week’s Book Trailers…

~ Haunting Embrace ~
by Erin Quinn
The book trailer...

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~ A Most Dangerous Profession ~
by Karen Hawkins

The book trailer...

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~Saints Gate ~
by Carla Neggers

The book trailer...

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~ Fury ~
by Elizabeth Miles

The book trailer...
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This Week’s Author Interviews…

~ Karin Harlow ~

~ Kady Gross ~

This Week’s Movie Trailers….

~ Twilight Breaking Dawn ~

~ Stay Cool ~

~ We Bought A Zoo ~

~ Doppleganger Paul ~

~ Connected ~

~ Page Eight ~

This Week’s Documentary Trailer…

~ George Harrison
 Living In The Material World ~
Directed by Martin Scorsese

This Week's Series Trailer...

~ Secret Cirlce ~

~ American Horror Story ~

~ Hart of Dixie ~

This Week’s Etc….

~Entertainment, Technology, Culture ~


  1. Wow wow wow wow!Heart of Dixie looks soooo good! I cried twice during the trailer!
    I'm gonna have to look it up and see when it starts, unless you know???

    The George Harrison one looks good too, he was my favorite Beatle!

    And YAY you have Erin's trailer! I have known Erin (through blogging and email) for about 4 yrs now! Does she know you put her trailer on here?

  2. Hey Wall to Wall,
    I haven't reached out to Erin as of yet, but if you would like to spread the word, feel free. Hart of Dixie does look sweet. I believe it will premiere the 26 of Sept. Maybe I should start placing the dates?? Thanks for always being so supportive~
    See ya,

  3. Yes, I will tell Erin that you poste4d her trailer. I'll give her your link and she'll prob stop by.

    You know I always love Trailer Thurs.!

  4. Hi Dana (and Wall-to-Wall--has it really been 4 years??? Wow, time flies!) :)

    Thanks so much for spotlighting my trailer on your very cool blog! Don't forget to enter my spread the word contest for a bunch of free stuff (click on the image to enlarge so you can see all that's in these bags. :)

    Again, thank you so much!

    Erin Quinn

  5. Hey there! Love watching all these trailers :-) I'm stopping by because you commented on my review of The Trouble with Tomboys. I just read another WINNER by the same author and thought you might like it.
    Review: Delinquent Daddy by Linda Kage. Enjoy!


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