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Jul 13, 2011

Google +1  Explodes!!!
      As of yesterday Google Plus was on the verge of going on 10 million users.  Check out this wonderful article by Stan Schroeder that was posted yesterday by Book That Thing on G+ .   I'm one of those 10 million, and let me tell you, I'm hooked!  The jury is still out on how I plan on using it, but so far I've fallen hard. 
     I'm a fickle social bug, I've got Tumblr, FB, Twitter, TweetDeck, and Blogger, and am constantly fluttering from one to the other, posting and tinkering with each.  I've got my FB to interact with my blog, Twitter, and Tumblr pages, but still feel a sense of disconnect if I don't check on each at least once a day.  Blogger is where I pour out my reading journeys and of course document them.  My beloved Tumblr is my haven for my artistic soul.  FB is my magical gazing bowl that gives me glimpses of everyone's lives and work.  TweetDeck is where I catch up on new books, giveaways, reviews, and chats, although I can see what's happening on FB and on Blogger, for some reason I love the fact that I can interact on the turn of a dime on TweetDeck. It's compartmentalized and busy, but you can see tons of info on one page.  Although I have TweetDeck, I still find myself visiting her mother site, Twitter, to find certain info. 
    Now, comes along this new social haunt called Google Plus, and I'm really having fun making circles, searching for people, reading post, and of course inviting friends.   Yesterday, while reading post on Google + a lot of us social bugs were saying that with so many social outlets we were still undecided on whether, as one friend put it, to "invest" time into another social site.  I completely agreed, it is time consuming and would have to do cartwheels around the rest for me to leave the others.
  Sandbox fights are just beginning with the networks.  Google and Twitter broke up so now I have to do twitter searches using another search engine. FB and Skype have locked lips to bring us the face to face aspect we all like, but have to get perty for. They were forced to deal with what Google Plus has in store for us. MySpace gets Justin Timberlake to sweeten the pot, and hopefully save a failing network. Just about everyone wants a piece of Twitter, it is what it is and it works, so why not bring it aboard.   Google is also about to throw Photovine at us and what is to become of Flickr and its sidekicks?  By the time the new year rolls around, the faces of social networks are going to be completely different.
So I've decided to hang around and gather friends, post things from my blogs, repost tech and book news, and let others view my pics.  Google is going to change things and well I'm along for the ride.  I'll  let you know how I feel about it come the new year.   Best of luck to you all!

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