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~ Trailer Thursday ~

Jul 21, 2011

Book, Movie, Comic, and Series Trailers and much more!
trailer thursday
This Week’s Book Trailers…

~ The Lost ~

by Caridad Piñeiro


The book trailer...

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~ Aftertime Series ~

The book trailer…

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~ The Moonlight Series ~

The book trailer…

Coming July 26!

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~ Mine Until Dawn ~
by Ednah Walters

The book trailer...

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~ Lord of the Abyss ~

by Nalini Singh
The Royal House of Shadows
lord of the abyss
The book trailer…

Coming November 2011!

This Week’s Comic Trailer…

~ Captian America ~

Harley-Davidson Special 

This Week’s Series Trailer…

~ Revenge ~
ABC Series

 ~ The River ~

This Week's Movie Trailers...

~ The Three Musketeers ~


~ Entertainment, Tech, and Culture ~

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  1. These are my favorite posts that you do! I just sit here and watch every single one every week. Fun!
    This week - WOW!!! Those Sophie Littlefield books look amazing! I will have to write those down! Thanks!


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