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Review: Deeper Than Midnight by Lara Adrian

Jul 7, 2011

Book 9 in the Midnight Breed series

Corinne Bishop was abducted when she was a teen, imprisoned and tortured to whims of a mad man.  After decades of being held prisoner she has been rescued by the Order and wants to return to the embrace of her family.  As she returns to the home of her youth, she will be confronted with ugly truths that will leave her feeling betrayed and lost.

Hunter was created to be a killer for Dragos, every second of his life designed to create a killing machine.   After escaping Dragos grasp, Hunter has sworn loyalty to the Order and will do all in his power to bring down Dragos and his army.  He has now agreed to safely escort Corinne to her family who believes her dead.

Hunter knows the taint of Dragos and believes all is not what it seems when he delivers the lovely Corinne to her family.  His doubts have him returning and demanding answers.  The ugly truth has changed everything for Corinne she will have to forge alone with Hunter at her side.

As Hunter and Corinne uncover Dragos' plans, they will soon find more than they ever believed they would find.   Dragos will do everything in his power to destroy the Order.  As he plots the Orders demise and puts into place his final plans, the Order will once again ruin everything for Dragos.   

Hunter and Corinne will find the balm to all their pain in each others arms.  Hunter will find everything he has every wanted in Corinne and Corinne will finally find peace.

Dragos will have his revenge, will the Order be able to find Dragos before he destroys them?

I give this book a 4

Luring!  Riveting!  Tempting!  Deeper Than Midnight has breathed new life into a beloved series. Lara Adrian has spun her web of paranormal magic, and I want more!  The breeds are back and better than ever. The quiet and deadly Hunter has finally found happiness.  Ever since Hunter came on to the scene, I wanted to know more about this fierce warrior.  Corinne is the perfect mate for the stoical soldier, their loneliness and suffering melding into love.  Deeper Than Midnight has left me dangling from its blood red fingers anticipating the next chapter that only Lara Adrian can deliver.

Publisher:  Dell

Source code:  R 

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  1. great review! I quite enjiyed this one as well! cant wait for Chase's story now =D


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