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Review: Captured by Moonlight by Nancy Gideon

Jul 26, 2011

Mind-blowing! Fantastic! Scrumptious!

The Moonlight series is on fire!!!

Nancy Gideon’s Captured by Moonlight delivers it all!

Max Savoie has taken over former mob boss, Jimmy Legere’s empire in New Orleans. His plans are to eventually make all the corporation’s dealings legal. Many fear him, but those who know him respect and care for him. There are those that want the empire Max has inherited. He has become a savior for many, yet there is only one person that can save him, Charlotte Caissie.

Charlotte Caissie is a New Orleans detective. She only feels safe and complete in the arms of Max Savoie. Even though everyone frowns upon the relationship, Charlotte will stand by Max’s side, come hell or high water. He is what her heart desires.

One of Max’s own has been killed and has begun a chain of events that will unveil the answers he needs, to protect the ones he loves. He has become tense, agitated, and aggressive. He can’t explain the feelings and thoughts he’s having, but they seem to be intensified by Charlotte.

Charlotte is afraid of losing Max. There is only one way she can keep him, and no one has ever attempted it. Everyone tells her it will be impossible, she could die. She yearns to belong to Max, permanently and forever. Will she be strong enough to do what has to be done? Does Max still want her and only her?

Max believed he no longer had a family, especially with the death of his father. Now, he’s come to face to face with a small boy that will change everything.

When little Ozzy is abducted by the deadly men Max is trying to find, he will have answers he has been searching for. He must save Ozzy, and as always Charlotte has is back. He will give his life to save Ozzy, yet he hadn’t counted on Charlotte doing the same.

Captured by Moonlight is the third book in the Moonlight series.I found this book to be heavenly. The sex was hot, hot! Max is the alpha male we all dream of. Nancy Gideon has left me yearning for the next book in the series.

Do I hear wedding bells? Will there be a baby? Don’t ask me, I’m as clueless as the rest of you guys, and dying to find out!!!

Visit Nancy Gideon’s website for details on books you haven’t read.

I give this book 4/5


  1. Great review. I stopped after the first book because I just couldn't stand Charlotte. I may go back and give it another try.

  2. Great review Dana, high time I picked this series up myself!


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